Re: [patch] change sort order with single keyboard shortcut

2003-07-05 Thread Oswald Buddenhagen
On Thu, Jul 03, 2003 at 02:46:51AM +0200, David Sterba wrote: Hi, After applying my patch, following keys start to work: Sort by name Ctrl-F3 Sort by extension Ctrl-F4 Sort by modification time Ctrl-F5 Sort by size Ctrl-F6 Keep unsorted

Filename quoting on cmdline

2003-07-05 Thread David Sterba
Hi, there seems to be inconsistency in cmdline filename quoting. Ctrl+Enter puts quoted name into command, but tab completion does not quote filenames. So, I think, insert_text() (complete.c) should call name_quote() too. David --- complete.c +++ complete.c @@ -786,6 +786,8 @@ static int