[MCN-L] Digitizing Exhibition Catalogs

2013-07-17 Thread Greg Albers
Hi Sara, On digitizing catalogues, you might be interested in two write-ups by the Met's Rob Weisberg about their project, posted at the Beyond the Printed Page blog: http://digitalpublishingbliki.com/2012/10/21/one-not-so-small-step-for-a-print-publisher/

[MCN-L] Museum IP Digitizing Exhibition Catalogs

2013-07-17 Thread Images
It's great to see all the material that has already been digitized. I can understand not clearing non-collections illustrations, but what about works that are still protected by copyright? Were these reproductions re-cleared for the digital version or have some considered this an extension of

[MCN-L] Museum Code Repository

2013-07-17 Thread Bernard Hamlin
Ah great, good to know it looks like our setup is quite similar - the read only trick is a good tip, we've used the incognito flag to do a similar thing. Oh also turning off any right click gestures. Alas a trip to Montreal would be great :) I'll make do with following up the notes - thanks!