[MBZ] Hello Again and A Question

2021-10-31 Thread B Dike via Mercedes
Hi folks this is Bruce from way back.  My fleet of 7 MB diesels has been long retired (sure miss the W113) but I have introduced them to a good friend and am helping him out. Question of the moment:  Who is the current online supplier of choice for OEM MB parts?   Back in the day Rusty hosted a

[MBZ] ATE vs Bendix final chapter

2013-05-14 Thread B Dike
All, I was finally able to mount the Bendix caliper to replace the ATE on the 240D.   The rotor had expanded in diameter due to rust and heat deformation and was impinging on the caliper.  So I ground off the rust on the circumference of the rotor which relieved most of the interference except

[MBZ] ATE vs Bendix Calipers...more...

2013-05-10 Thread B Dike
All, Thanks for the inputs on the ATE vs Bendix calipers question for my 74 240D. It came with ATE calipers.  My basic question is whether I can replace *both* L and R calipers with Bendix.   I tried to mount a Bendix caliper on the front right but there was interference from the rotor, not

[MBZ] ATE vs Bendix?

2013-05-06 Thread B Dike
Hi All, One of the pistons is frozen in the front brake caliper on the 74 240D.  It is an ATE caliper.  The other 240D has a Bendix caliper.  Is the Bendix compatible with the ATE mount/rotor?  Thanks, Bruce ___ http://www.okiebenz.com For new and used

[MBZ] Can not remove W115 Key

2012-02-08 Thread B Dike
Hi All, The key for the 75 240D can not be turned or removed after the engine is shut down.  The engine stop plunger button is fully depressed but the key will not turn CCW.  The steering lock will not engage either.  Is the problem with the key or the steering lock?  And suggestions on how to

[MBZ] W115 Fuel Gauge Misbehavior

2011-05-16 Thread B Dike
Hi All, We've been nursing the W115 fleet along quite nicely...with one annoyance:  The fuel gauges are misbehaving in both vehicles.  The odometers also are unreliable so fuel management is a challenge for their drivers...and a bother to their Dad who takes their I ran out of gas calls. 

[MBZ] Subject: Re: Mercedes Digest, Vol 64, Issue 28...Selling/Rebuilding 300CDs

2011-03-12 Thread B Dike
, Vol 64, Issue 28 Message-ID: D312C2BEAD9A44B4BB072319638ACF56@PC466116028214 Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed; charset=iso-8859-1;     reply-type=original Where did you get the new tranny for the 85?  In which area do you live? Thanks, Gerry -- From: B Dike

[MBZ] Can someone please check the title on this car?

2011-03-07 Thread B Dike
WAULT68E13A261320  Also, I'm selling my 300CDs and moving to 240Ds...the 4 cyls are better for the kids...both need new motors...send me a note if you either of them or any parts. Thanks, Bruce ___ http://www.okiebenz.com For new and used parts go to

Re: [MBZ] Mercedes Digest, Vol 64, Issue 28

2011-03-07 Thread B Dike
To: Mercedes Discussion List mercedes@okiebenz.com Subject: Re: [MBZ] Can someone please check the title on this car? Message-ID: 20110307160541.8678d2a2.fmi...@gmail.com Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 B Dike wrote: WAULT68E13A261320? None of us here own a car VIN search company

Re: [MBZ] CARFAX and 300 CDs for sale/rent/salvage/rebuild

2011-03-07 Thread B Dike
Message-ID: 007f01cbdd2f$8edadaa0$ac908fe0$@net Content-Type: text/plain;    charset=iso-8859-1 Location?  Andrew is about to have an extra '85 motor that will fit... -Max -Original Message- From: mercedes-boun...@okiebenz.com [mailto:mercedes-boun...@okiebenz.com] On Behalf Of B Dike

[MBZ] Delivery valve torque

2010-03-11 Thread B Dike
Hi All, Could someone please post the torque sequence for delivery valves?  This is for the 74 240D. Thanks, Bruce ___ http://www.okiebenz.com For new and used parts go to www.okiebenz.com To search list archives http://www.okiebenz.com/archive/

[MBZ] Air in Fuel line?

2010-03-05 Thread B Dike
Hi All, The 74 240D runs great with the 'new' engine but it is hard to start in the morning.  It fires up quickly and immediately quits.  I pump the primer 50 times, start it again, it quits...repeat...finally it stays running.  Definitely feels like an air leak in the IP.  The IP governor

[MBZ] Rack Damper Screw

2010-02-21 Thread B Dike
Hi All,   The 74 W115 240D engine swap is done.  It runs great, except for one minor problem (of course):  At idle, the motor surges (or lopes) at a 1.5 hz oscillation.  It is particularly bad when cold.  Is there a rack damper screw at the back of the IP like the W123 motors?  Is there

[MBZ] Fuel Tank Cleaning

2010-01-19 Thread B Dike
Hi All, I recently purchased a very nice 74 240D and put a good motor in it.  It runs sweet, but then dies of fuel starvation.  Discovered that the tank is filled with old biodiesel that has the color, texture, and clarity of carrot juice.  I have to stop and blow out the tank screen every 5

[MBZ] Pulling Motors - Opinions?

2010-01-07 Thread B Dike
All,   The first time I swapped an engine, I left the tranny in the car and unbolted the motor.  It was extremely slow and tedious.  Afterward, I vowed to never do it that way again, and next time pull tranny and motor together.   The second time, I pulled the tranny and motor together, and

[MBZ] 240D steering gearbox

2009-12-07 Thread B Dike
Hi, I need to remove the steering gearbox on my 75 240D (long tiresome story). Is there anything special involved, or is it simply a matter removing hoses, of unbolting it from the frame and tierods, and uncoupling it from the steering shaft? TIA, Bruce

[MBZ] Bendix

2009-10-06 Thread B Dike
Hi All, Can the Bendix be replaced separately on the starter of a W123 300D? Thanks Bruce -- next part -- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: http://okiebenz.com/pipermail/mercedes_okiebenz.com/attachments/20091006/318550b6/attachment.html

[MBZ] Idle Speed Too Fast

2009-09-21 Thread B Dike
Hi All,   My 74 240D idle speed is too fast.  The idle speed control knob and throttle arms can increase speed but not reduce it because the vacuum-operated governor overrides it.  How do I reduce the idle speed setting on the governor?   Thanks, Bruce -- next part

Re: [MBZ] Idle Speed Too Fast

2009-09-21 Thread B Dike
Loren and Kaleb, I disconnected all linkages at the IP and intake, and backed out all the adjustment screws, and am still unable to reduce the idle speed.  It seems to be only controlled by the vacuum line and the governor.  There must be a direct control of the governor somewhere, I just can't

[MBZ] Becker Europa

2009-09-11 Thread B Dike
Hi All,   I'm trying to fix the Becker Europa in the 74 240D.  I see a standard car radio antenna jack, but the FM works so poorly that I wonder if there is a separate jack for a FM antenna.    Is this the case?   Thanks,   Bruce -- next part -- An HTML

[MBZ] Two Questions

2009-09-09 Thread B Dike
Hi All, A couple of questions: 1. I have a W1982 123 240D that needs a motor,  and I have a OM615 from a 1974 W115 240D.  Is there any possible way to fit the older W115 motor into the W123?  I'm not opposed to ugly workarounds if necessary. 2.  I'm going to Harbor Freight to buy an engine

Re: [MBZ] 220D Head Removal

2009-08-12 Thread B Dike
Thanks Peter.  I have filled my sleeves many times with the 615 filter change.  On my 74 240D W115, I can't even get the filter housing out from the frame.  I have to tip it upside down to drain it and put the goods in and then turn it over again. Can I put a 615 motor into a W123? Thanks,

[MBZ] Why are my messages...

2009-08-10 Thread B Dike
...showing up with charset=iso-8859-1,  with embedded question marks?  How do I switch it back to ASCII? Everything looks fine on my end, on Yahoo mail and notepad. -- next part -- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:

Re: [MBZ] 220D Head Removal - Epilogue

2009-08-09 Thread B Dike
Finally got the head off.  Had to remove water pump, etc. and fabricated a puller for the timing chain rail pin using a hose clamp and a bolt.  The pin came out nicely and I removed the rail and lifted off the head.    Everything looked fine...except that 3 pistons were at TDC!  #2 piston was

Re: [MBZ] 220D Head Removal

2009-08-08 Thread B Dike
Jim,   I found that the tensioner rail is 2mm wider than the slot.  I don't have the shop manual, but the Haynes manual alludes to a 'hook style' rail that requires removal.  It mounts on a pin by the crankshaft that requires a special puller to remove which I lack.   Don't know why they did

[MBZ] 220D Head Removal

2009-08-07 Thread B Dike
Hi All, I am trying to remove the head on the 72 220D (long story why).  Everything is out and loose but the timing chain tensioner rail is interfering with the head.  It looks like the rail is every bit as wide as the slot in the head.  Do I need to remove the tensioner rail (and how is that

[MBZ] Is it curtains for the SD?

2009-08-04 Thread B Dike
Folks,   Need some sage advice...the 84 300SD puts out HUGE billowing clouds of blue-white smoke at low to mid speeds.  Not a problem at highway speeds.   It also seems to use a lot of oil.  The motor starts unwillingly, but runs very smoothly once started.  Lots of blowby but still adequate

[MBZ] Car Starts Now, but Unwillingly

2009-04-13 Thread B Dike
Cleaned out the gasoline out of the 85 300CD tank and purged the lines.  Car will now start each time, but only after a minute of cranking, then it slooly starts to fire.  Plus, if I give it *any* throttle at all while cranking, it will stop puffing completely, and I have to start over. 

[MBZ] How to Fix Non-starting car w/ GP and electrical problem

2009-04-05 Thread B Dike
Here's how I did it:   Step 1: Drain fuel tank Step 2: Purge IP and Injectors Step 3: Put diesel fuel in tank Step 4: Start Car Step 5: Ask who filled tank with gasoline; (Answer: Ida Noe and Knott Mee)   Bruce -- next part -- An HTML attachment was scrubbed...

Re: [MBZ] Glow Plug Current Problem??

2009-04-01 Thread B Dike
There's an extra 'connected' statement in there   Jim - You are right, to measure the voltage at the GP, I connected the wire to the relay, and disconnected it at the GP and then measured the voltage across the gap - 10 volts.  It was 12 volts across the gap at the relay, with everything else

Re: [MBZ] Glow Plug Current Problem??

2009-03-31 Thread B Dike
If you're actually measuring (reliably) 0.5 ohm from the relay to the glow plug (and not including the glow plug) you have some seriously bad wire there.   Jim - That's exactly what I did. I disconnected the wire at both ends and measure the resistance of the wire alone, not including the GP.  It

[MBZ] Glow Plug Current Problem??

2009-03-30 Thread B Dike
Hi All, Back again after a long absence...with a problem... My 85 300CD won't start. It runs great once it starts (w/ jumping, boosting, charger in place), but over the period of a week it got so it would not start period.  I replaced batter, GPs, filters, adjusted valves, checked IP timing,

Re: [MBZ] Glow Plug Current Problem??

2009-03-30 Thread B Dike
Something like 1/2V is more like normal, you're only drawing something like 60A (and yes, Ohm's law applies) while glowing.   Jim - I measured .5 Ohm with a voltage drop of 2 volts, which means it's only 4A, not 60A.  Might there be a problem with the relay?   When were the valves last adjusted?

Re: [MBZ] Neutral Start Interlock

2008-11-12 Thread B Dike
Discussion List' mercedes@okiebenz.com Date: Tuesday, November 4, 2008, 12:18 AM What's the deal with the 75 240? Tarek -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of B Dike Sent: Monday, November 03, 2008 1:04 AM To: mercedes@okiebenz.com Subject: [MBZ

[MBZ] Neutral Start Interlock

2008-11-02 Thread B Dike
Hi, The 82 300CD starter problem has been solved...almost. It needed both a new starter and neutral start interlock switch.  While it waits for the new switch, can anyone tell me where to jumper the switch from inside the car?  I can do it at the switch itself, but then the reverse light

[MBZ] Starter Wiring Question

2008-09-29 Thread B Dike
Hi All, I have narrowed the starter problem on the 82 300CD down to either the switch or neutral start interlock.  The wiring diagram shows a junction box where the power lead from the switch meets the lead to the neutral start interlock and also the lead to the starter solenoid.  Anyone know

[MBZ] Car Alarm

2008-08-17 Thread B Dike
All, Our 84 300SD had a new surprise yesterday:  A car alarm horn that would not turn off.  Never even realized that it had an alarm system, much less one that worked.  It went off when the door was opened.  We quieted it by unhooking the ground wire to the alarm horn on the passenger side

[MBZ] 82 300CD wiring diagram?

2008-08-07 Thread B Dike
Hi,   Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 82 300CD?  I am trying to debug my starter troubles and the diagram in the Haynes manual is almost useless.   Thanks,   Bruce ___ http://www.okiebenz.com For new parts see official list sponsor:

Re: [MBZ] W123 Starter

2008-07-27 Thread B Dike
Glenn, You were right!  It started when I jumped the relay connectors.  I suppose that means I need a new starter relay, correct? Many Thanks, Bruce --- On Wed, 7/9/08, Glenn Brown [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: From: Glenn Brown [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: W123 Starter To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date:

[MBZ] W123 Starter

2008-07-08 Thread B Dike
Hello All, My 82 300CD starter refuses to respond.  No click, nothing.  Battery is fine.  Can the solenoid be replaced separately from the starter?  What other starter relays, fusable links, etc., might be at fault? Thanks, Bruce 82 300CD 358kmi 85 300CD 268kmi 75 240D 202kmi Donner,

[MBZ] Electric Seat Adjustment

2008-05-08 Thread B Dike
Hi All, My daughter's 300SD (85?) electric seat adjustment (fore/aft) is kaput, and the seat is all the way back. Is there a manual override or workaround that would let me move the seat forward? Thanks, Bruce 82 300CD 358kmi 'His' 85 300CD 263kmi 'Hers' 75 240D 202kmi 'Donner' headed for

[MBZ] Engine Swap Question

2008-02-02 Thread B Dike
All, Will the motor from my 75 W115 240D drop into a 82 W123 240D? The oil filters are different, don't know about the tranny bolts, engine mount, etc. Any advice appreciated, Thanks, Bruce 82 300CD 358kmi 'His' 85 300CD 263kmi 'Hers' 75 240D 202kmi 'Donner' headed for Ebay...snif... 77

[MBZ] Engine Swap?

2007-10-06 Thread B Dike
Hi All, The sweet-running 75 240D is history, having met its match with a Jersey barrier in a rainstorm on I-5 in downtown Seattle. No injuries to the young driver thank goodness, but the front quarter and suspension are badly banged up beyond repair. The motor still runs like the proverbial

[MBZ] W115 Clock Repair

2007-08-07 Thread B Dike
All, I'm still trying to figure out how to repair the clock in the 74 240D. The case is a very solid one piece enclosed stamping and the bezel is swaged on. Any suggestions on how to get at the innards without resorting to the Dremel cutting wheel? Anyone have a working clock to spare?

[MBZ] How do I..

2007-08-06 Thread B Dike
Remove the bezel of the clock in the W115 74 240D? I don't see any way except to cut it off...which the primary driver would not smile on. Now that I have the car running again, a working clock would be nice. Thanks, Bruce 82 300CD 348kmi 'His' 85 300CD 253kmi 'Hers' 75 240D 202kmi

[MBZ] Finally...Interlock Unlocked

2007-08-04 Thread B Dike
All, It took a while, but I was finally able to disable the disfunctional starter interlock on the 74 240D. The wiring diagram for the interlock circuitry shows a rat's nest of switches, lines and connectors. The actual interlock relay is embedded inside the 10-pin box under the dash. But it

[MBZ] For W115 Experts *ONLY*

2007-07-22 Thread B Dike
Ok folks, I am losing my sense of humor about the neutral gearshift interlock on my 74 240D 4-speed. It supposedly keeps the driver from starting the car in gear, but now it has failed and the starter can't be engaged by the pullknob. The gearshift position sensor switch is fine, but the

[MBZ] Drats! W115 Neutral start interlock failed

2007-07-15 Thread B Dike
Hi all, I'm still here, and the neutral start interlock relay on the 74 2040D 4-speed is misbehaving and the starter can't be engaged. There is no audible click when neutral is selected like there should be. The switch mechanism on the shifter appears to be ok, that's why I think it's the

Re: [MBZ] High Beam Blues

2007-05-08 Thread B Dike
- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of B Dike Sent: Monday, May 07, 2007 3:36 PM To: mercedes@okiebenz.com Subject: [MBZ] High Beam Blues All, The high beam on the 74 240D is acting up. The right hand headlight goes dark when high is selected. A new bulb

[MBZ] High Beam Blues

2007-05-07 Thread B Dike
that the ground and other connections at the bulb were good. Tom Potter -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of B Dike Sent: Monday, May 07, 2007 3:36 PM To: mercedes@okiebenz.com Subject: [MBZ] High Beam Blues All, The high beam on the 74 240D

Re: [MBZ] Engine Trouble?

2007-04-19 Thread B Dike
Loren, Thanks, I will check the key on the timing advance shaft. I suspect it's gone. Thanks Bruce 82 300CD 348kmi 'His' 85 300CD 253kmi 'Hers' 75 240D 202kmi 'Donner' 77 240D 204kmi 'Blitzen' gone to a better place 74 240D 79kmi 'Orangewagen' 73 220D 'Fnu Lnu'

[MBZ] Engine Trouble?

2007-04-18 Thread B Dike
Hi, Since the old IP in the 82 300 CD wasn't pumping fuel, I found another IP and temporarily installed it in place. I was surprised to find that I could spin the crank even though the IP was locked with the locking pin. The cams are turning fine and the motor has good compression.

Re: [MBZ] Engine Trouble?

2007-04-18 Thread B Dike
Did you transfer the drive sleeve from the old pump to the new one? There is a splined sleeve between the IP and the injection timer on the 615 chassis, and it may stick to either spot coming out. If it's not in there, the IP is not, in fact, connected to anything and will not turn with the

[MBZ] IP Tool Timing

2007-04-15 Thread B Dike
Hi All, Would someone be so kind to post the instructions for IP timing for 1985 300CD using the IP locking tool? Thanks, Bruce 82 300CD 348kmi 'His' 85 300CD 253kmi 'Hers' 75 240D 202kmi 'Donner' 77 240D 204kmi 'Blitzen' gone to a better place 74 240D 79kmi 'Orangewagen' 73 220D 'Fnu Lnu'

[MBZ] IP Troubles

2007-04-07 Thread B Dike
Dieselvolk, We're having IP troubles with the 82 300CD. Daughter reported that it was losing power and parked it at a local gas station. I put in 5 gal of diesel and it limped home sounding like the proverbial can of marbles with barely any power. I figured it to be a plugged fuel filter

[MBZ] Wierd Buzzer

2007-03-26 Thread B Dike
W115'ers The 74 240D is running great...except for the buzzer...which goes on when I brake hard, and sometimes when I depress the clutch, but it goes off when I shift into neutral (4 speed manual)! One must put the car in gear sooner or later, after all, so it's a bit of a bother. What is

[MBZ] OT: Vista

2007-03-24 Thread B Dike
that works. Also traded his Porsche for a nice 1980 w107. On Mar 23, 2007, at 9:09 PM, B Dike wrote: Any and all, We installed Vista Home Premium on one of our home computers, and it won't let us install security software...it just erases it...suggestions? Do we need to be logged

[MBZ] Culprit Found

2007-03-24 Thread B Dike
Dieselvolk, I finally tracked down the hard starting problem with our brand new 74 240D. It was starting fine, then one morning it suddenly took excessive cranking and barely started. It had all the hallmarks of a bad GP as so often happens with the W123s, so I immediately swapped all of

[MBZ] W115 GP Question

2007-03-23 Thread B Dike
All, Is there a add-on part that would allow the GPs to stay lit while the starter is turning on the 74 240D? If so, where might one obtain said device? Thanks, Bruce 82 300CD 348kmi 'His' 85 300CD 253kmi 'Hers' 75 240D 202kmi 'Donner' 77 240D 204kmi 'Blitzen' gone to a better place 74

Re: [MBZ] Mystery Water leak W123 300D (Peter Merle)

2007-03-09 Thread B Dike
Peter, The miniscule leak you describe is likely due to an old weeping coolant hose. First check the bypass hose, then the lower hose. I see the problem periodically in my 'fleet', and it's usually the same fix. BTW, I read somewhere that coolant molecules actually are smaller than H2O and

[MBZ] Injector questions

2007-02-15 Thread B Dike
(8.13.8/8.13.8) with ESMTP id l1FJ0rFi1367419; Thu, 15 Feb 2007 13:00:58 -0600 (CST) From: Tom Hargrave [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: 'B Dike' [EMAIL PROTECTED], mercedes@okiebenz.com Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 13:00:41 -0600 Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain

Re: [MBZ] Superglue

2007-02-14 Thread B Dike
How does this work? Do you put the superglue on the affected shaft/gear? Kevin in Hillsboro, OR 1983 300SD 266K miles, Ursula Yes, take an extremely thin Xacto blade and daub some superglue where the cog gear holds the shaft. It doesn't take much. Use liquid superglue, not gel, and it helps

[MBZ] Would Someone Please Be So Kind

2007-02-13 Thread B Dike
...as to direct me to the link with the instructions for repairing older (1974 240D) clocks? Everything else in the cluster works like new after I jumpered the rheostat, reset the glass retainer, and superglued the odometer. BTW, this is the third car on which I have used the superglue fix,

[MBZ] New Arrival...and questions

2007-01-23 Thread B Dike
Hi All, We have a new arrival - she looks great, is healthy, responsive, and pumpkin orange. A 74 240D, very clean, and the heater blower fan works! A fitting replacement for the 79 240D that we sent to a warm and deserving home on Marrowstone Island. A new thermostat was needed, as well


2007-01-23 Thread B Dike
FNULNU = First Name Unknown Last Name Unknown It's some kind of police shorthand. A tax protester up by Bellingham changed his name to FNULNU thinking he would beat the IRS. At last report he was still in their custody. Cheers, Bruce Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 22:11:56 -0800 From: kevin

[MBZ] Couple Questions

2006-07-20 Thread B Dike
All, Any ideas on these would help: 1. The 82 300CD has a developed a nasty deep loud growly rumble during tight RH turns, worse when power is applied. Sound emanates from tranny area. No noise with LH turns. Is it differential, rear bearings, front bearings, flex joints...???

Re: [MBZ] Bio Standby Hose Package-Rusty

2006-05-27 Thread B Dike
Everybody: I have been running various blends and formulations of biodiesel in my 4 diesels for a couple years now. Here's what I found: 1. New standard braided injector return lines can fail catastrophically in less than one year, spraying the engine compartment with fuel and creating a

Re: [MBZ] Jacks and jackstands

2006-05-27 Thread B Dike
Cheapest and safest solution I have seen is big stumps, sawed square on both ends so that the diameter is significantly greater than the height. Raise the car with jacks and slide a stump under each corner of the car. Bruce archer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: It would be nice to get the

Re: [MBZ] 300CD ACC Challenge

2006-05-24 Thread B Dike
My thought precisely, Marshall. I want to make it work exactly as designed when Min is selected. Working as designed in other modes is a problem for another day! I'm leaning toward a big magnet on the monovalve to keep it closed. Bruce Marshall Booth [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: B Dike

[MBZ] 300CD ACC Challenge

2006-05-22 Thread B Dike
123 experts, SWMBO has made it abundantly clear that the ACC on the 85 300CD is unacceptable. In hot weather the AC works fine but the monovalve control is so indifferent that it initializes and hangs in full heat way too long especially for someone who is constantly getting in and

Re: [MBZ] Diesel injector return hose

2006-05-18 Thread B Dike
Casey, I switched to 1/8 in hi pressure fuel line earlier this year for the very same reason, but too soon to tell if it works. I have been running straight bio for some time and it plays havoc with a number of things besides rubber, i.e., tank filters, delivery valve and sundry other

Re: [MBZ] Torque for delivery valve holder

2006-05-17 Thread B Dike
Many thanks Peter. Do you have a part number or source for the copper seals? Thanks, Bruce Peter Frederick [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: 25 ft/lbs twice, then 30 ft/lbs. Leaks, however, are bad o-rings that need to be replaced. Get new internal copper seals and do that at the same

Re: [MBZ] The wave

2006-05-16 Thread B Dike
+omk4b1E31cOlO7UiOykfjW42Ipq6FEHxf5CSVssxko4Ps/ig+bLjukOg5WHDMJXEkgqcpSf5s1+V+FePqPBPKYO7Zb4m3SgkQCRwdq0n4605olHWnU= ; Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Received: from [] by web51807.mail.yahoo.com via HTTP; Tue, 16 May 2006 15:31:01 PDT Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 15:31:01 -0700 (PDT) From: B Dike [EMAIL

Re: [MBZ] Are these cars worth all the effort

2006-04-29 Thread B Dike
All, I second the notions posted above, and I have one more opinion to add, somewhat related to Marshall's. We have teen drivers in the family, and the diesels have proved to be extremely well suited for them. Think about it - Stable, precise and predictable handling, solid mass,

Re: [MBZ] pushbutton ACC troubleshooting

2006-04-21 Thread B Dike
Here it is again, Loren: http://skinnerbox.steaky.org/Service/W123/w123CD2/Program/Climate/83-601a.pdf Good Luck, Bruce Loren Faeth [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: A few months ago, someone posted a link to a troubleshooting guide for the ACC. I have been searching around, but

Re: [MBZ] valve adjustment wrenches?

2006-03-30 Thread B Dike
The bent wrenches are totally unnecessary. Valve adjustments are easy to do with standard open end wrenches, just use a good light so you can see exactly where to place them. The only thing you might consider is file or grind one down to make it a tad thinner to grab the lower nut.

[MBZ] The Single Most Useful Tool

2006-03-30 Thread B Dike
in my toolbox is the Petzl Zipka Plus LED headlamp. It has a retractable microcord headband so it can be put on or taken off the head instantly while working and used either as headlamp or hand light. No clumsy floppy headstraps. Very small, carries in the pocket. Extremely bright, smart

[MBZ] Motor Swap?

2006-03-27 Thread B Dike
Benz Experts, Th clutch on the 77 240D was vaporized today by a new driver. I also think the flywheel ring gear came off. I'm trying to figure out what to salvage. Will the motor from the 77 240D manual install directly into my 73 220D automatic? Resolutely, Bruce 82

Re: [MBZ] OT: Maytag Diswasher...progress

2006-03-15 Thread B Dike
fixed ours and I was not the pump but it was a water control valve. Not hard to replace. You could get it cheaper on line but faster and more $$ at a local parts store. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of B Dike Sent: Tuesday, March 14

[MBZ] OT: Maytag Diswasher

2006-03-14 Thread B Dike
Mechanical Geniuses, My diesels are running but the dishwasher is disabled. It's a Maytag JetClean. The arm spins freely by hand but won't move on its own. It has plenty of water in the sump. Normally I find a fork or Barbie doll or something blocking it but everything looks

Re: [MBZ] vin cut keys

2006-03-13 Thread B Dike
The heads on the latest batch of VIN keys are molded from recycled chewing tobacco. The lavishly priced VIN key we purchased a few scant months ago is already expelling the shank from the head. John W. Reames III [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Sun, 12 Mar 2006, Zoltan Finks wrote: Good to

Re: [MBZ] I found an 82 300CD

2006-03-04 Thread B Dike
Kevin, The 300CD could be a very good deal. Most oil leaks are easy to fix. Also, I need your head...cylinder head from the 220D, that is, for my 220D project. Thanks, Bruce kevin kraly [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm thinking of checking this one out. Here's the link to

[MBZ] 115 Wiper Broken

2006-02-28 Thread B Dike
115 Experts, The passenger side wiper does not move on the 75 240D. The shaft does not turn. I think the wipers were turned on when they were frozen to the windshield. Would someone be so kind as to post the short version of how to fix it? I hope it is not an onerous a job like the

Re: [MBZ] 115 Wiper Broken

2006-02-28 Thread B Dike
Thanks Jim. I won't get to it this very moment but at least I won't fret over it...for now... Thanks, Bruce Jim Cathey [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The passenger side wiper does not move on the 75 240D. The shaft does not turn. I think the wipers were turned on when they were

[MBZ] Another One Goes Down

2006-02-18 Thread B Dike
another one, but you only have one you. If you want another CD, there was a girl (no affiliation) selling a near-perfect 84 CD near here. On 2/18/06, B Dike [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I finally got all the interior lights on the 82 300CD replaced. New glo= w plug in #1, engine starting great. ACC

[MBZ] Cloudy Biodiesel

2006-02-17 Thread B Dike
Bioguys, I conducted a small experiment on the clouded bio in my tank. I drew a small sample and mixed it with some #2 diesel to form B80, and left it out overnight in mid-20s temps. Next morning, the fuel had separated with the #2 diesel layer on top and the clouded biodiesel on the

[MBZ] Bodiesel cloud point

2006-02-15 Thread B Dike
-1924 www.kegkits.com -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of B Dike Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2006 11:39 PM To: Mercedes mailing list Subject: [MBZ] Bodiesel cloud point Green guys, Some of the WVO biodiesel I have been using lately has been

Re: [MBZ] Walmart vs NAPA auto..Now ANTIFREEZE

2006-02-13 Thread B Dike
Blue collar skills seem to be in short supply in Seattle. A local construction union chief was quoted in the newspaper saying they were having serious trouble recruiting apprentices ($45K/yr after 1 year). Guys would show up on the job site and quit before noon, found out they had to dig

Re: [MBZ] 1985 300SD Odometer Repair

2006-02-10 Thread B Dike
/lGPd6JvqCnsuxEoRiIZpS8qTnrga2uuRZFOFATlhbz8dlJgVIfKgcT5tNxQVNn4y5xwLC7Q5MZ3jEJU4i4i8/iYIu3VLswmTSMTbBnWTt11BuFWO/Z2gNnByd/iRSdFhkNHKus= ; Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Received: from [] by web51808.mail.yahoo.com via HTTP; Thu, 09 Feb 2006 22:02:00 PST Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 22:02:00 -0800 (PST) From: B Dike [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Mercedes

Re: [MBZ] 1985 300SD Odometer Repair

2006-02-10 Thread B Dike
://striplin.net/mailman/listinfo/mercedes_striplin.net, mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] X-List-Received-Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 20:49:06 - From what I have heard, 126 is electric, 123 is cable driven. Dave W - Original Message - From: B Dike [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Mercedes Discussion

Re: [MBZ] 300td heater climate control woes

2006-02-09 Thread B Dike
/sbZsGwIjCEl7n8oMhO0MrVXvquLsfviVTrvj3UoIfwx+i7WCaPgkq8ZeqVhKCCXJzANdWM9fII0JCTKmrb8SoSBOqCB2109QPdOuwN8ta828kSFCGBYI= ; Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Received: from [] by web51811.mail.yahoo.com via HTTP; Thu, 09 Feb 2006 12:33:24 PST Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 12:33:24 -0800 (PST) From: B Dike

[MBZ] ACC problems? See This

2006-02-07 Thread B Dike
I was looking through the service manual site and found this. Its exquisite lunacy is clearly intended to drive insane anyone foolish enough to trifle with the Type II ACC. http://skinnerbox.steaky.org/Service/W123/w123CD2/Program/Climate/83-601a.pdf Bruce 82 300CD 334kmi 'His' 85

Re: [MBZ] Light bulbs: I should know this but...

2006-02-07 Thread B Dike
Jim got this one correct. 4 bulbs go into the CC unit and the fifth goes into the fiber optic socket. The entire instrument panel and button set are now lit up. It's quite impressive and satisfying. Thanks Jim. Bruce andrew strasfogel [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The temperature wheel?

Re: [MBZ] Stinky sheep

2006-02-06 Thread B Dike
: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Received: from [] by web51812.mail.yahoo.com via HTTP; Sun, 05 Feb 2006 21:06:23 PST Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 21:06:23 -0800 (PST) From: B Dike [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Mercedes mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED] MIME-Version: 1.0 X-Antivirus-Scanner: Clean mail though

Re: [MBZ] Stinky sheep

2006-02-06 Thread B Dike
Copper sulfate is extremely toxic and is readily absorbed through the skin. Exposure to copper sulfate can cause liver disease, anemia, and other debilitating problems. I would use something else. Bruce redghost [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Will give that a try. It is only visible from

Re: [MBZ] Drain exits

2006-02-04 Thread B Dike
that wrong. SD's and SDL's have 'sunrooms'. CD's just have holes in the roof. BillR Jacksonville FL 1981 300SD EM 271k -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of B Dike Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2006 10:59 PM To: Mercedes mailing list Subject

[MBZ] Do these work?

2006-02-02 Thread B Dike
http://cgi.ebay.com/Mercedes-Hammer-Tool-for-Removal-prechamber-cyl-Head_W0QQitemZ7537784873QQcategoryZ42337QQssPageNameZWD1VQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem The new 220D is safely stowed in the garage and ready to give up it prechambers. I am thinking of grinding down a socket to fit the slotted

Re: [MBZ] acetone again

2006-02-02 Thread B Dike
An acquaintance told me he tried it and it worked as claimed. Bruce [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Howdy - If this story were true wouldn;t the gas/fuel companies put a bit of Acetone in for us? Something that would bump mileage by 10% or so would seem to be a pretty good advertising story -

Re: [MBZ] Diesel aircraft engines

2006-01-31 Thread B Dike
Back in the early days of WWII a diesel-powered Messerschmidt 109 was captured by the Allies, and the propulsion assembly was exhibited at engineering schools around the U.S. Richard Murdoch [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: There were some early attempts to use diesels on early aircraft. I think they

[MBZ] Radio Fuse?

2006-01-30 Thread B Dike
Benzers, The Becker radio on the 82 300CD went dead. Antenna also doesn't move. Replaced fuses in main box, radio still dead. Found a little fuse or resistor in the radio power supply line, measures at about 1/2 to 1 ohm. What is it, and what should its resistance be? What else

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