[MCN-L] Remove attachments when posting on MCN-L

2019-02-19 Thread Eric Longo
REMINDER: REMOVE ATTACHMENTS WHEN POSTING ON MCN-L MCN-L mailing list's content filtering rules prevent emails with attachments from being forwarded on to the list membership. Before you post, REMOVE ALL attachment such as your institution logo or other announcement such as upcoming exhibitions

[MCN-L] Job descriptions for DAMS managers and digital archivists

2019-02-19 Thread Meredith L. Steinfels
Greetings, For those of you who are/have been/employ DAMS managers, digital archivists, and photo archivists, would you be willing to share your position descriptions? I am in the planning phase of two (somewhat overlapping) projects involving our DAMS and a large photo archive, and want to

[MCN-L] Head of Website -- National Gallery of Art

2019-02-19 Thread Newman, Alan
To the MCN community, The National Gallery of Art is seeking to fill a new vacancy in our Digital Media Division as head of the website department. We are looking for a dynamic department head who will evaluate, develop, and manage the NGA website(s) and focus on these areas: user experience,

[MCN-L] Registration open for VRAF Regional Workshops in Chicago and DC

2019-02-19 Thread Beth Haas
please excuse cross-posting The final two VRAF Regional Workshops in the 2018/2019 workshop season are now open for registration! Exhibit, Instruct, Promote, Collaborate: An Introduction to Omeka for Digital Scholarship is being hosted by the University of Chicago and will take place on Friday,