[MCN-L] Test message, please ignore

2020-04-21 Thread David Nunez
Hi MCN-L — I'm doing some tests on the MCN DNS settings after the new site launch. Please ignore. Also: Hang in there! David Nuñez ┃ Director of Technology & Digital Strategy ┃ MIT Museum ┃ 617.452.2111 ___ You are

Re: [MCN-L] Examples RFPs?

2020-03-09 Thread David Nunez
Hi Jewel! Super exciting for you! I'm also working on an RFP for a website rebuild (for our building relaunch in Spring 2022). Would love to swap notes as you develop yours & am happy to be a sounding board. In the meantime, here are a couple random links from MuseWeb: -

[MCN-L] Poll: Longevity and Digital Teams at Museums

2020-02-06 Thread David Nunez
Hi all, I'm working on an essay re: digital teams at museums and I'm finding some interesting data that I wanted to informally corroborate. (partially motivated by some open headcount I have and my trying to figure out the "right" job description for MIT) Please visit this completely anonymous,

[MCN-L] FYI: 2020 IIIF Conference CFP Now Open

2020-01-21 Thread David Nunez
Hi all - The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) is delighted to announce the opening of the Call for Proposals for the 2020 IIIF Conference, to be held in Boston, MA June 1-4. The conference will be co-hosted by Harvard University

Re: [MCN-L] Secure Mobile Device Charging Lockers/Cabinets/Stations

2019-09-27 Thread David Nunez
At my museum, I'm evangelizing the idea of cell phone lockers *primarily *as a service for visitors who want the museum be a place where they can experience calm... But yes, also for charging — (the museum was 10 seconds away from signing off on banks of usb ports installed in walls all around

Re: [MCN-L] Admissions POS system roundup?

2019-09-06 Thread David Nunez
Hi all, for the Museum Online Expression Research google doc, try this link instead: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gDQ27gr23j5_8dMBHzkrXwhpf121rz9JvauTEBf1pTU/edit?usp=sharing (The previous one posted is read only, I think... Thanks, Shyam for sharing it!!!) David Nuñez ┃ Director