[MCN-L] King Center Imaging Project Tour Follow Up

2011-11-09 Thread Christina DePaolo
Hi, For those of you interested in attending the King Center tour on Friday, November 18 during MCN2011, please contact Scott Geffert directly at scott at imagingetc.commailto:scott at imagingetc.com. There are still spaces available, and a ranger tour of the historic site has been added. The

[MCN-L] E-books in museums

2011-11-09 Thread Greg Albers
Hi All, A couple weeks ago, I gave a presentation at the Books in Browsers publishing conference. Making a larger point about e-books' inherent instantaneity and everywhere-ness, I proposed giving museum visitors e-books downloads directly from artworks in galleries, with the help of a QR code

[MCN-L] DAM SIG @ MCN SIG Unluncheon Unmeeting and Program

2011-11-09 Thread Kwan, Billy
To all MCN members who are interested in DAM issues: The new DAM SIG has been officially formed, and I will be the interim chair of the new SIG. At the coming MCN conference in Atlanta, we will have a program on Thursday, November 17, 2011, 11:00a.m.-12:30 p.m., to discuss a variety of DAM

[MCN-L] Call for Papers/ Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IST) 2012 Archiving Conference:

2011-11-09 Thread Landsberg, Erik
All, Presentation proposals are still being accepted for the Society of Imaging Science and Technology (IST) Archiving Conference, which will be held June 12-15 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The fast-approaching deadline for submission of a 500 word abstract is November 14. In addition to the general

[MCN-L] FW: DAM SIG @ MCN SIG Unluncheon Unmeeting and Program

2011-11-09 Thread Kwan, Billy
By the way, if you plan to attend the MCN SIG Unluncheon Unmeeting on Friday, 11/18, from 12:45 to 2:00 PM at Max Lager's, you will need to make a reservation as soon as possible by sending an email to conference at mcn.edu. The lunch will cost $15 per person. Payment will need to be made in

[MCN-L] Standards SIG @ MCN SIG Unluncheon/Unmeeting

2011-11-09 Thread Maggie Hanson
Hi, all! I'd like to add the *Standards SIG* to the list of Unluncheon adverts. Anyone who is interested should join us for a discussion at the Unluncheon/Unmeeting on Friday the 18th from 12:45-2:00pm at Max Lager's. We're open to discussing any topics of interest, as well as the future of the

[MCN-L] E-books in museums

2011-11-09 Thread Amalyah Keshet
Greg: We're doing a QR code thing in our latest contemporary art exhibition, Magic Lantern http://www.imj.org.il/exhibitions/presentation/exhibit.asp?id=768 Will brag about it to whoever is interested, next week in Atlanta. Amalyah Keshet Head of Image Resources Copyright Management The

[MCN-L] MCN Silent Auction in Atlanta -- what are you bringing?

2011-11-09 Thread Misunas, Marla
The MCN Silent Auction is coming up, have you started packing? Don't think you can bring anything that will be cause a bidding war and get the prize? Here's a past donation, in case you need ideas. http://craziestgadgets.com/2008/03/20/mr-t-chia-pet/ Give it a try! Prizes awarded for the auction

[MCN-L] Cal SIG Meeting at MCN Friday

2011-11-09 Thread Misunas, Marla
All you Californians who are coming to MCN, Please join us at the Unluncheon on Friday, November 18! Look for us at the California SIG table; we'll catch up on the year's activities and start talking about next year's SIG meeting in Los Angeles. Note our meeting will be outside the hotel (not

[MCN-L] MCN Silent Auction in Atlanta - prizes!

2011-11-09 Thread Perian Sully
Dear Marla: What's the procedure for dropping off items? At the check-in/registration desk? On Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 2:49 PM, Misunas, Marla mmisunas at sfmoma.org wrote: The MCN Silent Auction is coming up. Can you top last year's Elvis Mr. Potato Head?

[MCN-L] Cultural Resource Management Distance Courses - Spring Menu!

2011-11-09 Thread Cultural Resource Management
Register now to continue developing your career this spring! Cultural Resource Management at the University of Victoria offers engaging and accessible online courses that strengthen your capacity to be effective in the workplace. Courses can be taken on a non-credit basis or for credit