Re: [MBZ] 126

2005-12-29 Thread jjayj
if you push your SDL, you can get worse out most recent run to mexico, 75mph or under gave us 27mpg...85-90 gave sustained 105, we got 19mpg...pretty easy math, and the differences were well worth the expense... '86 SDL, 225,000 miles -- Original message

Re: [MBZ] I need your help on how to finalize a vehicle purchase on eBay!

2006-01-09 Thread jjayj
i am finally the proud former owner of a disaster ebay car (got my wallet cleaned and rinsed)...if i had seen the car prior to paying in full, i would have returned without the time the car was shipped, the 30 day bummer coverage offered by ebay had come and gone...and, by the way,

Re: [MBZ] OT: Buying a car in WA

2006-01-15 Thread jjayj
good morning...just spoke with the state patrol office and was told: 1.if the car has a current tag, nothing more needed unless purchased as a wreck 2. insurance is technically required, but it depends on the trooper who stops you if this is inforced on the drive home (bill of sale and

Re: [MBZ] oh my

2006-03-23 Thread jjayj
i'm going to remember how well gray tape matches the interior door panel... -- Original message -- From: Kaleb C. Striplin [EMAIL PROTECTED] plate under the shifter being out of place? I dont see anything wrong. Curt Raymond wrote: Am I wrong in thinking

Re: [MBZ] Leaky 126

2006-03-24 Thread jjayj
timeout for some help...please! i put a new rubber seal around my sunroof last fall after having the roof section drop at high speeds after a came ajar the new seal went in tight and doesn't drop...but it seems there is quite a bit of wind noise on the freeway... any way to solve

Re: [MBZ] Leaky 126

2006-03-24 Thread jjayj
jeepers, jim...throw me a bone here... -- Original message -- From: Jim Cathey [EMAIL PROTECTED] i put a new rubber seal around my sunroof last fall after having the roof section drop at high speeds after a came ajar the new seal went in tight and

Re: [MBZ] attn SDL drivers

2006-04-12 Thread jjayj
28mpg at 78mphx250miles over mtn passes on interstate -- Original message -- From: Kaleb C. Striplin [EMAIL PROTECTED] What kind of mileage are you getting with your SDL? Mine is doing about 22, almost all highway, no AC. My temp is running too cold though, need a

[MBZ] 300SDL ALDA adjustment

2006-04-13 Thread jjayj
thanks for all the info so, is it possible to get to the adjusting screw without removing the unit? a quick look at it last night looked doubtful... From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Thu Apr 13 17:18:42 2006 Received: from ([]

Re: [MBZ] OH MY!!

2006-04-14 Thread jjayj
i love it...boys at play... -- Original message -- From: Kaleb C. Striplin [EMAIL PROTECTED] 259QQcategoryZ6315QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem ___

Re: [MBZ] SDL accelleration from a stop

2006-04-18 Thread jjayj
you, the evil one, will rot in the boneyard for that shameful remark... that SDL is about to transport me and the main squeeze to our new home on the pacific coast of mexico...(think mexico don)...where don and i will develop and sell land in paradise to all you greese monkeys who need lots of

Re: [MBZ] Need help selecting an MB diesel

2006-04-21 Thread jjayj
i have one -- Original message -- From: Loren Faeth [EMAIL PROTECTED] I have 2 ;| At 08:52 AM 4/21/2006, you wrote: I have one. Luther Gulseth wrote: I'm watching for a OM60x SDL to replace my SD with. Oh, if they had a 124 CD.THAT would be

Re: [MBZ] Are these cars worth all the effort

2006-04-21 Thread jjayj
when i do my taxes each year, i look at my auto expenses and get a very clear picture of how economical my sdl has been...about $4700 purchase price three or four years ago and easily less than $1000 into it/year for repairs...i cannot get a better ride for the money, and the big sedan is a

Re: [MBZ] Drainholos?????

2005-09-07 Thread jjayj
I'd really like to see a chart of the numerous dranholes in my 126 300sdl Wow...the TRUTH at last, you would stake your favorite MB on these FACTS ?? :-) Regards Steve Van Cleve Marrowstone Isl Wa 85 Euro 240D 5 spd 110K 79 240D 5spd fresh tranny transplan 82 Euro 300 TD non

Re: [MBZ] Cimarron

2005-09-13 Thread jjayj
nope...i had two pretense to porschedom...think later, kinda boxy Refering to the Karmann Ghia, nothing more then a upside down bathtub with wheels JJJ [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Seeem to believe VW does the same stuff, except they charged a $10,000 premium just for

Re: [MBZ] Cimarron

2005-09-13 Thread jjayj a not so great pretender... Not too many parts shared but the ARE the same company right? Mike - Original Message - From: Harry M.) [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Mercedes mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 10:30 AM Subject: Re: [MBZ]

Re: [MBZ] J**ps (was: Re: The new G-Wagen)

2005-09-13 Thread jjayj
how about a chevy 350 with the turbomatic transmission? it bolts up nicely ___ For new parts see official list sponsor: For used parts email [EMAIL PROTECTED] To Unsubscribe or change delivery options go to:

Re: [MBZ] Zwolf bolts?

2005-09-13 Thread jjayj
my point was, it didn't seem like much of a porsche... ___ For new parts see official list sponsor: For used parts email [EMAIL PROTECTED] To Unsubscribe or change delivery options go to:

Re: [MBZ] Jug of soy

2005-10-05 Thread jjayj
ok, ok...i wasn't really paying attention to the vegi-diesel thing so far...but today i noticed about 6 5-gal pails od used oil behind my lunch place (vietnamese)...after straining, is this stuff ready to use in my '86 sdl? Rotk├Ąppchen?? Was bedeutet das? On 10/5/05, Christopher McCann

Re: [MBZ] Jug of soy

2005-10-05 Thread jjayj
by thinned wvo, do you mean mixed with diesel that's in the tank? and how does it work in the cold? Yes, but to be safe, carry an extra fuel filter and tools to swap it just in case. We've gone 3 years and over 40K miles on thinned WVO in my wife's 99 E300 without changing the fuel filter,

Re: [MBZ] Don't really know what to call this post

2006-01-18 Thread jjayj
maybe called 'fresh spin for tired eyes'... -- Original message -- From: Rich Thomas [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cars, girls, guns (and beer I hope) -- is this a great country or what? --R Hendrik Riessen wrote: Someone over on the mog list posted this, file it away

Re: [MBZ] MB Manuals ON LINE (Tom Scordato)

2006-02-01 Thread jjayj
when i go to the individual topics for the 603 engine, nothing opens...what's up with that? -- Original message -- From: Tom Scordato [EMAIL PROTECTED] Constantine asked about manuals Regards Tom Scordato

Re: [MBZ] blowed -up engines

2006-02-07 Thread jjayj
for about five years i used an old orange lawnmower that came with the house i bought...not much too it, but i didn't need much...start it up and it over, and over, and put it away for the winter about the third year, it began clunking and thunking at low rpm's, but that rascal still

Re: [MBZ] TV tuner for Mac

2006-02-26 Thread jjayj
even on my PC's, i need a card with a tuner built in...ATI, etc -- Original message -- From: John Berryman [EMAIL PROTECTED] Does anyone have any info on watching TV on a Mac? I know its done but that's all I know. I'd pay if need be but would prefer some free

Re: [MBZ] misuse

2006-03-01 Thread jjayj
the next thing you know, somebody is going to take offence at no caps and the freedom of ... in the punctuative dimension...i think there is a giant failure in basic neticut...yup...neticut maybe we should go back to stationery and stamps!! long live eecummings -- Original message

Re: [MBZ] Tightness

2006-03-06 Thread jjayj
peter, do you also have words to say over the 126? i was a bit distressed twice this last weekend on a great trip from spokane to port townsend, wa where my '86 300sdl was not handling as felt as if the right front was diving into hard turns...but the left side did well...these

Re: [MBZ] Tightness

2006-03-06 Thread jjayj
so, if it might be broken...what do you think it might be?? -- Original message -- From: Marshall Booth [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: peter, do you also have words to say over the 126? i was a bit distressed twice this last weekend on a great

Re: [MBZ] Tightness

2006-03-06 Thread jjayj to diagnose a bad shock? -- Original message -- From: Peter Frederick [EMAIL PROTECTED] The suspension on the W126 is pretty much identical to that on the W123. Check guide rods (if it groans on speed bumps or clunks going into reverse they are bad),

[MBZ] tranny bumps

2006-03-07 Thread jjayj
my '86 300sdl is running great, especially now that all four tires match...but the tranny acted up the other day and i'm looking for ideas... it ran very well for 200 miles at highway speeds, then when we pulled off, stopped, and tried to start up, it hesitated(rpm's went up) and then thunked

Re: [MBZ] Air Conditioning Mystery

2005-06-21 Thread jjayj
the temp sensor is above the mirror behind a little plastic grill...i assume that any tube would be can test the tube with smoke...if it goes into the little opening, it's not cloged ___ For used parts email [EMAIL PROTECTED] For new parts

Re: [MBZ] Theory vs Practice

2005-06-29 Thread jjayj
hey hank...interesting math, but i didn't go anywhere near mexico city or high elevations...the cruise along the west coast of mexico (not baja) is essentially along the coastal it was mostly attitude (not altitude) and which music in the player that influenced speed and therefore

Re: [MBZ] eBay Issues -- Update

2005-08-02 Thread jjayj
the archives are active do i find these archives? the archives are active Don wrote: The archives (if the archives are even still active) are only the tip of the iceberg. Many of us use GMail for the list(s) and those emails are archived by Google, and will probably

Re: [MBZ] Cost of a Paint Job

2005-08-08 Thread jjayj
Bucerias is a 2-3 day drive from Phoenix...we liked the 3 day version (which actually turned into more as we found great beach places on the way to and from to rest at-we were coming from Washington state)...It is just north of Puerto Villarta, and quite a drive south to Acapulco, Xtapa,

Re: [MBZ] Seat motor question

2005-08-09 Thread jjayj
thanks bob...did that yesterday...switch will move motor one way, blows fuse the other...the switch is a replacement from the boneyard...i was just told that the controls can be found behind the seat back...if i can energize the motor, i'll get it into position and take the fuse out untill i

Re: [MBZ] Seat motor question

2005-08-09 Thread jjayj
i have a new and improved attitude (i've been air conditioned at work for three hours) that has me looking foreward to these repairs with gusto! with that '75 450sl on the way, there will be lots of things to tinker with ___ For used parts email [EMAIL