Re: [MBZ] 1991 350 SDL

2005-12-01 Thread Aaron Lam
Casey, The interior was upgraded, and that included the new-style seats which IMO, are infinitely many times better than the old type, pleated leather door panels instead of the flat perforated leather, and a wooden roll-top center console box. To compensate for lack of a glovebox, the

Re: [MBZ] Cool E55 commercial

2005-12-02 Thread Aaron Lam
I like this one too, but they skipped over the W115. Here's the crusher one: -Aaron 1987 300D 1987 300TD

Re: [MBZ] Photos of K-Mac rear camber kit

2005-12-02 Thread Aaron Lam
Dave, I know I'm jumping into this topic a bit late. From what I see, the KMAC bushings replace the inner bushing on the big spring link and the bushing on the rear tie rod, correct? So to decrease negative camber, adjustment of the eccentric bolts would pull the inner part of the rear wheel

Re: [MBZ] More Scandi Super Turbo videos

2005-12-04 Thread Aaron Lam
Whoa... that is some pretty gnarly drifting! Never seen a souped-up 190E pulling moves like that! -Aaron 1987 300D 1987 300TD

Re: [MBZ] Clicking noises from behind glovebox

2005-12-05 Thread Aaron Lam
Here's an update on my clicking issue with my 87 300D. Stage 1: Clicking noises from behind glovebox occasionally after a cold start. Disappear after 5-10 minutes. Stage 2: Clicking noises now occur after every single cold start, but still disappear after 5-10 minutes. Stage 3: Clicking noises

Re: [MBZ] 350 sdl a/c clutch r/r

2005-12-12 Thread Aaron Lam
Some ND compressors need a pin wrench to counterhold the clutch so you can remove the center nut, but others have no provision for the pin wrench. In the latter case you can use channel-lock pliers. You'll need the MB pulling tool that screws into the center of the clutch, but some folks have had

Re: [MBZ] 124 washer nozzles don't heat up

2005-12-19 Thread Aaron Lam
If you want a cheesy upgrade for your W124, you can swap in the nozzles from the early 190E/D (the type that had only one nozzle in the center of the hood). Then you'll have six streams of washer fluid instead of the measly four... -Aaron 1987 300D 1987 300TD

Re: [MBZ] Limo console wood install report (W124)

2005-12-23 Thread Aaron Lam
Dave, For illumination did you splice into the existing grey/blue wires in the center console, or did you run wires under the dash to the main illumination distribution block thingy? -Aaron 1987 300D 1987 300TD

[MBZ] Rear suspension link replacement - update

2005-12-27 Thread Aaron Lam
Hello all, I recently replaced the camber strut, thrust arm, and torque strut links on my 1987 300D. The old torque strut bushings were OK, but the thrust arm was pretty shot. The camber struts looked like they still had some life left - ie, no cracks in the bushings. Prior to replacing the

Re: [MBZ] Rear suspension link replacement - update

2005-12-27 Thread Aaron Lam
Thanks everyone! Perhaps the cause of my lack of negative camber was due to the old camber strut being somewhat worn out...? Anyhow, after driving around for a bit yesterday, I measured the height from the center of the center cap to the tip of the fender, and it's about 14 - pretty much what it

Re: [MBZ] Rear suspension link replacement - update

2005-12-28 Thread Aaron Lam
Dave, the fronts are the 5-spoke 17x8 ET37 E430 sport wheels, and the rears are R129 wheels which look EXACTLY like the fronts but are 17x8.25 ET34. As for the control arms, I went with the regular 124-330-35/34-07 ones - late style with the non-removable ball joint. They were a LOT cheaper than

Re: [MBZ] Delivery valve socket for sale

2005-12-28 Thread Aaron Lam
Another option for this tool is the Koken one which I picked up a while ago on eBay from El Paso Tool - it's this one here: It's actually an excellent quality socket, and made in Japan. Many Japanese diesels use Bosch pumps, so methinks that they have similar delivery

[MBZ] 124 front control arm removal

2005-12-29 Thread Aaron Lam
Hi all, The FSM mentions the use of a spreader tool to expand the joint in the steering knuckle in case it's too tight. Has anyone actually had to use this tool to rr the control arms, or will a BFH / prybar do the job? -Aaron

[MBZ] Rear differential mounts - I've been defeated

2005-12-30 Thread Aaron Lam
Hello all, This morning I *attempted* to replace my differential mounts. On the 124, there are four mounts - two are stacked at the front of the diff and two are side by side at the rear. Anyhow, I began by raising the ass of the car in the air, supporting on jackstands, supporting the diff, and

Re: [MBZ] Will these wheels fit a 124?

2006-01-06 Thread Aaron Lam
Alex, Many new MBs come with staggered (wider in the rear) wheels from the factory. For those SLK wheels, the fronts will be a perfect fit but the rears will probably rub if you have weight in the back seat or trunk. A non 500E 124 can handle an 8 rear wheel just fine, but the offset should be

Re: [MBZ] Wood Refinish Guy

2006-01-06 Thread Aaron Lam -Aaron

Re: [MBZ] More info about Ssangyong Mercs

2006-01-11 Thread Aaron Lam
They also have an intercooled OM602 in one of their SUV's -Aaron

Re: [MBZ] Evaporator cleaning - update

2006-01-16 Thread Aaron Lam
Cool beans Dave. I should probably try this sometime, because AFAIK my car has the original evap. I'm guessing your procedure looked similar to this? -Aaron

Re: [MBZ] Mercedes Supersedans

2006-03-23 Thread Aaron Lam
Hmm, strange how they mention door mounted seat switches on the W116. AFAIK they first came about on the W126. -Aaron

Re: [MBZ] GP Install - 91 300D 2.5

2006-06-02 Thread Aaron Lam
Another thing I recommend doing is replacing the plastic throttle linkage sockets with the old-style metal ones. The plastic ones are prone to breaking and when they do, you'll be stranded with a car that just idles. -Aaron

Re: [MBZ] Throttle Linkage - was GP Install - 91 300D 2.5

2006-06-02 Thread Aaron Lam
Whoops, I should have clarified that a bit. The metal sockets are available separately but my approach is to scrounge a handful of pieces at pick-and-pull. The stock OM60x links have a threaded metal shaft and the plastic links are pressed on at the ends. You remove the metal sockets from the

Re: [MBZ] W124 center console removal

2005-09-12 Thread Aaron Lam
Pulling back the carpet will reveal one phillips screw. Remove this screw and pull upward (gently) on the wood. -Aaron 1987 300D

[MBZ] OM603 cylinder head removal - special tools?

2005-09-19 Thread Aaron Lam
Hello all, Tomorrow morning I'm attempting to remove a cylinder head from an 87 300D that's in a local junkyard. Besides the triple square socket, what other special tools are absolutely required? The FSM makes note of a few such as the timing chain slide-rail puller, but I figured I'd ask

Re: [MBZ] OM603 cylinder head removal - special tools?

2005-09-21 Thread Aaron Lam
Thanks for all the replies! With the help of Joe Knight, the head complete with cams is now mine. Pulling it wan't too awful, but we had to break the timing chain because the lower rail pin was FUBAR thanks to the idiot who hammered it into the head. -Aaron 1987 300D 1987 300TD

Re: [MBZ] Climate control (1987 300D)

2005-10-19 Thread Aaron Lam
Speaking of which, what is so different about the 87 diesel PBU when compared to run-of-the-mill 124 PBUs? What happens if the latter is installed in an 87 diesel? Will Armageddon ensue? -Aaron 1987 300D 1987 300TD

[MBZ] Odd transmission problem

2005-10-29 Thread Aaron Lam
Hello all, I recently experienced this odd phenomenon on my 1987 300D. It has only occurred twice, and both times it was when turning out from a parking lot onto the main road. While turning, the transmission seemingly shifted into neutral (engine was revving but gear wasn't engaging). A few

[MBZ] Special tool for removing HVAC wedge-base bulbs

2005-11-07 Thread Aaron Lam
Hello all, I'm sure that all W124 and 1986-1991 W126 owners know that it's a PITA to RR the two bulbs that light up the ACC PBU unit. In the past I used superglue on a small piece of plastic tubing to extract each bulb. This works, but I've found a better way. I discovered that the wiring sheath

Re: [MBZ] Running wire from trunk, '93 W124

2005-11-08 Thread Aaron Lam
First remove the lower cushion by depressing the two orange tabs and lifting it straight out. In the lower corner of the backrest you'll see an 8mm bolt on each side, and there's another one underneath and behind the center armrest. Once they're removed you can pull upward on the backrest to

Re: [MBZ] basic question about Allen wrenches

2005-11-11 Thread Aaron Lam
For removing the 6mm allen bolts on OM60x motors, the BEST tool HANDS DOWN is the Snap-On 6mm ball hex driver in 1/4 drive. With that sucker on an 8 extension, the manifold is off in about 10 minutes. -Aaron 1987 300D 1987 300TD On 11/10/05, OK Don [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I occaisionaly find a

Re: [MBZ] 1992 300D 2.5T

2006-01-18 Thread Aaron Lam
I personally think the 124 has one of the best-executed automotive gluteus maximi ever. In the words of Victoria's Secret, very sexy. -Aaron 1987 300D On 1/18/06, Jim Cathey [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm not sure. The offense to my eye is the 'low-entry' trunk style, especially when coupled

Re: [MBZ] Euro light level control (was: CR headlight bulbs)

2006-01-18 Thread Aaron Lam
The deal with the switches is a bit weird. All 123, 126, and early 124 models with SLS had a different switch (I'm not sure if the vacuum bleed values are different or not) with different markings instead of the regular 0-3 numerals. Later 124 models had an entirely different switch that was used

Re: [MBZ] Sound panels, was Nice 190D Low Miles

2006-02-02 Thread Aaron Lam
They are pretty expensive to buy new, considering that they're not much more than shaped pieces of plastic lined with foam. Here's what they look like brand new, for a 124 diesel: -Aaron

[MBZ] Cheap 87 300TD

2006-02-02 Thread Aaron Lam
Potential rustbucket. Hard to tell from the lack of pictures. -Aaron

Re: [MBZ] Sound panels, was Nice 190D Low Miles

2006-02-02 Thread Aaron Lam
These panels are the newest versions available for a 1987 300D. I assumed your car would have the same ones, but the EPC indicates that the engine, transmission, and one side panel are different for the 300D 2.5 and also for the E300D. The side ones are usually intact, but the foam disintegrates

Re: [MBZ] Sound Panels, 300D 2.5

2006-02-22 Thread Aaron Lam
get around to changing the oil on your '91 and have the front sound panel off, you could do a fella named Aaron Lam (on this list) a favor if you could get a picture of it with a digital camera. He asked me to take one the next time I have mine off, but its getting to look like

Re: [MBZ] Mats, Mirror Owners Manual for my 91 300D

2006-02-22 Thread Aaron Lam
Whatever you do, DO NOT attempt to pry the mirror switch out from the top of the wood. You need to remove the wood first - because unlike the older cars, the switches are clipped in from the bottom! -Aaron

Re: [MBZ] Oil Change - Questions

2006-02-22 Thread Aaron Lam
The front panel overlaps the rear, and without the front one installed, the rear hangs down a bit and is more susceptible to damage. -Aaron

Re: [MBZ] Droopy glove box door

2006-02-23 Thread Aaron Lam
Instead of cutting notches in screwdrivers, just use a pair of needlenose pliers (use the tips to lock into the slots of the nut) -Aaron

Re: [MBZ] 124 squirrely rear, yet again

2007-10-17 Thread Aaron Lam
Alex, I had a similar issue on my 87 300D recently, about a year after completely rebuilding the rear subframe. What I discovered was a 12 point axle nut had worked its way loose (I forgot to hammer in the locking tab... oops!) and the axle was shifting in and out on bumps. -Aaron 87 300D On

[MBZ] OM60x Fan and fan clutch compatibility / differences

2006-07-01 Thread Aaron Lam
Hello all, I plan on replacing the fan and fan clutch on a 1987 300D. From Rusty's site, a new fan (plastic type) with clutch is $314 for the 87 300D, but for a 1996-1999 W210 E300D the fan is $41 and the clutch is $88! Does anyone know if the later model W210 fan and fan clutch will work on

Re: [MBZ] W124.193 Rear arms

2006-07-20 Thread Aaron Lam
It's pretty straightforward once you have all the parts in hand. Keep in mind that the original links have all been superseded to the new-style ones on the W210 and you'll need a bolt kit for the camber, thrust, and torque links. The toe link can be a bit stubborn but should come loose with a

Re: [MBZ] 124 floor heat

2007-01-17 Thread Aaron Lam
Ralph, Fortunately these pods are among the easier ones to replace. Early 87's have two pods (a bit of a PITA to RR because of the pressed on lock washers) and early models have a single pod which unclips easily. They're accessible after removing the climate control unit. -Aaron 1987 300D On

Re: [MBZ] 124 floor heat

2007-01-18 Thread Aaron Lam
If you have an early 87, there's two round pods that control floor heat, one for each side. The early style is a bit of a PITA to replace because of the friction-fit press washers. The later style uses a single flat rectangular pod to operate both flaps, and it's a lot easier to replace. FWIW, I