Fw: [meteorite-list] How s(low) can it get...

2003-08-27 Thread Jose Campos
Hi John and others, So it is also called the Venus stone...? Which part of her anatomy does it represent? One of her breasts or...something else? Perhaps with a bit of luck someone might find Venus (de Milo) missing arms too? Unless some darned dog, (a cousin of the Nahkla dog?) from the island

[meteorite-list] Matt's SPADE impact melt breccia

2003-08-27 Thread bernd . pauli
Hi John and List, The Spade meteorite looks and reads like a very special find. It surely does! S2; W2; annealed imb; silicate darkening; chromite veinlets; martensite; ... .. just to mention a few of its peculiarities! My specimen is on its way across the Big Pond. Congratulations to

[meteorite-list] Re: Elma status

2003-08-27 Thread Robert Verish
Right off the top, I don't think anyone needs to get defensive about this subject. I'm hoping this whole matter will soon end on a very positive note. Keep in mind that I'm pulling for you guys up there in US Northwest, and that I've always been supportive of ALL of your research efforts. The

[meteorite-list] sales

2003-08-27 Thread LJnewpers
Please, please, all of us should and must re-read the stipulations under which you and I were accepted as a Meteorite List member. Check the part which states: Please do not list sales or flames on the list. The Meteorite List is for information exchange and NOT for verbal fisticuffs and

[meteorite-list] Fw: Daylight fireball

2003-08-27 Thread Robert Verish
- Forward Message To: meteorobs [EMAIL PROTECTED] CC: [EMAIL PROTECTED] From: Ed Majden [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 14:53:01 -0700 Subject: [Bolide_Chasers] Fw: Daylight fireball A daylight fireball was observed on 2003 August 24 around 15:22 P.D.T.

[meteorite-list] Elma material - the problem if it ISN'T a meteorite

2003-08-27 Thread Robert Verish
Still asking: Is this material a meteorite, or is it not? If it turns out that this material is NOT meteorite-related, then why have us all hold our breath? Why build up anticipation and risk a greater disappointment by announcing it later? If THIS is NOT a meteorite, this won't be so much

Re: [meteorite-list] Recent significant larger US finds

2003-08-27 Thread j . divelbiss
Mike and others, Mike, thanx for the response to my inquiry. There maybe a couple more we are not thinking of, but I believe this demonstrates how difficult it is to find larger pieces like the Spade piece in the states. I realize there have been more than several smaller finds(especially in

[meteorite-list] Mars Meteorites on MTV

2003-08-27 Thread Robert Verish
http://www.mtv.com/onair/tomgreen/new_tom_green/poll/ If you would like to see the LA 002 meteorite appear on MTV's The New Tom Green Show, you can go to the above web page and vote! You will be polled as to: Where should Tom's co-host Glenn sleep Wednesday night? X Watching Mars with Dr.

[meteorite-list] OT - FW: meteor detection in AM SW band

2003-08-27 Thread Robert Verish
- Forward Message Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 12:38:46 +0200 From: ht s [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: (meteorobs) meteor detection in AM SW band ASART(more info:www.asartonline.org or Meteor Related Links at meteorobs.org) is also trying to use FM bands but as we

Re: [meteorite-list] Matt's SPADE impact melt breccia

2003-08-27 Thread Sharkkb8
Bernd: got my thin L'Aigle slice today that I had bid on on EBay. Wow, how happyI am about this little L6 - "only" an L6, but the "history-laden" L'Aigle chondrite,that, along with Barbotan, convinced the last conservative bunch of enlightenedscientists, that stones do fall from the skies. I

[meteorite-list] Ad - Excellent eBay Auctions Ending

2003-08-27 Thread Adam Hupe
Dear List Members, We have over 90 auctions due to start ending in about one hour. Since this is a slow week on eBay there are several excellent bargains to be had. If you care to see these auctions, the link is: http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/meteoritelab/ Thank you for looking and if you

Re: [meteorite-list] Matt's SPADE impact melt breccia

2003-08-27 Thread Howard Wu
Hi list, As a classification freak myself who alway said it matters not where or whenit falls but where it came from, I too have drifted to the dark historic side of the hobby with some of my purchases. May the GOD ALHKAN save us all!! Howard Wu[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Bernd: got my thin

Re: [meteorite-list] Recent significant larger US finds

2003-08-27 Thread Impactika
In a message dated 8/26/2003 4:12:47 PM Mountain Daylight Time, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Mike, thanx for the response to my inquiry. There maybe a couple more we are not thinking of There are quite a few more. Just for starters: - Lueders, found in 1973, recognized in 1996, silicated iron,

Re: [meteorite-list] sales

2003-08-27 Thread almitt
Hi Larry, Sensible post. I myself could do without list commercials or the petty arguments and name calling we have sometimes but just as in the real world, the list is not perfect. If every dealer that is a list member posted one or two ads a week we would soon be over run with ads and little

RE: [meteorite-list] Recent significant larger US finds

2003-08-27 Thread Matt Morgan
Anne wrote: "Interesting how old finds are finally getting recognition. Rather encouraging, don't you think" And it is about TIME! Especially for those of us tired of NWAs (even though I still collect em!). Really though, there is something "nostalgic" about finds from the good ol US of

Re: [meteorite-list] Recent significant larger US finds

2003-08-27 Thread j . divelbiss
Ann, Bob and others, Ann, thanx for chiming in and educating me and others on some other recent big finds. I was not forgetting Bob's famous Mars finds...I just was trying to consider the bigger US finds, but obviously none were more significant than those two beauties. I see from Bob's

Re: [meteorite-list] Elma material - the problem if it IS a meteorite

2003-08-27 Thread Adam Hupe
Dear Robert and List, I take great offense with this post because it is obvious that previous posts regarding this subject where not read. A few points I would like to make: 1.) From the beginning we stated that the Elma material did not look meteoritic. 2.) The scientist asked us to collect

Re: [meteorite-list] list topics

2003-08-27 Thread Michael L Blood
Hi Al, Well said. Unfortunately, it seems only the quire (as in, You're preaching to the quire.) seems to hear logic on these matters. All the chest thumpers, as you so aptly put them, seem to TOTALLY ignore rationale. However, one thing we in the quire CAN do is simply

[meteorite-list] Best Meteorite hauling rig OT delete

2003-08-27 Thread David Freeman
Dear List and meteorite friends; I have just began a new adventure in the meteorite circle of things. First I was doing all of this sniffing around learning about meteorites, and becoming educated as a grasshopper meteorite hunter. Then, I got into other rocks and made money and learned how

[meteorite-list] Elma

2003-08-27 Thread Matson, Robert
Hi Alan, Bob and List, Knowing Bob, I don't think you should take any personal offense at the line of his questioning. He's frustrated, as many of us are, at the difficulty we have had getting (domestic) meteorites classified in a timely manner subsequent to the flood from NWA. There are no two

Re: [meteorite-list] Recent significant larger US finds

2003-08-27 Thread moni waiblinger-seabridge
Hi All and Bob, I too voted for Bob. I think what a way to go to educated all those young people on MTV! :-)) I bet Bob is already day dreaming about Snoop Dog, M M, and *bolide chasing Bob Verish* all in the same night! Good luck, and i can't wait also!!! :-) Moni From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

RE: [meteorite-list] Elma status

2003-08-27 Thread Charles R. Viau
Pekka, Robert Verish and Robert Matson had some excellent comments on this, and I wanted to comment back to each For Pekka, Thanks for sharing that data. The chemical analysis looks somewhat similar to what I have been told , but does vary. Some people I have talked to thought that

[meteorite-list] END THIS ELMA CRAP NOW!

2003-08-27 Thread Michael Farmer
Please, for the love of God ADAM, stop wasting our time. I am 12,000 miles from home right now, and checking my email is quite difficult, and i am still being deluged with crap about Elma. There IS NO ELMA. It was a scam by a coule of punks who started a snowball effect. You found some weird crap,

Re: [meteorite-list] Re: Elma status

2003-08-27 Thread Marcia Swanson
R. Verish wrote the Elma matter isn't a problem in itself, as much as I see it being a window into other areas... Dear Robert and List, I'm in total agreement with what Robert said. I think everyone should look at the big picture, isn't that what science is about? Do we presume to know

Re: [meteorite-list] Recent significant larger US finds

2003-08-27 Thread j . divelbiss
Hello all, I was gently reminded (by someone who would know) that Gold Basin is a L4 and not a L5..a typo error on my part. Thanks Twink. From a faux pau-ing meteorite moffit, John Rob and others, I don't know the full story of the 87 kg Wagon Wound. According to the A to Z book it was

RE: [meteorite-list] END THIS ELMA CRAP NOW!

2003-08-27 Thread Charles R. Viau
Just like the clicker on the Direct TV, you don't like what's on in the channel description (subject), you skip to the next channel. No bandwidth lost. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Michael Farmer Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2003 1:39 AM

Re: [meteorite-list] Elma status

2003-08-27 Thread Mark Ferguson
Hi List, Charles I would think that all of this is relevant information for future meteoritics and other physical sciences. And, my guess is that there will be some masters or doctorial papers resulting from these small, curious items. The fact that some little analysis has been done would

Re: [meteorite-list] END THIS ELMA CRAP NOW!

2003-08-27 Thread Adam Hupe
Hi Mike and List, How is the weather in Oman, Mike? I am glad you are doing real meteorite work whatever that means. I am not the one who keeps bringing up the Elma stuff. I am simply responding to threads that were started by somebody else like you starting this thread. If some List Members

[meteorite-list] sales

2003-08-27 Thread mark ford
A few thoughts on the subject.. Why don't we just implement a new rule, that ALL advertisements have a common word in the subject, such as 'ADVERT' if we all use the same word every time we post an ad, then those who would rather not read these posts can set their email software to move the

[meteorite-list] Two New Lunars Found

2003-08-27 Thread Adam Hupe
Dear List Members, I find it interesting that two new Antarctic lunar meteorites were found with very little fanfare. For those who are interested here are the links to Washington University: http://epsc.wustl.edu/admin/resources/meteorites/pca02007.html

FW: [meteorite-list] Elma status ++

2003-08-27 Thread Charles R. Viau
-Original Message- From: Charles R. Viau [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2003 2:18 AM To: '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' Subject: FW: [meteorite-list] Elma status HI, I would like to clarify what I said about: I wonder if the analysts themselves are

[meteorite-list] L'Aigle Enthusiam

2003-08-27 Thread bernd . pauli
Hello Gregory and List, So, isn't the [...] post somewhat of a departure from that position? No, not quite. What I don't place any significance on is stuff like a broken piece from Michelle Knapp's tail light*, the car itself, traces of paint on Peekskill, broken pieces of window panes,

Re-2: [meteorite-list] Matt's SPADE impact melt breccia

2003-08-27 Thread bernd . pauli
Hi John and List thanx for the support. I felt like the lone ranger coming out and commenting on Matt's new aquisition. What a beauty it is! Well, we shouldn't expect everyone to chime in on what we are saying or what we are enthusiastic about. It is almost impossible to respond to all those

[meteorite-list] BAZA DESSERT???

2003-08-27 Thread Steve Arnold, Chicago!!!
Hey list good morning from hot and humid chicago.I was parading around ebay city and I found another, and it looks it, another ebay scammer.This person goes by the name, RELICSENB.He is trying to auction off 4 spain irons.They said, they are from the BAZA DESSERT.Dessert? Sounds like he has

[meteorite-list] A Recent Set Of Ebay Aucitons

2003-08-27 Thread almitt
To all, Recently a seller known to me posted a bunch of items on ebay. This seller had a zero rating and was new to eBay. I have dealt with this company before and have only heard good things about them and that they do their own hunting for the material they have. Included in these listing were

Re: [meteorite-list] A Recent Set Of Ebay Aucitons

2003-08-27 Thread Popocatept
Al, Thanks for the alert. I bid on some auctions that match the description below. I will probably sit on my payment till the situation clarifies. However, many fraud alerts are triggered by computers monitoring for certain patterns, such as a newbie having a large amount of high value

[meteorite-list] Moon-Rock Peddler Sentenced To 6 Years

2003-08-27 Thread Ron Baalke
http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/orl-locmoonrock27082703aug27,0,5343002.story?coll=orl-news-headlines Moon-rock peddler sentenced to 6 years By Henry Pierson Curtis Orlando Sentinel August 27, 2003 Advertising moon rocks for sale on the Internet and then skipping trial cost a Utah

[meteorite-list] SALE A spectacular Vaca Muerta piece.

2003-08-27 Thread Rodrigo Martinez
Hola List I have a new very nice 1081g metal rich Vaca Muerta piece, this piece have a big eucrite encrusted in the mesosiderite matrix (3D), and a olivine cluster outcropping from mesosiderite matrix. If you are interest i can send a picture. Best Regards Rodrigo Martinez Atacama Desert

[meteorite-list] Hubble's Close Encounter With Mars

2003-08-27 Thread Ron Baalke
FOR RELEASE: 6:00 a.m. (EDT) AUGUST 27, 2003 PHOTO NO.: STScI-PRC03-22 HUBBLE'S CLOSE ENCOUNTER WITH MARS NASA's Hubble Space Telescope took this close-up of the red planet Mars when it was just 34,648,840 miles (55,760,220 km) away. This color image was assembled from a series of exposures

Re: [meteorite-list] A Recent Set Of Ebay Aucitons

2003-08-27 Thread Michael Masse
Hi List ... as a recent successful bidder on one of Serge's auctions I completely agree with Al. I have made numerous purchases from his web site and have never had a problem. Serge will be a participating dealer at the Denver show. There is a fraud currently on ebay : item # 2189101133 is a

Re: [meteorite-list] A Recent Set Of Ebay Aucitons

2003-08-27 Thread Pekka Savolainen
Hello, Mike and the list, the seller is same, who recently sold Shirokovsky -pseudo as a meteorite, now they were listed more correctly as non-meteorites. This may be one reason anyway. take care, pekka [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Al, Thanks for the alert. I bid on some auctions that match the

Re: [meteorite-list] A Recent Set Of Ebay Aucitons

2003-08-27 Thread Comet Meteorite Shop
Hello LIST and all! This is the first my letter here. Thank you all a lot! I really do not understand what is happening with my eBay account and hope once again that it will be OK. Anyway I'm satisfied with your opinions and the results of the auction. Hope to see most of you in Denver soon. All

[meteorite-list] Latest Natural History mag highlights meteorites

2003-08-27 Thread Martin Horejsi
Hi All, The latest issue of Natural History (the mag of the American Museum of Natural History in NYC) has several articles about meteorites including a short interview with Denton Ebel, the curator of meteorites at the museum (who in his picture is holding a Johnstown specimen of what I would

[meteorite-list] re: BAZA DESSERT??? (slightly OT)

2003-08-27 Thread Marco Langbroek
From: Steve Arnold, Chicago!!! [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [meteorite-list] BAZA DESSERT??? He is trying to auction off 4 spain irons.They said, they are from the BAZA DESSERT.Dessert? Sounds like he has been eating to much dessert.I did not even know that spain had a desert.Maybe

[meteorite-list] Nanometer-Sized Particles Change Crystal Structure When Wet

2003-08-27 Thread Ron Baalke
http://www.berkeley.edu/news/media/releases/2003/08/27_change.shtml Nanometer-sized particles change crystal structure when wet By Robert Sanders University of California Berkeley Press Release August 27, 2003 BERKELEY - As scientists shrink materials down to the nanometer scale, creating

[meteorite-list] Are chondrites sedimentary rocks?

2003-08-27 Thread bernd . pauli
Martin wrote: In the interview, Ebel makes two comments that made me wonder... First, he mentions that Most meteorites are pieces of asteroids. A very few are comets. My question is which very few? I figure the usual suspects are Orgueil and Murchison, but some comet experts I have talked

Fw: [meteorite-list] re: BAZA DESSERT??? (slightly OT)

2003-08-27 Thread Jose Campos
Hi Steve Arnold (Chicago), Marco (Holland) and List: I can confirm that Portugal has no real desert land. Marco's description of the SE area of Spain - Almeria - is quite a good one. The driest land in Portugal is a small strip alongside the western banks of the Guadiana river, close to the