Re: [MCN-L] ANNOUNCEMENT! MCN-L to be retired & moved to on 6/1

2021-05-07 Thread Matt Morgan
-- Matt Morgan On Fri, May 7, 2021, at 9:08 AM, Eric Longo wrote: > Dear MCN-L subscribers > > > *On June 1, 2021, the MCN-L listserv will be retired and replaced with >* > What does this mean? > > After June 1, 2021: >

Re: [MCN-L] Seeking job descriptions: digital content manager

2020-07-25 Thread Matt Morgan
If you haven't tried it, there are several in the MCN-L archives: unfortunately, many postings are links to pages that probably don't exist, but at least a few job descriptions were sent into the list. Best, Matt

Re: [MCN-L] Guessable web URLs

2020-05-01 Thread Matt Morgan
If you're saying that you're setting up a system where images you don't want to be public are on a public server, you can be sure they will get out sooner or later. Probably more or less immediately, especially if you're not black belts in robots.txt fu. What is this system? -- Matt Morgan

Re: [MCN-L] Seeking advice: planning and budgeting for a virtual exhibition

2020-02-03 Thread Matt Morgan
This is a tough one for a couple reasons: 1) Most browsers right now aren't very willing to play that old Flash app, for security reasons. I can't see it. I think this is probably happening to a lot of us. 2) You can spend more or less any amount of money on an online exhibition component.

Re: [MCN-L] Video hosting question

2019-10-15 Thread Matt Morgan
for embeds and sharing, plus the pro accounts give you control over all the little things (junk promoted at the end etc). -- Matt Morgan On Tue, Oct 15, 2019, at 8:25 AM, Bryan Kennedy wrote: > Don't mean to take this thread in a new direction, but cielo24 is a > fan

Re: [MCN-L] Assistance needed with ULAN data

2019-08-17 Thread Matt Morgan
're really saying is "we want to control what software you use to make our jobs minimally easier." What they could be saying is "IT is about empowering the staff with tech, even when it's hard." Matt Morgan CTO Curtis Institute of Music On 8/16/19 4:17 PM, Shyam Oberoi

Re: [MCN-L] WordPress-based interactive kiosks?

2019-08-06 Thread Matt Morgan
What is the value of doing this on the server side? I.e. what kiosky thing would WP actually be doing here? It's been a long time but many of us have done kiosks on the client side with browser plugins--wrapping whatever web content from whatever CMS in a controlled interface. Maybe it's that

Re: [MCN-L] [IP SIG:] International copyright, publication, and U.S. public domain

2019-05-29 Thread Matt Morgan
Oh, you're asking about international. Sorry about that. -- Matt Morgan On Wed, May 29, 2019, at 10:15 AM, Matt Morgan wrote: > Paul Klee's works are in the public domain owing to the death+70 rule. > See this earlier post to MCN-L celebrating that gl

Re: [MCN-L] [IP SIG:] International copyright, publication, and U.S. public domain

2019-05-29 Thread Matt Morgan
Paul Klee's works are in the public domain owing to the death+70 rule. See this earlier post to MCN-L celebrating that glorious release: Best, Matt -- Matt Morgan On Wed, May 29, 2019, at 10:00 AM

Re: [MCN-L] Multilingual websites

2018-10-22 Thread Matt Morgan
We had the Google Translate widget on the Met's site, in just the visit section, for a while during my time there, and then we added it to a part of NYPL's site but I never managed to get it added to the whole site and actually lost my job there because I wouldn't shut up about it. True story!

Re: [MCN-L] Job Opportunity: Sr. Web Developer Dallas Museum of Art

2018-09-29 Thread Matt Morgan
Welcome! The staff ratios topic has come up before, for sure. The list has a searchable archives (link in the footer); I tried and it was a little hard to narrow it down to that topic (it's hard to avoid job postings) but search phrases like "staff survey" and "digital budget" get me some

Re: [MCN-L] Preparing for quickly approaching GDPR deadline

2018-02-07 Thread Matt Morgan
se, protecting visitor privacy is potentially an opportunity to distinguish your org, so this isn't the only reason to do it. Thanks, Matt -- Matt Morgan On Wed, Feb 7, 2018, at 2:40 PM, Sayre, Scott A wrote: > Nik- > I unfortunately think that is the case. > h

Re: [MCN-L] Online UX testing service recommendation

2018-02-01 Thread Matt Morgan
Scott, I've used a bunch of times, although not for a year or so. As long as you're doing a good test it works well, so it's often still good to have an expert on your side, i.e. I found them more useful for the logistics than for the strategy or design. Best, Matt On

Re: [MCN-L] Managing and storing video content for website

2017-07-07 Thread Matt Morgan
Like SFMOMA, I've used Brightcove before, but I think the reasons to do so are getting really skinny ... it's super expensive and only does a bit more than a $20/month Vimeo Pro account (as far as I know). Keir, do you think if you made the decision today, you would go with Brightcove? Why?

Re: [MCN-L] Open access but fees for publishers?

2017-02-22 Thread Matt Morgan
Perian, for examples you might look at software like anti-virus, unzipping & PDF-making utilities, etc., which often have "free for personal use" licensing models. My experience has been that policing is unnecessary; anybody who might pay is inclined to pay, because it's easiest. Imagine

Re: [MCN-L] Website image cropping

2016-12-12 Thread Matt Morgan
It's a problem, yes! Whoever makes your printed posters can probably tell you how frequently your exh. images need permission/input before cropping. In my experience, on top of the literal rights issues, you also have the personality issues. E.g., when an important person (artist, curator,

Re: [MCN-L] THoughts about App vs. Responsive Web site?

2016-10-28 Thread Matt Morgan
For this question, are you talking about on the visitor's own devices? Others may have data on this, where I just have opinions/experience, but a) getting most people to use anything takes effort b) getting anyone to install and use an app takes a LOT of effort. If you're talking about the

Re: [MCN-L] Online Catalog

2016-09-27 Thread Matt Morgan
Here's something built in almost exactly the way Sina describes: Though I have to say, using an eCommerce platform for this is pretty clever, and it might have "you may also like" features that work out of the box, etc. On the other hand it may have

Re: [MCN-L] Redundancy

2016-07-12 Thread Matt Morgan
I don't know if redundancy in spam filtering is typical, since getting too much spam doesn't prevent people from continuing to work (so temporary failures are OK). There's often sort of an informal redundancy, since many mail clients have filtering themselves (though they take training, so if

Re: [MCN-L] Recommendations for a Checksum Program?

2016-05-14 Thread Matt Morgan
ter how simple, people have no >interest. I typically use scripting as well for running checksums but >this isn’t an option for others. I know there are several >checksum/hashsum apps out there and I was hoping to get some advice on >which folks are using and find useful. > > &

Re: [MCN-L] Recommendations for a Checksum Program?

2016-05-14 Thread Matt Morgan
This question gave me deja vu! Here's what I said 11 years ago in reply to a related question: I don't know if perl would be the right language, or is mdb is the right way to keep the results, but this job is so easy to do with simple

Re: [MCN-L] Atavist/Creativist for Telling Museum Stories

2016-04-16 Thread Matt Morgan
How does the shelf-life work? What is the advantage? Thanks, Matt On 04/16/2016 07:50 AM, Frank Sträter wrote: Hi, At the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (national audiovisual archive) we recently started experimenting with Atavist. As our main website lacked certain features for

Re: [MCN-L] "easy" file duplication cleanup

2015-12-07 Thread Matt Morgan
You could do this with a shell script. One way: write a `find -exec ...` that runs through all the files, outputting the md5sums in some usable way. Sort the list and look for multiples (double-checking with diff on matches, if you're worried), and replace duplicates with symlinks if/where you

Re: [MCN-L] Securing public computers

2015-11-06 Thread Matt Morgan
This has been a popular conversation on the list for many years, so have a look at the archives for a lot of stuff to dig up: I don't know if this is stuff you already do/know about, but I would say the basics at least used to be 1.

Re: [MCN-L] Proving how the impact of promotional calls-to-action varies by player result within your web games

2015-10-16 Thread Matt Morgan
This is genius. On 10/16/2015 09:42 AM, Andrew Lewis wrote: Dear MCN peeps, Ahead of my session at this year's MCN conference "Designing Evidence: Planning the Data You Track to Capture Specific Behaviour", here's the latest Digital Media post from the V blog, which outlines one of the ways

[MCN-L] Searchable MCN-L archive is complete

2015-05-30 Thread Matt Morgan
For many years MCN-L's online archive was only spottily indexed by search engines and so wasn't super-usable. Starting last fall I began to fix that, and Rob Lancefield joined me a few months ago to make the new, fully-searchable archive as complete as it can be (Rob had obsessively saved

Re: [MCN-L] We're 50

2015-05-11 Thread Matt Morgan
Amazing! Congrats to all. On 05/11/2015 02:43 AM, Amalyah Keshet wrote: Today is the 50th birthday of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Thought I’d take this opportunity to share congratulations with colleagues from LACMA I’ve met through MCN over the years: it’s their

Re: [MCN-L] Public WiFI and Social Sign-In/Authentication

2014-11-20 Thread Matt Morgan
I'm thread hijacking but for a good cause! This may be a good time to note that our new MCN-L searchable archive seems to be running. I haven't really tested it yet. But anyway, wifi and public wifi policies come up now and again on MCN-L, and now we have a reliable way to look up what others

[MCN-L] Proposed update to MCN-L

2014-09-22 Thread Matt Morgan
Hi everyone. I've been working with Liz Neely, Vicki Portway, and Eric Longo on a change to MCN-L that would result in * a more searchable (i.e., comprehensively-indexed) archive of messages * an easy way to generate RSS feeds of new messages. The proposal is that we'd add MCN-L, and any

[MCN-L] barrier free wifi

2013-12-11 Thread Matt Morgan
Nik, the wifi doesn't add to this problem, right? I don't need your wifi to surf inappropriate sites in your public space. On 12/11/2013 01:36 PM, Nik Honeysett wrote: Ours was rooted in legal, indemnifying the institution, we had a situation to do with surfing inappropriate sites in a public

Re: MCN-L Digitization procedures

2006-01-18 Thread Matt Morgan
Amalyah Keshet wrote: Mike: What application are you using to generate derivatives "on the fly"? Can you tell us more about this? Amalyah Keshet One approach is to script ImageMagick (, a free image conversion/resizing/manipulation tool.

Re: MCN-L Digitization procedures

2005-12-27 Thread Matt Morgan
There's probably no perfect way to store images on a filesystem, so maybe it should just come down to personal preference. Unless you need specific security settings--for example, so some people can see/edit some files but not others. In that case, you might want to build the arrangement to

Re: [MCN-L] Linux or Windows Servers?

2005-12-09 Thread Matt Morgan
Perian Sully wrote: Hi all: We're ramping up to purchase a server and several workstations for our new Collections database and we have pro and con arguments for either Linux or Windows servers. Currently, we're leaning heavily toward purchasing KE EMu for our database

Re: [MCN SIG: Digital Media] Uniiversal Photographic Digital ImagingGuidelines

2005-11-29 Thread Matt Morgan
Tim Au Yeung wrote: Couple of thoughts here: I read through the UPDIG recommendations and found it really interesting and helpful. I thought their recommendation for RAW format was relatively unconvincing, though. Almost like they were saying "we want to recommend RAW format,

Re: [MCN SIG: Digital Media] Uniiversal Photographic Digital ImagingGuidelines

2005-11-29 Thread Matt Morgan
than ZIP has been in the past. So it just seems like this is a minor issue compared to the complexity problem. Thanks, Matt Richard Urban Graduate School of Library and Information Science University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign -Original Message- From: Matt Morgan

Re: [MCN SIG: Digital Media] Uniiversal Photographic Digital ImagingGuidelines

2005-11-29 Thread Matt Morgan
Matt Morgan wrote: Richard Urban wrote: Matt, Generally compression isn't recommended for a few reasons. While Zip and LZW are fairly reliable compression algorithms, they add another layer of complexity to the file. Understood--thanks to you and to Tim Au Yeung

Re: subject keyword searching in CMS and DAMS

2005-11-17 Thread Matt Morgan
This looks like a great place to plug social tagging, (an approach to folksonomy, i.e., using popular terminology for subject categorization) like what STEVE ( promises. Folksonomies are a way to address the reality that Museum and Library professionals often use subject

Re: IT SIG -- Meeting followup

2005-11-11 Thread Matt Morgan
Thanks, Janice. I really enjoyed that meeting. Your questions make excellent subject headings, so I just filled in some responses below! Janice wrote: I would like to hear more on the storage issues discussion; big issues for everyone as the growing demands of digital images

Re: Authenticity and integrity of archived digital master files

2005-07-05 Thread Matt Morgan
On 07/03/2005 10:55 AM, Real, Will wrote: Dear list, We are about to implement a new strategy for archiving our digital image masters. One copy of each file will be maintained on a live RAID server and another on an off-line hard drive stored off-site. The access to the on-line masters will

Re: mcn-l providing Internet access in public spaces

2005-07-01 Thread Matt Morgan
Bill, we have done this. I recommend: 1) run the public side on completely separate segment of your firewall. We also use the same segment for some in-gallery kiosks and other public stations (learning center, library catalog, etc.--some of these are wired, some wireless), and for staff access to

Re: MCN-L subject lines (was Electronic Signs)

2005-06-10 Thread Matt Morgan
On 06/09/2005 01:29 PM, Peter Rooney wrote: Could I make a suggestion? I'm on the MCN-L mail list, and some of the traffic is useful to me (but Electronic signs is not,). I'd appreciate if people would attach the prefix MCN-L to their posts, as I've done above, so that one can see at a

Re: Electronic signs

2005-06-08 Thread Matt Morgan
On 06/08/2005 10:47 AM, Weinstein, William wrote: We are looking into renovations of our information desk and want to explore the possibility of using electronic signs for visitor information, tours, lectures, etc. We have grand plans that include creating a sign that will require multiple

Re: Podcasting - Recreating the Museum Tour

2005-05-31 Thread Matt Morgan
On 05/28/2005 04:23 PM, amalyah keshet wrote: ...The exchange sounded a lot more like MTV than Modern Art 101, but had a few things to recommend it. It was free. It didn't involve the museum's audio device, which resembles a cellphone crossed with a nightstick. And best of all, it was

Re: Software Question

2005-04-19 Thread Matt Morgan
On 04/19/2005 09:45 AM, Goral, Becky wrote: I was wondering if anyone is using any type of software program to track/log exhibition tasks and schedules. For example, we are looking for something that includes which person is responsible for painting pedestals as well as a start and finish

Re: Ineractive sites

2005-03-22 Thread Matt Morgan
On 03/18/2005 08:42 AM, Gail Durbin wrote: Can anyone suggest any good museum websites in North America where there are examples of visitors' art work or other creative activity? I am also interested in innovative message boards and chat rooms run by museums. Gail Durbin Head of VA Online

Re: 2005 MUSE awards deadline extended

2005-01-27 Thread Matt Morgan
Maybe he knows how lazy we can all be. On 01/27/2005 05:49 PM, wrote: Is this because there were not many entries? Original Message From: To: Subject: RE: 2005 MUSE awards deadline extended Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 13:47:28

Re: OpenKiosk (was MozillaKiosk)

2004-12-30 Thread Matt Morgan
On 12/29/2004 10:11 AM, wrote: Thanks Matt. Its nice to see OpenKiosk on My pleasure! For comparasin, here is a link to a kiosk chrome I developed for our kiosks. We've used this on both linux and wondows platforms.

OpenKiosk (was MozillaKiosk)

2004-12-23 Thread Matt Morgan
The MozillaKiosk that I announced last month has been renamed OpenKiosk and is now an official Mozilla Extension! So this is a good time to do a little bit more of a write-up for the people who a) had trouble getting it working, or b) had more general questions, or c) didn't even try it :-(.

Re: Announcing PocketMuseum(TM) Digital Guides

2004-11-05 Thread Matt Morgan
On 11/04/2004 05:55 PM, Randy Heise wrote: Matt We've been playing with the same idea but have hesitated due to a perceived problem with the cost of ownership of the handhelds. It's not just a perception, but a reality :-). We bought off-the-shelf Dell hardware with the full replacement

Announcing Mozilla Kiosk

2004-11-04 Thread Matt Morgan
it is to a) install Mozilla (1.7 or newer) b) click on the links on the above page to install the two extensions you need. So try it out and let me know what you think! Thanks, Matt Morgan Manager of Information Systems Brooklyn Museum --- You are currently subscribed to mcn_mcn-l as: rlancefi

Re: FTP alternative

2004-01-29 Thread Matt Morgan
There are a lot of web services out there that provide off-site file-transfer and sharing. One that we've used a lot, both as "vendor" and "customer," is; is more or less equivalent, though it works differently. I don't know about the thumbnail

Re: Archival fixed storage media

2003-11-18 Thread Matt Morgan
media is a valid option at times, but maybe there is a better way to handle your server space than the way it's being done now. Good luck, Matt Morgan Manager of Information Systems Brooklyn Museum of Art wrote: Kodak doesn't make the Ultima Gold anymore. (That should give

Re: Subject categories for museum website

2003-03-26 Thread Matt Morgan
For a more fun/less academic approach you could use something like the questions that Komar and Melamid used in their Most Wanted Painting project, where they created desirable paintings based on responses to survey questions like What's your favorite color? What's your second favorite color? Do

ElcomSoft/DMCA verdict: not guilty

2002-12-17 Thread Matt Morgan
I don't know if this case has come up on MCN before. Basically, a Russian software company wrote software, intended for sale, that cracks the protection on Adobe's eBook format for digital books. Apparently the technology for doing so is trivial. They were prosecuted under the DMCA, but found not

Re: Voyager libraries museums

2002-08-16 Thread Matt Morgan
Hey, I know a little about Voyager. We started working on it almost a year ago. Ours is running Oracle on the back-end, so it can do anything Oracle can do, which is everything. But that's for our library collection and processes. For the rest of the collections, that is, the art, we use

Re: Online Catalogue Planning

2002-07-12 Thread Matt Morgan
I really wonder about user studies of searchable online collections. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that either no convincing studies have been done, or that most people don't really use them. I spend a lot of time thinking about this, but I feel like I have yet to see a really