Re: [MBZ] O/T Mig Welding

2005-11-26 Thread l02turner
I also have a Lincoln Mig with a gas setup and got the same problems as the 
poster who said he got spatter, etc.  I was in the garage with zero wind - 
but after reading more I think it may have had too much wire exposed - so 
I'll try it with less next chance I get.

But the flux wire sounds interesting -- but I still plan to learn to do it 
the proper way -

But the frustration of knowing what a good MIG bead looks like only to have 
little beads on the surface with zero penetration is a PITA!

Larry T ('74 911, '67 MGB, 78 240D)

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All I got from the Mig was splatter, really looked like crap.  I left
it in a corner.

Something was wrong then, when it's working right (the old sizzling
bacon deal) the welds come out very clean with gas.  Was it windy out?

Both those units claim to be able to use flux core wire. Are the
benefits of using gas worth the extra hassle?

You want the ability to use gas, and will absolutely need it if you
ever want to be able to weld aluminum with it.  (Argon is the shielding
gas for that.)

-- Jim

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Re: [MBZ] O/T Mig Welding

2005-11-26 Thread Bob DuPuy
I am by no means an expert welder, but you should be able to get a decent
weld with co2 on a mig. You have to hold the nozzle close enough so the gas
can sheild the weld. Try turning your reg up a little for some more gas
flow. If you want a cleaner weld go with an argon co2 mix for a few dollars
more, or even straight argon for no spatter but it is spendy. Gas is much
better than the flux wire belive me once you get the hang of it you'll only
use the flux wire in an emergency.

Bob DuPuy
Parrish, FL