[MBZ] SFO Smarts

2005-11-16 Thread RELNGSON
Since Smarts have not been certified for the US and there is no US model (even though they are sold in Canada) I would like to see a photo of an SFO city-owned Smart. RLE/Seattle

[MBZ] C-Class

2005-11-18 Thread RELNGSON
I just don't know of its history as a model line. Shops don't really see them as most are still under warranty and dealers prolly won't be honest enough to give the straight scoop on issues. I am not so sure I trust a few people's nasty notes on their woes (some being self-induced as they

[MBZ] 300CD laundry list of failures

2005-11-18 Thread RELNGSON
This is all stuff that is not unreasonable on a 20 yr old car. Seems to me that a normal owner who gave a damn would fix these items as they came along and not drive the car into the ground. That's what Honda drivers do. RLE, Seattle

[MBZ] Range

2005-11-18 Thread RELNGSON
My brother's SDL should go almost 800 miles. He has a two gallon bladder, then? RLE/Seattle

[MBZ] C-class

2005-11-18 Thread RELNGSON
The vast majority of comments about 202 series C class cars have been VERY favorable. I can't think of any really serious complaints and MOST of the comments have commented that it was about the most reliable car they had ever owned! Since the original post talked about buying a car that may

Re: [MBZ] Clicking noises

2005-11-19 Thread RELNGSON
The car doesn't have be old to develop this fault. My '85 190E started the click-click routine when it was nearly new and it was an AC component behind the glove box. Seems like it was called a changeover valve but that may be wrong. Just one of dozens of warranty claims. Why not just remove

[MBZ] Oel temp

2005-11-20 Thread RELNGSON
Oil at 75F is thinner than oil at -10F, but I guess you are referring to when oil gets very thin, lets say at 220F? 210-220deg is just fine. And I'm not talking synthetic, either. RLE

[MBZ] Owl exhaust

2005-11-23 Thread RELNGSON
Um, owls don't do that, actually. Rather than passing what's left down south, it just comes back up the way it came in. Usually lots of fur and bones from its dinners. Or, at least, that's what the owls out here do, anyways. So then, owls have no, how you say in your language ummm, asshole? Must

Re: [MBZ] 280SE Coupe

2005-11-23 Thread RELNGSON
I went to look at the 1964 220SE coupe advertised in the paper, and it turned out to be a Euro 280SE coupe with 4-speed manual.  Took a bunch of pictures - what do you think of it? It's a rustbucket. If everything you CAN see is rusty, just imagine what you cannot see. Compare the left and right

Re: [MBZ] 280SE resto cost

2005-11-23 Thread RELNGSON
after which you'll have saved up the $20 G or so it will take for a decent restoration job... It will be closer to four times that much. You did say restoration and not fix-up didn't you? RLE/Seattle

[MBZ] Detroit Diesel

2005-11-24 Thread RELNGSON
For cryin' out loud, Roger Penske is the owner of Detroit Diesel. Well publicized buy a few years back. RLE

[MBZ] Short term storage

2005-11-24 Thread RELNGSON
What is the best procedure for storing a diesel? Just change the oil before putting it away. Will the tires develop flat spots if I leave it parked 3 months in the garage this winter? Probably. Ten miles of driving will normalize them. Should I take the battery into the warm house or leave it

[MBZ] Brit aircraft

2005-11-24 Thread RELNGSON
The Brits aways did DESIGN some of the best airframes in the world. Excluding the Comet and the Viscount. RLE

[MBZ] Restoration candidates

2005-11-25 Thread RELNGSON
Example: in today's paper there is a 78 450SEL advertised which cost AU$20,000 to restore and the seller wants AU$7,200 ono Given the current fuel prices I doubt that he/she will get the asking price. I seriously doubt that the cost of fuel is a factor at all. Collectors do not buy cars to

[MBZ] French 911?

2005-11-27 Thread RELNGSON
There was a Renault Alpina Alpine. Pronounced al-peen. Tail-heavy rear engine V-6 911 wannabe. RLE


2005-11-28 Thread RELNGSON
psssttt, Roger: http://www.autocentrum.pl/oceny_aut/Renault_Alpina.html Pstt, rat. Just Google Renault Alpine. Alpina may be the Polish pronunciation. RLE

[MBZ] Squashed CD

2005-11-28 Thread RELNGSON
I got tagged pretty hard in the rear end of my 85 300CD this AM.  Car towed to the body shop will wait for estimates.  Pushed the Drivers rear quater panel past 90 degrees up to the wheel well.trunk trashed, rear bumper mangled, basically the whole rear corner is gone. . My friend JB's '99 CLK500

[MBZ] Squashed CD2

2005-11-29 Thread RELNGSON
, Everything from the rear window forward is in perfect shape. Maybe. Is the sunroof opening square or a slight parallelogram? If the body is twisted it will show up there. RLE

[MBZ] Warm ups?

2005-11-30 Thread RELNGSON
Here's my $.02 if you want it.  Let your car warm up for 5 minutes or so in the warm weather and 10 minutes in the really cold stuff.  Just because the oil pressure guage shows pressure it doesn't always mean EVERYTHING in the engine is oiled yet.  My best friends father used to do a demonstration

[MBZ] Ford wheel problems

2005-11-30 Thread RELNGSON
Guess it pays to periodically check the torque on the wheel nuts, especially with alloy wheels. Don't bother. It's obvious that the last knucklehead to install that wheel left the nuts finger tight. Alloy wheel bolts or nuts don't loosen as long as they are torqued properly to begin with.

[MBZ] Killing a 911

2005-12-06 Thread RELNGSON
The 911 video is an English production from Top Gear, the magazine and the TV show of the same name (recently seen on Discovery for a month or two). Clarkson is very well known in England. I thought it was a very good way to get the last bit of use out of an old rustbucket Carrera 3.0. R

[MBZ] Fuel pressures

2005-12-09 Thread RELNGSON
OK Don wrote: Learn something new every day. I thought the newer systems had over 100psi in the rail You might say that. Common rail diesel fuel pressures range from 1350 BAR to 1600 BAR. Nearly 24000 psi. My old '78 300D's injectors popped at 1750 psi and that's decades ago. RLE

[MBZ] LeMans Audi R8

2005-12-09 Thread RELNGSON
LeMans Audi R8 demo run @ Rally de Catalonia in Spain http://www.isellbendrealestate.com/video_clips/2005_gemenos_castellana.wmv Turn up your sound on this one. 


2005-12-10 Thread RELNGSON
A most powerful car. I presume it has an automatic transmission. Derated now to 550hp. It has a six-speed sequential Ricardo gearbox. Watch the driver's right hand. The numbers may be found here: http://www.7extrememotorsports.com/lemans/cars/lmp900-audi-r8.htm RLE/Seattle

Re: [MBZ] R8 wotsitdoin?

2005-12-11 Thread RELNGSON
You're right, from the way he is started and the lack of other cars, it does seem like an exhibition run. Particularly since there are cars and motorhomes parked at the side of the road along the route. It's a hillclimb. RLE

[MBZ] Block heater pyrotechnics

2005-12-12 Thread RELNGSON
Well, a good eyeball examination is usually wise before spending the money.  It may be that you can patch up the existing cord, somebody could well have yanked hard on it and cut into the insulation on a sharpish edge of sheet metal.  Cutting the cord there and splicing it back together

[MBZ] More block heater pyrotechnics

2005-12-13 Thread RELNGSON
I posted in re: repairing vs replacing a rotted out block heater power cord: Boy oh boy, is this bum advice. The cost of that cord is inconsequential. The cost is not huge, no.  (Though it is a significant percentage of the cost of that car.) How much can a five foot power cord cost? Is this a

Re: [MBZ] Ringing current

2005-12-13 Thread RELNGSON
and someone called in while my tongue was on the ring piece of copper. THAT left a mark (when I fell off the ladder and hit the floor). BTDT. 105V AC 20hz. RLE

[MBZ] 123 club

2005-12-14 Thread RELNGSON
Yea, Mitch, I read all that.  I was just wondering what Kleb said to him to get that you guys don't pull any punches comment. The tone of the posts was nowhere as benign as Mitch claims. I read them all and thought they were smartassed and uncalled for considering he is unknown to all on this

[MBZ] Nuts/Bolts and........

2005-12-14 Thread RELNGSON
I always thought the term lug nut dated back to when wire wheels were held on with one big center nut, which had lugs on the side so you could whack it with a mallet to loosen it. Those are called knockoffs. These days center-lock wheels (that's what they are called) are held on by a large

[MBZ] Criticism

2005-12-14 Thread RELNGSON
In a similar vein, I wonder what people with cars listed on EBay would think if they could see what is said about their pridejoy, and about themselves, on this list? Yes, I wonder. It's similar in a way when ugly men in a group criticize a passing female (what a pig, etc...) who may look

Re: [MBZ] Million miler in OK

2005-12-19 Thread RELNGSON
Kleb posteth: Well if I had a car that had 1 million on it and MB gave me a new car, you can bet the new one would never make it to 1 million. I decided to pass up this golden opportunity. RLE

Re: [MBZ] 190E

2005-12-19 Thread RELNGSON
What sort of mileage will a 2.3 get?  Thinking about getting one for a work car and would like to get a 190D but they are scarce and when you do find one they go for insane money.  The 2.3's should be cheap and had the added advantage of using it when diesel prices are high. My '85 190Es

[MBZ] Rendezvous

2005-12-23 Thread RELNGSON

Re: [MBZ] Lockup

2005-12-30 Thread RELNGSON
I have never heard of any MB with a lock up converter, unless the newer ones do The newer ones do. And not just on fifth gear. RLE

Re: [MBZ] Lockup trans retro?

2005-12-30 Thread RELNGSON
,Which newer ones? In which models? Anything that might fit older cars? Not the electronically managed five-speeds like mine. Lockup on fourth and fifth. Doesn't seem to have done much for mileage which is about the same as my old diesel chugger. OK, I lied. It's about 1 mpg worse. BTW, regular

Re: [MBZ] S-class critic

2005-12-30 Thread RELNGSON
,Denise McCluggage says:... Keep in mind that the lady is getting on a bit RLE

Re: [MBZ] S-Class

2005-12-30 Thread RELNGSON
I figured Mercedes would come out with one of those systems eventually -- since BMW did it, they need one too.  I still think it's a terrible idea. The magazine reviews are saying that although the BMW system was a pain, Mercedes has gotten this one right. In any case, those buying (leasing) a

[MBZ] Reviving the dead

2006-01-01 Thread RELNGSON
I think it would be nice of some chinese company or whatever licensed to start making brand new 126's, 123, and even 115's What you fail to consider that to sell these things in the US, they would have to meet today's NHTSA safety standards. And they couldn't. RLE

[MBZ] Calif road conditions

2006-01-01 Thread RELNGSON
This CHP website, although not revealing weather conditions, gives a look at weather caused incidents at times http://cad.chp.ca.gov/ RLE

[MBZ] Mallard AD

2006-01-01 Thread RELNGSON
I bet Jimmy Buffet is bummed, assuming he still owns that Albatross he used to tool around in. The Widgeon, Goose, Mallard and Albatross are completely different airframes and it's the Mallard that has the problem. RLE

Re: [MBZ] Grumman flying boats

2006-01-02 Thread RELNGSON
The albatross was the flying boat with the side drop-down landing gear? My dad flew in those, SR. Actually, all four of Grumman's flying boats used that gear design. RLE

Re: [MBZ] More Grumman

2006-01-02 Thread RELNGSON
The Gold Monkey airplane was a Goose and the Fantasy Island plane was a Widgeon. RLE

Re: [MBZ] In costume

2006-01-03 Thread RELNGSON
Wheels are cool, brakes fine - I maintain this car religiously. So, then, you dress like the Pope or just a Nun when changing oil and such? RLE

[MBZ] Atom

2006-01-04 Thread RELNGSON
According to an Atom owner I spoke to at a DE event last year here in Seattle, the car is imported without a drivetrain which comes along later. Therefore, it's a kit car. The driver is open to the elements and if it isn't the wind, it's the rain. Eminently impractical. R Ellingson

[MBZ] Removing or modifying emission equipment

2006-01-04 Thread RELNGSON
I used to go to an exhaust shop that had a big sign behind the desk that said, If you don't ask me to remove your catalytic converter, I won't ask you to pay the $2500 fine. When my Porsche was new in 1984 it was having driveability problems due to it's emission equipment. The dealer knew what

Re: [MBZ] Ariel Atom

2006-01-04 Thread RELNGSON
You want something that puts a smile on your face? Buy an Atom or a Colnago C40 or a 15 year old Mercedes! Having inspected one in the metal and talked to the driver and read the roadtest (below), I concluded that at 35 to 46K, I would rather buy a real car. I don't know what a Colnago C40 is

Re: [MBZ] 300CD

2006-01-04 Thread RELNGSON
Jeepers, the ePay mileage disease is spreading!!! 39MPG?? The thing can't even make 29mpg, for crying out loud. After 120K miles and seven years in a '78 300D, I will say that the car is doggy, performance-wise, but the coupe body is attractive. One problem is headroom. When I bought my

[MBZ] Parking

2006-01-05 Thread RELNGSON
I prefer the back up till you feel the bump method of reversing, which is not a problem with steel bumpers:-).. Guys like you are the reason I can't park my cars on the street. RLE

Re: [MBZ] CD headroom

2006-01-05 Thread RELNGSON
That's because you're too TALL - don't blame the car  ;) At 72 with a 30 inseam, I'm about average. The seats were lowered for a reason. RLE

[MBZ] Staggered wheels

2006-01-06 Thread RELNGSON
And do SLKs really come with different size rims on the front and back like the seller implies?  I never heard of any Mercedes like that from the factory.  Seems uncharacteristically impractical. You are uninformed. Almost any MB with AMG wheels has wider wheels in back. As one example, I have a

Re: [MBZ] Rendezvous, the movie

2006-01-06 Thread RELNGSON
I rented a copy from the public library about 25 years ago. RLE

Re: [MBZ] Papal

2006-01-07 Thread RELNGSON
The Pope is staying at your friend's home also? Holy Genuflection! Maybe you two can do some of that religiously done maintenance I read about from time to time. RLE

Re: [MBZ] nuclear poetry

2006-01-07 Thread RELNGSON
You've mentioned the most used verse in Nuclear Power... Would that be RUN!!? Not spelled nucular, despite what G. Bush thinks. RLE

Re: [MBZ] Dogleg? Front or back

2006-01-08 Thread RELNGSON
Dogleg? Hmmm. I've owned three cars with that shift pattern and have never heard the term before. That's left and back for first (toward the driver), right? RLE


2006-01-08 Thread RELNGSON
M535i/images/mine_shift_knob.jpg That console appears to have been attacked by wolverines. Loved the radio panel. RLE

[MBZ] Of interest to dieselheads

2006-01-09 Thread RELNGSON
Not that any would open their purses far enough to buy one of these, of course, but even so. DETROIT SHOW: DaimlerChrysler plans big diesel boost DaimlerChrysler plans to achieve a breakthrough in North America's barely-existent diesel car market by launching a new range of Mercedes-Benz

Re: [MBZ] '91 190E 2.6

2006-01-10 Thread RELNGSON
So, don't beat me up too hard.  I bought a '91 190E 2.6 gasser this week. It has 99k.  Everything works on it. Looking at the pictures, I notice that the nameplates on the trunk lid are reversed which means the lid was replaced after the last accident. 190E goes on the left side. RLE

Re: [MBZ] Relamping

2006-01-10 Thread RELNGSON
changed out the rear lamps on Gump so that she would have rear fogs,and maybe get rid of the water seeping in I replaced the inadequate stock taillight units on my '72 250 with the later ribbed lens style but I had to space the bumper out a bit for clearance. I wired the inner unused reflector

Re: [MBZ] Word

2006-01-10 Thread RELNGSON
www.scaffolding.com/mb It's a Word file.  People with Macs that do not wish to have anything to do with Bill Gates getting any richer or Microsoft's wretched virus-ware don't do Word.  Got PDF?  RTF?  HTML?  Text-only?. What's a Word file? Nothing here. Any semi-productive Mac user that sends

Re: [MBZ] badge removals

2006-01-11 Thread RELNGSON
Some guys like to saw it off with a loop of fishing line behind the badge. Almost impossible to bend or break the badge that way. Dental floss works well, also. I used it to remove them from my 190E 2.6's lid. Of, course there is always then the danger that someone might think it was

Re: [MBZ] Mobil1 break-in

2006-01-11 Thread RELNGSON
1.       Should I use Mobil 1? Yes, if for no other reason than extended drain intervals. Don't use it to try to break in a new engine. It is just too slippery. Mercedes and Porsche have been using M1 0W40 as factory fill for nearly five years with no break-in problems. RLE

Re: [MBZ] Craigslist

2006-01-12 Thread RELNGSON
Has anyone had luck with Craigslist? Yes. Sold a pair of snow tires on 124 wheels that I'd been trying to get rid of for 15 years. Of course, the price had something to do with it and the condition of sale was buyer picks up. RLE/Seattle

Re: [MBZ] Vin checks

2006-01-12 Thread RELNGSON
I asked a highway patrolman to run the vin on the car that I am buying Did he do that? That's cause for dismissal for cops in my state. RLE

Re: [MBZ] VIN checks

2006-01-12 Thread RELNGSON
What, checking to see if a car is reported stolen is a crime? Checking vehicle data for a private citizen is prohibited. RLE

Re: [MBZ] 220D

2006-01-16 Thread RELNGSON
Marshall sayeth: The early ('68-69) 220Ds seemed to have some serious cylinder wear problems. Interesting you should say that. One of the senior techs at my dealer told me recently that when the 220D's were new, he changed a lot of their engines under warranty. I didn't ask him why at the

Re: [MBZ] smoke and noise

2006-01-17 Thread RELNGSON
Most important, both of mine smoked like crazy at high atltitude as they had no altitude compensation. Well, don't think just because that feature is provided that it does much. When my '78 300D was new, I drove it to Snowmass Colorado in July and at the 8000 foot elevation it was not only on

Re: [MBZ] Ebay 280SE

2006-01-17 Thread RELNGSON
Decent except for the mismatched paint on the left quarter panel and LF fender. And the hood star's installed backwards. The icky brown cord upholstery doesn't do much for it. RLE

Re: [MBZ] A Diesel Rules Sebring!

2006-03-19 Thread RELNGSON
A Diesel Rules Sebring! Yes. Too bad the engine and the fuel it ran on are worlds away from present available technology. RLE

Re: [MBZ] sp

2006-03-22 Thread RELNGSON
My Mulrooney sticker Mulroney

Re: [MBZ] Mulroney

2006-03-22 Thread RELNGSON
The former Canadian PM?? On 3/22/06, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: My Mulrooney sticker Mulroney That was Mulroney pronounced Mulrooney. According to CTV. RLE

[MBZ] Leaky 126 sunroofs

2006-03-23 Thread RELNGSON
Perhaps you mericans make a habit of welding up sunroofs. Bondo is a helluva lot cheaper than new gaskets. RLE

[MBZ] Walmart going upscale

2006-03-23 Thread RELNGSON
So then this means that Mobil 1 (only MB approved, of course) will be packaged in Rosenthal crystal decanters? Closer inspection will reveal they are plastic and made in China. RLE

Re: [MBZ] Jump jump!

2006-03-24 Thread RELNGSON
(P.S. - even though I wore a 'chute in the Citabria, never was tempted to jump out with it!). Nor did I. RLE

Re: [MBZ] Bloviation

2006-03-24 Thread RELNGSON
Ceteris paribus is a Latin phrase, literally translated as with other things [being] the same, and usually rendered in English as all other things being equal. A prediction, or a statement about causal or logical connections between two states of affairs, is qualified by ceteris paribus in order

Re: [MBZ] Citabria

2006-03-24 Thread RELNGSON
Where is Citabria and what were you doing there? It's not a country, it's an airplane. Spelled backwards, Airbatic. A taildragger built for aerobatics. No, not stunts. RLE

Re: [MBZ] Road Track articles

2006-03-24 Thread RELNGSON
I recall reading the RT road test of the 220D/8. They weren't very complimentary.. Well, I wonder why. Their test of the W116 280S called it like it was, also. RLE

Re: [MBZ] Yes, Minister

2006-03-25 Thread RELNGSON
If you watch some of the speacial features on the discs you'll find that Margaret Thatcher watched the show religiously as it gave her insights into how the civil service thought and operated. So, she dressed up as the Archbishop of Canterbury to watch the show? RLE

Re: [MBZ] /8

2006-03-25 Thread RELNGSON
Didn't they call it the most over enginered 55 Chevy on the planet, or something to that effect? I recall reading the RT road test of the 220D/8. They weren't very complimentary. I would like to have back my '55 BelAir 2d hardtop 265 V8 (ivory blue) AND my '72 250/8 (white/red tex). The

Re: [MBZ] light sockets

2006-03-27 Thread RELNGSON
I went to wire the unused rear fog lights in my '82 240D/3.0 as extra brake lights and found that there are no sockets there. Does anyone have a couple of extra brake light sockets for a W123? You should be able to find what you want at any german car graveyard since the sockets are fairly

Re: [MBZ] Memories

2006-03-27 Thread RELNGSON
www.strichacht.de/daten.html That's a great website. So, my '72 250 had an M130 engine. Who knew? And only 130PS. And the quoted top speed of 112mph is what mine would do after a five mile flat out run. If the14mpg was mentioned on the data sheet, I couldn't read it. I notice that sixty

Re: [MBZ] truck diesels

2006-04-03 Thread RELNGSON
LOUISVILLE, Ky. ? The cost of developing and adding 2007 emissions-compliant engines and filtration systems will add $4,500 to $6,000 to Freightliner LLC's medium-duty trucks, the company's chief executive said last week. This seems to suggest that these manufacturers have not done one damned

Re: [MBZ] More heat, less water

2006-04-03 Thread RELNGSON
No, they are $695.00 Pls verify at $695. Does that include CPR? RLE

[MBZ] A little real aviation humor

2006-04-03 Thread RELNGSON
From AvWeb flash today: Overheard while being vectored to the ILS 10 at KMSY the other day: Approach: Jet 123, maintain 9,000. Jet 123: Um, ok, we're gonna go through it. Approach: That's ok, climb and maintain 10,000. Jet 123: Uh, we're on our way back down to 9,000, now. Approach: Well, 10 is

Re: [MBZ] motorhaube

2006-04-04 Thread RELNGSON
    Its not the case with 201s. The gas-filled hood stay provides the  first stop and one latch at the left hinge releases it from the full  vertical position. And on the 202, it's a little spring release on the left. The 203 uses a red button on the left strut which requires a strong thumb to

Re: [MBZ] brake schmutz

2006-04-06 Thread RELNGSON
A simple hosing off of the wheels about once a month is all that is required to keep the wheels looking good. A simple hosing off??? What's your idea of looking good', anyway? Water does not wash off brake dust. RLE

Re: [MBZ] MB's funeral pyre

2006-04-06 Thread RELNGSON
http://www.ehowa.com/showpicture.shtml?image=burningmercedes.jpg this is why we need to keep the engine clean and check for leaks.   Or just normal behavior for the new mercedes MBs don't have engineered in oil leaks anymore. And you don't have to worry about running the oil level an inch down

Re: [MBZ] coolish?

2006-04-06 Thread RELNGSON
Temp for one 2 week period at Sondrestromfjord, Greenland Sonderstrom. Gee, on my first European trip, we landed at Sondrestrom to refuel on the way from Vancouver to Dusseldorf. 727-100 Thrilling approach up the dead-end fjord. Like flying down a curved hallway. RLE

Re: [MBZ] Reliability

2006-04-06 Thread RELNGSON
PF tells us: Note to the uninitiated -- I have NEVER had a board or component failure on a Mac (up to 15 years old) other than on monitor blowing and a dead MB from repeated lightening strikes on my phone line, and in that case I only lost the serial ports, everything else works fine! I don't

[MBZ] Pinched from sniffpetrol.com

2006-04-07 Thread RELNGSON
SMART CANCELS EVERYTHING When bosses at DaimlerChrysler's up shit creek brand Smart warned that tough decisions were needed if the company was to make a profit, many industry observers were unsurprised when these decisions included killing the ailing Roadster model and last week's

Re: [MBZ] Project 240D

2006-04-08 Thread RELNGSON
That car is just about a duplicate of one that was owned by an Uncle of mine in San Mateo from '79 to about '92 when they bought a new Camry for my Aunt. Mileage was about 125K and it sold for $3500. Never been hit and almost always out of the California sunlight. That's 14 years ago. I had to

Re: [MBZ] 1985-300-turbo-diesel

2006-04-12 Thread RELNGSON
Pity he had the bad taste to install those chrome fender lip mustaches. Ruins the car. Now if it was a 600, well then... RLE

Re: [MBZ] 123 euro lights

2006-04-12 Thread RELNGSON
What's all this dithering about the two types of lights on that W123 website? There were two types of light assemblies. The one with the two round ones, under glass, was for the lower end models. The other was for the 280E and probably 300D. I ordered a set of lamps for my '78 300D and the

Re: [MBZ] Toyota eyesore

2006-04-12 Thread RELNGSON
I spied a vehicle this evening that I didn't know was being made. It was a new vehicle, but it had the front end styling of an old Toyota Land Cruiser - you know, the type that were small and Jeep-like. I didn't feel like turning around to pull over and look at it close up. Vintage Land Cruisers

Re: [MBZ] C280

2006-04-12 Thread RELNGSON
Ok diesel heads, check this out. I just went to South Georgia this past weekend in my newly acquired 1995 C280. Drove it 542 miles. I got 27.1 MPG and burned zero oil. Not too bad. Precisely what my '95 C280 did. Excellent car. RLE

Re: [MBZ] Those crappy servos

2006-04-14 Thread RELNGSON
When my '78 300D was only two years old, the servo sprung a big leak. Made it the eight miles home and paid $118 for a new one which I installed myself, of course. The underhood failures continued. The water pump, the radiator, the AC condenser, the power steering pump, the aux heater pump,

Re: [MBZ] leaks

2006-04-16 Thread RELNGSON
I bet you were using the dreaded green antifreeze!. I didn't know from chopped liver in those days about that stuff. I did buy from the dealer, though, since it was maybe $7 per gallon. 1980 was pre-everything, remember. RLE

Re: [MBZ] Outside temp readout

2006-04-17 Thread RELNGSON
My 201s have them starting in 1984. The units used in later models ('89+) seem much more robust. My '85 190E had one but it was in deg Celsius, for cryin' out loud. So I complained to the dealer that the readout fails, comes back and fails again. Try to prove it doesn't was my reasoning. The

Re: [MBZ] Outside temps

2006-04-17 Thread RELNGSON
I believe that hitting the button on mine (86 2.3-16v and 87 2.5 turbo) switches them from C to F. Button? What button? No such buttons on my '85 or '89 201s. RLE

Re: [MBZ] MB positraction

2006-04-17 Thread RELNGSON
Limited slip was a standard option on the 6.9. You mean it was standard equipment? Then it wasn't optional. RLE

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