[MCN-L] Take time this weekend to apply for the MCN board!

2018-07-06 Thread Eric Longo
The 2018 call for candidates to serve on the Board of Directors of MCN is open through July 15, which means you have this weekend and the next one (July 14 and 15) to prepare and submit your application by the July 15 deadline. We're looking to recruit four (4) Board members to replace those

[MCN-L] Videographer position available at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

2018-07-06 Thread Fullerton, Travis
The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, VA is currently seeking a Videographer to help us tell the stories of our collection and programs – close date: Thursday, July 19, 2018, at 11:59 PM Details can be found here. Please feel free to

[MCN-L] iPad check-out process

2018-07-06 Thread Ian Smith
Hi Jessica, I've just finished a project with Shire Hall Historic Courthouse and they check out both iPads and iPod Touches for use as Family and Audio Guides (running Darwin: www.digitalopps.co.uk/site/darwin/) They work on the very simple basis of a credit/debit card 'safe' - the visitors

[MCN-L] Elevator digital signage

2018-07-06 Thread Ian Smith
Hi all, If you wanted to created simple digital labels for iPad you could do worse than have a look at Darwin, which is a digital exhibit platform designed specifically for museums. You can use it to build sophisticated (or simple) for iPad (and Mac and Windows) and there is no programming