[MCN-L] Examples RFPs?

2020-03-03 Thread Jewel Clark
Hello All! Our museum is getting ready for a full rebuild of our current website (long overdue) and I've been asked to start putting together an RFP, something I've not done before so I would very much appreciate any advice or examples you might have to share. Happy to answer any questions and

[MCN-L] What happens when your attendees Google an artist in your collection?

2020-03-03 Thread Samantha Weald
April 14 - May 20, 2020 | Wikidata online training | data.wikiedu.org Hi everyone, did you know that when a museum attendee Googles an artist in your collection, or a library patron looks up an author from your stacks, the panel that comes up on the right-hand side of those search results