[meteorite-list] Re: Meteorite Market 101

2004-06-11 Thread Popocatept
I'm with Doug on this one. Free Markets for Free Men! Mike Fowler Chicago ebay--Starsandrocks Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, 1776. "People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some

[meteorite-list] OT--Mirrors to infinity

2003-12-24 Thread Popocatept
Yes, but if each mirror can only reflect back 99% of the incoming light (most high end telescope mirrors do worse) the image will become impossibly dim long before the 30,000th reflection. Mike Fowler Chicago If two mirrors are 1 km apart you'd have to look back to the 30,000 th reflected

[meteorite-list] Recognizing a Venusian meteorite

2003-10-23 Thread Popocatept
Sterling, Interesting theory about Venus's atmosphere being blown off by a monster impactor. Here is my objection: Where did the 100 bar carbon dioxide atmosphere come from? Could one monster impactor blow off the existing atmosphere and yet at the same time deposit a new one? Seems a

[meteorite-list] Re: What Would Nininger Do?

2003-10-13 Thread Popocatept
Kevin, I find your post very disturbing. First, several of the saner members of the list have been pleading for a cessation of the constant personal attacks. With Mike's apology, I thought we were getting somewhere. Second, you may not like Mike Farmer, and you two may disagree about

[meteorite-list] ebay descriptions

2003-10-09 Thread Popocatept
Yes, and it is even more annoying when the description says HUGE!!! Mike Fowler Chicago it extremely annoying to see a location name that I'm interested in, only to click on it and see that it's a 0.00438 gram speck. Craig __

[meteorite-list] Deceptive

2003-10-09 Thread Popocatept
Is it the HUGE part in the description, or am I missing something? Mike Fowler think it is worse because the seller is an IMCA member. I apologize to the seller, but it is my opinion. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemitem=2196131355 Am I alone in thinking this seller is not

[meteorite-list] Nickel test kit

2003-09-22 Thread Popocatept
Hi List, The hallmark of a good scientific experiment is reproducibility. I'm getting very frustrated with the nickel test kit I bought on ebay to test my rusty iron meteorwrong. I do not get reproducible and or consistent results. For example filings from a nickel (5 cent coin) have

[meteorite-list] meteorite from Phobos? Kaidun

2003-09-17 Thread Popocatept
You guys are dancing around the answer to the question. The Vernadsky Institute has in their possession a meteorite that they believe came from Phobos. Why do they think so? Because it has a spectral match with carbonaceous chondrites as does Phobos and it has at least 2 clasts that are

[meteorite-list] Ad - Rare Weekly Special DHO 019 age??

2003-09-17 Thread Popocatept
Adam, Is there a typo here? 525 million years is not particularly old. ALH84001 is 4.5 billion years old. Mike Fowler Chicago Its very old crystallization age of 525Ma +/- 56Ma. __ Meteorite-list mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[meteorite-list] Rusty Iron Meteorwrong?

2003-09-17 Thread Popocatept
Fellow listees: While looking in the woods for Park Forest Meteorites I found a rusty somewhat angular chunk of Iron. I know the odds of it being meteorite are about a million to one, but I took it home since it was the only thing I found, and because its shape was not like any obvious tool.

[meteorite-list] Re: The Hotest Deals of the Year-Update

2003-09-15 Thread Popocatept
Quick update: I got an email acknowledging my order overnight. And with all due respect to Mike Farmer with whom I have done business in the past, and with whom I hope to do more business in the future, GUJBA AT 50 CENTS A GRAM LOOKS LIKE A BARGAIN TO ME.! Dear List and M. Fowler, just a short

[meteorite-list] Re: The Hotest Deals of the Year-Update

2003-09-15 Thread Popocatept
In a message dated 9/15/03 7:49:14 AM, Popocatept writes: GUJBA AT 50 CENTS A GRAM LOOKS LIKE A BARGAIN TO ME.! Hit the send key by accident before proofreading--what a bummer! Should read $50 a gram, not 50 cents. I know $50 a gram is not inexpensive, but I've been lusting after a nice

[meteorite-list] Re: [meteorite_sale] The Hotest Deals of the Year

2003-09-14 Thread Popocatept
Hi List, Regarding this meteorite sale I have two questions. Has anyone emailed to buy anything and gotten a response? I did, but no response yet. (after 12 hours) Second, I assumed that the sale price is 50% of the prices posted on the linked pages, because if the posted prices already

[meteorite-list] Re: anyone with 1/2 million? a Zagami for You

2003-09-05 Thread Popocatept
Before anyone bids $450,000 for a 188 gram super hyped piece of Zagami they should consider the 43.9 slice of DAG 476 (a Shergottite) that Eric Twelker of the Meteorite Market has for only $10,975.00. I must say that I have lusted after that one myself, but none of my lottery investments have

[meteorite-list] Re: Putorano

2003-09-05 Thread Popocatept
Hi Matt and list, How much Putorano is out there? What is it's TKW? I realize it's not a meteorite and TKW may not apply, but how can one judge it's rarity? By the way, I have two pieces, that Steve has seen and the exterior is so different, that I wonder about the authenticity of one of

[meteorite-list] Kaidun meteorite

2003-09-02 Thread Popocatept
Dave Weir's marvelous site while discussing the various Martian Shergottites mentions the Kaidun Meteorite. Is there any of this material in collector, or dealer hands? Mike Fowler __ Meteorite-list mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[meteorite-list] DAG 670 476

2003-09-02 Thread Popocatept
Doing a little research in response to Matteo's listing of a 40 gram piece of DAG 670 I find that it has many pairings, one which is DAG 476 referred to as Lucky 13 Why is it lucky 13? Mike Fowler Chicago __ Meteorite-list mailing list [EMAIL

[meteorite-list] NWA 1139

2003-09-01 Thread Popocatept
Hi Mark, The original post about NWA 1139 was mine. Sorry if I ruffled any feathers with my question, it was not my intention. As a new member of the list I may not be sure of the proper protocol in every case. However, I realize I could have emailed you directly for clarification, but I

[meteorite-list] NWA1139 Meteorite MAIN MASS, 61.6 grams ebay auction

2003-08-31 Thread Popocatept
Hi List, Regarding ebay Item number: 2188776595 the description states: One stone with a total weight of only 61.6 grams and the complete uncut mass, otherwise known as the Main Mass My question is this-- If this is a classified and named meteorite, how can it be an uncut main mass?

Re: [meteorite-list] A Recent Set Of Ebay Aucitons

2003-08-27 Thread Popocatept
Al, Thanks for the alert. I bid on some auctions that match the description below. I will probably sit on my payment till the situation clarifies. However, many fraud alerts are triggered by computers monitoring for certain patterns, such as a newbie having a large amount of high value

[meteorite-list] archives-name vs email address

2003-08-26 Thread Popocatept
I prefer to read the meteorite list from the archives. It is easier to follow interesting threads, and ignore uninteresting ones. (for me anyway) http://one.pairlist.net/pipermail/meteorite-list/2003-August/date.html My question is: Why do some members names show up next to their post's and

[meteorite-list] Meteorite Found In Israel

2003-08-25 Thread Popocatept
Asteroid #6 is Hebe, could have been mistranslated as HAVH-6 Mike Fowler Chicago Norbert, I don't recognize that asteroid either. Perhaps it is a typo. I do recognize Gabriel Shaked. He had that really neat astronomical online encyclopedia. He shut it down about a year ago due to copyright

Re: [meteorite-list] Asteroid 6-Hebe

2003-08-25 Thread Popocatept
Some references to 6-Hebe that indicate it could be the source of some meteorites. Mike Fowler Chicago Farinella, P. 1996. Chaotic routes between the asteroid belt and Earth. Meteorite! May 1996. Migliorini, F., et al. 1997. 7 Iris: A possible source of ordinary chondrites? Astron.

[meteorite-list] ebay auctions by Comet Meteorite-Shop

2003-08-22 Thread Popocatept
Comet Meteorite-Shop has many interesting ebay auctions running. However, they have a zero feedback rating. I am reluctant to buy from a zero feedback entity. Could any list members who have dealings with this company advise as to the reputation of same? Since I'm a new list member, I'll let

Re: [meteorite-list] Slow to approve new Members (no more!)

2003-08-21 Thread Popocatept
Hi List, A few hours ago email from list members started appearing in my email in box. I guess that means I'm now a member of the Meteorite List. (if you get this for sure I'm in!) Thanks Walter Thanks Dave Andrew And Thanks Art for maintaining this list and for having a subscribe box that