Re: [mer-general] [MER AND NEMO MIDDLEWARE] RFC: to merge updated and additional components into Mer from Nemo Middleware project

2014-04-13 Thread Denis Zalevskiy
Carsten Munk writes: The mission and goals of Mer is amongst others: Mer is an open, mobile-optimised, core distribution aimed at device manufacturers; powered by Qt/QML and HTML5 - openly developed, inclusive, and meritocratically governed. Provide a mobile device

Re: [mer-general] [Nemo] [lipstick] Notification Sinks support request

2013-11-04 Thread Denis Zalevskiy
On 11/04/2013 07:58 PM, Javier wrote: TL;DR What would be an appropriate way to monitor the current list of pending notifications in a Lipstick session? In the older Meegotouch system-ui there was the concept of notification sinks. Processes external to system-ui could register [1] a

Re: [mer-general] Mer Security and Privacy

2012-12-12 Thread Denis Zalevskiy
Johan Paul writes: From an app developer's PoV the security system shouldn't be any more difficult than what Android, iOS or Windows Phone provide; in the end some configuration file deployed along side the app where the developer announces what privileges (s)he needs. It

Re: [mer-general] N9 kernel update project news

2012-11-13 Thread Denis Zalevskiy
On Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:09:51 +0200, Anderson Lizardo wrote: Hi Kalle, On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 9:54 AM, Kalle Jokiniemi wrote: Hello, Some news on the N9 kernel update project. There has been quite a lot of activity and we have