Re: [MBZ] EV Scamming the taxpayers

2015-06-01 Thread G Mann via Mercedes
I'll wager $1,000 that the investment made in this little enterprise, if you got to the full back story, gloves off, you would find some kind of tax write off, or green energy offset wrapped around the donation by Toyota.. perhaps, an import tax credit of some kind.. But.. we won't see that

[MBZ] EV Scamming the taxpayers

2015-06-01 Thread Curly McLain via Mercedes
More boondoggle. Mr. Musk sells elektrick cars to rich folks. Those cars are subsidized by taxpayer dollars to the tune of 5,000,000,000. Yes, mr. musk has extracted 5 BILLION bucks from taxpayers to support his lifestyle, not just the cars. Rich, there's the pattern, aside from the