[MCN-L] Job Posting: Website Manager at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

2019-09-19 Thread Peters, Elizabeth
Hi all, Brooklyn Botanic Garden is looking for a website manager! We’re seeking a strong generalist who has practical experience, technical chops, and a great sense of how to engage visitors. We're a small and agile team; it's a sweet position for someone who’s ready to work hands-on and knows

[MCN-L] Looking to explore alternatives to current metadata practices?

2019-09-19 Thread Samantha Weald
Hi everyone, Wanted to check in again and let you know that we are running our final round of Wikidata professional development courses next month. More below! Are you interested in exploring alternatives to current metadata practices? Are you also curious about the applications of structured,

[MCN-L] Confronting The State of Museum Salaries

2019-09-19 Thread Graeme Farnell
List members are likely to be particularly interested in this new book from MuseumsEtc which has just been released. Its authoritative content is introduced by a Foreword by Melody Kanschat, Executive Director of the Getty Leadership Institute. *Problem: Low and Unequal Pay*Low pay is endemic in

[MCN-L] CMS and DAMS Request for Information from QAGOMA in Australia

2019-09-19 Thread Keir Winesmith
Hi all This is one for the great GLAM vendors out there from the _Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art_ in Brisbane, Australia. -- QAGOMA welcomes submissions from vendors who can provide software, either as a single solution, or combined