Re: [meteorite-list] (AD) Art...delete me or SSteve from herenow! Thank you! AD OT, OT AD.

2005-08-03 Thread j . divelbiss
An ingrown toenail??? Our problem is more like a goiter that needs lanced. you need a scalpel? Dave A, I just may be right behind ya. JD -- Original message from Martin Altmann [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

Re: [meteorite-list] sedirlites??

2005-07-31 Thread j . divelbiss
Martin, So how is Sir Pinus ? His wisdom is dope when needed most. Thnaks yu fir awveus esplinashun. Gabbro John -- Original message from Martin Altmann [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Can't find that auction, but Pinus Eisenstejn whispered in my ear, that you misspelled

Re: [meteorite-list] meteor-wrong (most likely)

2005-07-17 Thread j . divelbiss
Jim and Bill, This meteor-wrong has been studied extensively. I believe the consensus of many to date is that it is terrestrial, and possibly man-made. Matt Morgan was involved in one such study and that reference is somewhere in the archives. Here is a statement from the meteorite society.

Re: [meteorite-list] meteor-wrong (most likely)

2005-07-17 Thread j . divelbiss
Cheap is a relative term. It is a lot cheaper now versus when it was first sold as a new pallasite find. But since it is cool looking material that appears to be similar to a pallasite, it is still not $0.10/g or lesslike cheap chondrites and irons. Pricing is still in the $1 to $3 per gram

Re: [meteorite-list] meteor-wrong (most likely)

2005-07-17 Thread j . divelbiss
Marcin, Adam and others: While I provided Marcin's site to the list as a location to buy this meteorwrong...I will not spend a penny on what I also think is man-made material for profit. Maybe someday I'll get a piece for free, or by having one thrown into a trade for something else to add to

RE: [meteorite-list] FW: Mars Odyssey THEMIS Images: July 11-15, 2005

2005-07-16 Thread j . divelbiss
Greg, I think NASA should name it the Dolly Parton Impact Crater. :) -- Original message from Greg Redfern [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- My OWN guess (SWAGS are allowed/encouraged here!) is a dual impact at the exact same time with the impactors closely aligned - perhaps

Re: [meteorite-list] pics: orientated stones

2005-07-16 Thread j . divelbiss
Stan, thanx for sharing pictures of those awesome oriented meteorites. they are remarkable in their own way. your purchasing of the last two is fortunate indeed. oriented lunar gabbros, and 6 kilo oriented urelites are very rare, to say the least. I hope you are able to get them numbered and

Re: [meteorite-list] Stannern this?

2005-07-14 Thread j . divelbiss
that material looks more like a small fragment from a volcanic peridot(olivine) bomb now this is the real deal JD -- Original message from M come Meteorite Meteorites [EMAIL PROTECTED]: --

Re: [meteorite-list] interesting meteorite names

2005-06-26 Thread j . divelbiss
Here are two good ones for you Ssteve: Dumas (a) or Dumas (b) from Texas. JD -- Original message from Steve Arnold, Chicago!!! [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Hello again list.A while ago there was a thread looking at odd meteorite names.Like PIGICK,BUCKELBOO,etc.Well I was

Re: [meteorite-list] Dean Bessey material from a new supllier - what is it ? (probable LL4 or 5)

2005-06-25 Thread j . divelbiss
With the help of John Kashuba from California who also bought a piece of this meteorite, it appears that my nice Diogenite is more like a LL4 or maybe even LL5. That would explain the metal, and lack of apparent chondrules on the weathered surface. But the crust so, so nice. :) I'm so good

[meteorite-list] Dean Bessey material from a new supllier - what is it ?

2005-06-24 Thread j . divelbiss
Hello all, This morning I finally got to look at a new fragment of a meteorite that Dean Bessey sold as an un-cut, unclassified meteorite that is probably an LL. He sold about 5 small pieces an I bought one of them for about $5/g. The material was from a new supplier, making it somewhat

Re: [meteorite-list] Dean Bessey material from a new supllier - what is it ?

2005-06-24 Thread j . divelbiss
Hello folks, below are some photobucket pics of the 17.6 g fragment I am talking about. I added them just now. the pics were rushed (my apologies), and this is my first attempt at using photobucket. let's try direct links to pics.

Re: [meteorite-list] (AD) iron meteorite sale,ebay and givaways

2005-06-23 Thread j . divelbiss
Would the 3 bashem triplets be a total 9, Dave? I never know with this new math from Chi-town. The total of 9 for the primary bashers might be right, but for an overall total, that number seems low... JD What is the % profit of a 3 for 1 sale that is 50% off, plus one piece for free equal

Re: [meteorite-list] different prices of meteorites

2005-06-22 Thread j . divelbiss
Boy Oh Boy John, Where do we start and end with this one? BTW...I am so happy and relieved to be back on the List dealing with these important matters. Spending 10 long days in Maui (Hawaii) with nothing to do is a killer. That place is s boring...there is nothing to do there for

Re: [meteorite-list] another beautiful day

2005-06-09 Thread j . divelbiss
Terry, I fully support your desire to see that the List Rrichardhead cool his heals, and ultimately does not send us so much crap/spam. Otherwise ...the responsive wrath of yourself, me and others will only continue. Doing this, in spite of loyal support for Ssteve from as many as 4 to 5 list

[meteorite-list] What are the True Color(s) of Mars ???

2005-06-03 Thread j . divelbiss
After years of studying rocks from Mars, pictures of Mars, and 500 days of closeup study of Mars with the rovers, does the science community have any idea about... What color(s) would Mars have(look like) if the rusty outer skin was pealed back to the raw, unaffected rock? Mostly light

Re: [meteorite-list] Cold, Dry and Lifeless - A New Take on Mars (and True Color?)

2005-06-03 Thread j . divelbiss
Maybe this answers my Mars color question. The opening paragraph says... New research on a green mineral that degrades easily in water and is present over much of the Martian surface is fuelling debates over the history of water and the current existence of life on the Red planet. JD

Re: [meteorite-list] Hidden Treasure

2005-05-29 Thread j . divelbiss
looks like the LL4 named NWA 806 JD -- Original message from [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Good Morning List, Dean, A few monthes ago my brother and I made the short drive to Dean Besseys 'cross the river, where we spent all our pennies on different treasures of

Re: [meteorite-list] yahoogroups

2005-05-27 Thread j . divelbiss
yaa-hooo ! -- Original message from Steve Arnold, Chicago!!! [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Hello list.I guess it was another ANTI-STEVE BASHING DAY for what I saw on the 40 or more emails I got.Well I am taking the advise of mr.herr martin and take my sales to

Re: [meteorite-list] possible new illinois meteorite find

2005-05-08 Thread j . divelbiss
you never know...probably have to call it Tessera 002 -- Original message from Steve Arnold, Chicago!!! [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Hell, who says that you have to be a mother to have something nice happen to you on mothers day?At about 2:45 chicago time, I was doing some

Re: [meteorite-list] NWA 2892 (H/L3) 'Chondrule Conglomerate'

2005-05-04 Thread j . divelbiss
NWA 2892 is very nice. I was checking the paramagnetic pull force of different materials, and was quite surprised that this meteorite, and its cousin NWA 1955 have very very low magnetic pull. Similar to the low end of the LL's and just a hair above the R's...which is practically zero in

Re: [meteorite-list] S A U 002 and Esquel Trades vs Mexico Field Trip and MM Collection

2005-04-30 Thread j . divelbiss
The dichotomy of these posts is extraordinary. On one hand had we have the great stories and pictures of two present day meteorite hunters/collectors in McCartney and Mike M versus the daily drool and ramblings of Ssteve, who has absolutely no clue on how to be an INTERESTING and CONSIDERATE

Re: [meteorite-list] S A U 002 and Esquel Trades vs Mexico Field Trip and MM Collection

2005-04-30 Thread j . divelbiss
David, My apologies...I will go back to lurking. Point taken about tagging on to already stupid postsI had the same thought 20 seconds after I sent it. Irony indeed. Filtering you say...Good idea. John __ Meteorite-list mailing list

Re: [meteorite-list] meteorite givaway #7 for 2005

2005-04-30 Thread j . divelbiss
One of the List moral compasses has spoken ! I stand corrected and will take my itty bitty ego home in shame. Ssteve, you have been blessed by a higher power to continue with your Freakin Spamming. John -- Original message from tett [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Steve,

Re: [meteorite-list] I am selling my entire meteorie collection!

2005-04-26 Thread j . divelbiss
I want to warn you Mike about that scoundrel of a friendPanama the song goes he'll steal your woman, then he'll rob your head I don't think chasing down meteorites around the world will sound to good to you if you get to hang around with Red everyday. As in that's too much

Re: [meteorite-list] Expedition ST01-Bravo field report

2005-04-22 Thread j . divelbiss
Stan, Thanx for sharing your trip and pictures with us. That little piece of chassignite is cute. Cute as in HOLY COW Stan!! What a buy!!! JD -- Original message from stan . [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Well after a long hard week of travel (comming

Re: [meteorite-list] Strange stone found

2005-04-21 Thread j . divelbiss
Pierre, Based on its' look and the friable comment, it is most likely an olivine (peridot) bomb from volcano action long ago. I have several of these that I bought at shows. John -- Original message from Pelé Pierre-Marie [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Hello to the List

Re: [meteorite-list] boy has been 3 1/2 weeks already?? Lots and Lots to say! But I'll keep it to a minumum!

2005-04-16 Thread j . divelbiss
Ssteve, So glad that you are back and not upset over that stupid IMCA thing. Trivial BS if I ever saw it. As for the contest, sorry not my idea, but I was glad to collect most of the 587 guesses from both IMCA and List members. We do have a winner folks. It was so exiting waiting for the big

Re: [meteorite-list] Rocks From Space Picture of the Day - April 15, 2005

2005-04-15 Thread j . divelbiss
John, Peter, Bernd and others: What a twisted weave this has become. The picture in question was probably taken by Jeff Rowell of a section of NWA 1648 (looks like John K's section obviously). This one and I think two others were sent by Jeff when he was showing me some of the pics he had of

Re: [meteorite-list] Pool on the Chi-town collector's er I mean Dealer's return?

2005-04-14 Thread j . divelbiss
Elton, As you know these things are not easy to predict ...even if you would let the party in question make his own guess as to when he would be posting. He'd still not get it right. from PA too, John 7 AM central Friday morning the 15th is my guess with: Who wants to trade for some

Re: [meteorite-list] What great hobby!!

2005-04-10 Thread j . divelbiss
Hello all, What do we know here? Jans and I, and others read an email that said Ste was not a member of IMCA anymore effective immediately. Two possibilities: 1. Se quit. (Jans interpretation) 2. Sttte... was canned, dropped, given the boot, fired, dismissed, let go,

Re: [meteorite-list] What's this? -for the geology experts out there

2005-04-07 Thread j . divelbiss
Hello fellow green rock picker-uppers. I have more green rocks than Carter has pills. :) I collect green rocks on a regular basis. After years of collecting and studying, along with the help of fellow green rock collectors like Bob V, I have concluded that my shergonots are related to an area

Re: [meteorite-list] impact melts

2005-04-06 Thread j . divelbiss
Stan and others, Acapulcoites, Brachinites, Lodranites, and Winonaites have been thought of as being primitive achondrites that may have chondrules, especially acapulcoites. I've always thought of these as being tweeners in between chondrites and achondritesdifferentiated a lot, but not

Re: [meteorite-list] Does this rectify negative feedback?

2005-04-05 Thread j . divelbiss
Dag gon-it Norbert, you've gone ahead and said the S word, interrupting 12 days of bliss. Please folks, let's be careful out there, and try not to mention the S word for 10 more days. ahhh10 more daysmaybe the vacuum of life will take these problems awaya John

Re: [meteorite-list] Interesting Meteorite Science Article

2005-04-01 Thread j . divelbiss
Geoff, Where do you find these really, really great great articles? Amazing stuff...these ants and all. I wonder if the good Doctor ever figured out if the meteorites liked the Beatles? Maybe the Ants were jealous if you know what I mean. From his own Royal Chambers, John --

Re: [meteorite-list] Re: Interesting Meteorite Science Article

2005-04-01 Thread j . divelbiss
that's an easy one: Pink Floyd's One of These Days on the Meddle album (1971). The album/song starts out One of these days I'll break you into little pieces. Very intense song...pass me a hammer please. John -- Original message from

Re: [meteorite-list] why is everyone always picking on me (to quote a famous song phrase)

2005-03-22 Thread j . divelbiss
I just want to say we are right behind you big guy. Stay away as long as you like. Don't let all these enabling supporters encourage you to continue with your daily SPAMMING. The list community needs a nice long break from this topic. A year or two would be even better. Chevy Chase said it

Re: [meteorite-list] Allende, the new drug of 2005?

2005-03-19 Thread j . divelbiss
oh, oh, I got one... like wow! that Allende stuff is FARout man can ya dig it? ;\ Tom...have you checked your furnace for CO ? -- Original message from MarkF [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- its a holistic thing hehehehehe - Original Message - From: Sterling

[meteorite-list] Re: [ I.M.C.A. ] A Thesis on Lurking PROSE -delete

2005-03-15 Thread j . divelbiss
are you talking to me?...I'm trying to stay loose here Dave. maybe it is just fear of being blogged. Boringly yours :), John PS I'm really not sure what the heck you are talking about. -- Original message from David Freeman [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- A thesis on

Re: [meteorite-list] Ebay fraud alert

2005-03-14 Thread j . divelbiss
Another Rocket Surgeon, or is Brain Scientist ? (This hobby is a magnet for them) This is the note at the bottom of his auction: SPEACIL NOTE: NEEDS TO BE PUT IN A SAFE PLACE OF DISPLAY BE THE FIRST TO OWN AND MAYBE THE LAST. THANK'S speacil aukshun endede, JD -- Original

[meteorite-list] More Bologna News !

2005-03-12 Thread j . divelbiss
Here is a Top 10 list of some of the Bologna Meteorite News expected to come out soon...some are true, some may just be speculation at this time. 10. Benguierer is actually Bensour (already reported) 9. Amgala is actually Zag 8. NWA 3133 is actually NWA 1839, same for NWA 1110 is actually NWA

[meteorite-list] What are the latest Iron and Stony-Iron Falls ?

2005-03-11 Thread j . divelbiss
With the recent discussions about the Meteor Crater bolide shape/fragmentation, and the new irons for sales from NWA. I've been wondering recently about: 1. What were the last 3 to 5 recorded iron falls around the world? Does it include SA ? 2. What were the last 3 to 5 recorded stony-iron

Re: [meteorite-list] What are the latest Iron Falls?

2005-03-11 Thread j . divelbiss
Bernd, Two great lists to keep as evidence to the rarity of both types. Irons and SI's are probably both undervalued in many ways. Though rusters are rusters and I don't want any more of some of them. As always Bernd, thank you for being there and for answering many of our questions.

Re: [meteorite-list] What are the latest Stony-Iron Falls ?

2005-03-11 Thread j . divelbiss
the numbers since SA fell are 13 to 2 for irons versus SI's 6.5 to 1 (looks like it could be 6% and 1% like the books say? Or 3 to 0.5 ,etc.) JD -- Original message from [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- What were the last 3 to 5 recorded stony-iron falls around the world?

Re: [meteorite-list] The Birth of Chondrules

2005-03-11 Thread j . divelbiss
As I understand it... most L, LL, H, E, C chondrule formations are thought to have occurred from 4.55 billion to 4.70 billion years ago, with varied dating results typically found when analyzing the different elements in a rock being studied. Whole rock dating gives up an overall average age.

Re: [meteorite-list] New Orleans meteorite bits on Ebay

2005-03-09 Thread j . divelbiss
Darren, I looked around in February and January and could not find the thread. Dave Harris also chimed in at the time, and I looked for his messages about this subject...but those messages are missing too. My experience with the archives is that for some reason, the log for a given month is

Re: [meteorite-list] tile saw cut meteorites?

2005-02-26 Thread j . divelbiss
the maximum thickness a 6 saw like this can handle is about 2 (+/- 1/8). an integral vice is quite helpful, as is a new thin (knerf) blade. I have tried the thicker industrial blades (used in road saws, etc.) with the segmented-like diamond edges without much success in getting good cuts. Plus

Re: [meteorite-list] The big red grinder and the meteorite pie ***apology (is accepted)

2005-02-26 Thread j . divelbiss
Dave and others: Your story yesterday did seem a bit crass...but the thought of cutting meteorites with a tile saw is scary to think about from my perspective too. I'll have to go back and read the pie story with a different mind frame this time. I too did not tell the whole story with my

Re: [meteorite-list] The big red grinder and the meteorite pie ***apology (is accepted)

2005-02-26 Thread j . divelbiss
I don't remember anyone mentioning the ban saw as a no-no for cutting meteorites. In fact, I would love to have a ban saw to cut irons and larger stones. After many years of using one in a machine shop in my youth...I have great respect for the nice slow accurate cut of a ban saw. From my

Re: [meteorite-list] Steve's Bob Haag pieces

2005-02-24 Thread j . divelbiss
That is surprising to see...h? It's just a MACY piece biggie. I wonder if the LATER DAY NININGER reference was for when Harvey was old, or really old. I would think of Bob as being much younger, more like an EARLY DAY, or MIDDLE of the DAY NININGER. JD -- Original

Re: [meteorite-list] Steve's Bob Haag pieces

2005-02-24 Thread j . divelbiss
Bernd, As an English teacher you should know that this language can be very confusing at times. The last part of that infamous Sunday message stated They will foe\rever stay in my collection. While it looks like the word foe\rever was written to mean forever. The Midwest(USA) translation is

Re: [meteorite-list] Apollo 16 Moon dust on ebay...mmmmmmmmm

2005-02-22 Thread j . divelbiss
According to Kevin's book (pg 36) it is illegal for an individual to possess NASA moon material. I'm sure it is then illegal to sell it on ebay. I know such material exists in private hands because I saw a vial of it at my father's company back in the seventies. They made drilling bits that

Re: [meteorite-list] Venting.

2005-02-21 Thread j . divelbiss
Dave, I even heard (from a blogger ?) that some of the pieces bought from Bob were sold again before the buyers left Tucson that weekend. While they were still warm ya might say. While I'm pretty sure I would never sell a piece in the immediate time after just buying one from BH...I could

Re: [meteorite-list] Ad - Please Ignore!!!! Way off topic!!!! Stating the OBVIOUS!??

2005-02-18 Thread j . divelbiss
Metric...I remember that...we were going to convert our country (USA) from english to metric back in the 70's. Somehow that didn't happen...along with a few other ideas we had then. And don't forget to divide by 32.2 unless you are doing thermodynamics, then ignore that comment. What a

Re: [meteorite-list] chondrules?

2005-02-15 Thread j . divelbiss
Darren, Jerry and others, The Google search that Darren did gives you lots of nice pics from Jeff Rowell's site, and others. Jeff is a good friend of mine who has been selling very nice covered sections for a few years now. He is not a list member, but he is definetly someone who is into

Re: [meteorite-list] odds and ends,2-14-2005

2005-02-15 Thread j . divelbiss
Dave, Does Heidi have any idea how Steve really feels about BH ? Him being so HOT and all. Maybe she can tell(vibes and all) when Steve visits every year at Tucson, and she probably has the confidence that she can keep them apart...or, maybe it should be beware big guy, a woman scorn can be

[meteorite-list] ad - thin sections for sale

2005-02-15 Thread j . divelbiss
Hello all, I have some covered thin sections for sale from Jeff Rowell. NWA 1054 (ACAP) $70 don't see many sections of these NWA 1930 (LL3) $40 (2 of these) very nice for chondrules NWA 1648 (DIO) $60 an unusual Diogenite...very nice TATAHOUINE (DIO)$55 strangebig

Re: [meteorite-list] Sodium Hydroxide Rust Treatment

2005-02-13 Thread j . divelbiss JD -- Original message from JKGwilliam [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Hello List, Within the past month or so, someone posted that they had successfully treated a large iron with the NAOH/alcohol

Re: [meteorite-list] The Art of Meteorite Collecting

2005-02-11 Thread j . divelbiss
Mine came too and I have similar impressions after a quick review. I can't wait to read it. JD (24) -- Original message from Walter Branch [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Hello Everyone, Just got home and there was my copy of Kevin Kichinka's The Art of Meteorite

Re: [meteorite-list] Looking for a BIG-ger beaker

2005-02-11 Thread j . divelbiss
Keen observation there Jerry. The cash only in hand reinforces your point. Nice picture of the group that was there that night Dave. Thanx for sharing. JD -- Original message from Jerry A. Wallace [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Hola yourself, Dave, I was pretty certain

Re: [meteorite-list] Looking for a BIG-ger beaker

2005-02-10 Thread j . divelbiss
John, I didn't see any response to your question about locating a big that is 6 to 8 liters. I too have seen the large size beaker you are asking about at a Tucson show, but I could not recall who it was. I did a number of Internet searches and could not come up with that size

Re: [meteorite-list] Happy Birthday

2005-02-08 Thread j . divelbiss
Jim, That looks just like a 20 g individual I have, only bigger. :) John PS Thanx for sharing such a beauty with us. -- Original message from Jim Strope [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- 1.4 KG Allende purchased from a private collector at the Tucson show Saturday Feb 6,

RE: [meteorite-list] Some Tucson Tidbits

2005-02-06 Thread j . divelbiss
Now, that Diogenite is one for satisfying the taste for champagne. Way to go Stan ! Anybody got any NWA869 LITE for sale? The taste for beer is good too...ya know. John -- Original message from stan . [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Michel Franco has some very nice

Re: [meteorite-list] Tucson Party Tonight!

2005-02-04 Thread j . divelbiss
Now I really miss being there to see that my good buddy Geoff and his partner in crime, Steve, who are about to have another bash for the meteorite masses to enjoy. This night is worth the trip in itself. Last year was my first and the memories still linger. The announcements of a new

Re: [meteorite-list] Sale Ad - New Meteorite

2005-02-03 Thread j . divelbiss
Bob, Cool looking chondrite. I was curious what your thoughts were on why this meteorite might be a carbonaceous type..(CK ?). It looks like a very nice L3.8 to 4 with a dark gray matix...that could be from shock. But that is just a casual guess. Are you getting is classified? Good luck

Re: [meteorite-list] ¿ ventifacted ?

2005-01-19 Thread j . divelbiss
Nick and others, Challenging folks to provide further proof of extraordinary claims is a worth while effort. I applaud your comments. I've seen the evidence of significant ridge edge erosion of granite here in PA, and it is amazing to see the gouging affects of wind and rain. The edges I've

Re: [meteorite-list] Mars Rover Discovers A Potential Meteorite

2005-01-14 Thread j . divelbiss
Thanx Jeff for the comparison. If your first pic is the fragment on Mars...then it sure looks like a piece of an iron asteroid to me. John -- Original message from Jeff Grossman [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- I don't know if this thing is a real meteorite, but check out

Re: [meteorite-list] Non NWA Lunar Update

2004-12-24 Thread j . divelbiss
Adam, Thanx for the update. The NEA 001 is a very nice lunar. I have a nice thin 0.59 g slice from you that has a bit of light colored crust(I think) or caliche ?, and a noticeable blob of FE/Ni metal in it. This piece a real favorite. Happy Holidays...time to play Santa. HO HO HO John

Re: [meteorite-list] AD-New Not-so-Ordinary, Ordinary Chondrite and Merry Christmas

2004-12-23 Thread j . divelbiss
Cool stuff Greg. The individual of NWA 2696 would be obscure in a big pile of NWA 869's. A nice reminder to bring your magnets to Tucson...and be sure to go through the piles. :) I was hoping to make it to Tucson again this year, but it looks doubtful. I may have to be there in spirit with

Re: [meteorite-list] Re: Tucson Show, Party, Harvey Awards, Venue, etc.

2004-12-17 Thread j . divelbiss
Dear Geoff, There are many of us in need of your local-giving personal touch (free of course) for getting our Tucson itineraries together for each day of our trip this winter. Personally, I need a really a cheap flight, a nice rent-a-car and a place to stay for 4 nights(cheap of course),

Re: [meteorite-list] harrison jackschmidt

2004-12-17 Thread j . divelbiss
Walter, That picture of the big blue Earth from the Apollo 8's Moon orbit is the image I recall as a kid when I think of the Apollo it was also the first day I ever saw a colored TV for any length of time. My Dad had the new TV delivered that day so we could have it for

Re: [meteorite-list] 4kg/600g meteorite

2004-12-15 Thread j . divelbiss
Any relation to Mohamed H. Yousef here? What do you think guys? Similar, unabated offerings of desert rocks. JD -- Original message from braik bouchaib [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- chi is 4kg600g

Re: [meteorite-list] Proud Tom is Back!

2004-12-12 Thread j . divelbiss
Steve said: It is nice to be well known. Proud Tom obviously agrees by hosting a webpage for fans of this well known collector. And be sure to see the end of the story with Uncle Bernd looking so dapper too. Thanx Tom, John -- Original message from [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

Re: [meteorite-list] Question about oriented meteorites

2004-12-06 Thread j . divelbiss
Jason, We met last year in Tucson. It was Sunday morning over at the Meteorite Man's room...the day you and your partner loaded that big chondrite into a small car going west. Did Rob ever give that thing up?Anyway... Advice: Enjoy being the goes fast. John --

Re: [meteorite-list] Announcing NWA 3128

2004-12-02 Thread j . divelbiss
the xenolith looks like the NWA CV3 material out there. That is a cool feature. John -- Original message from Bernhard Rems [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Isn't it a pity that this extraordinary meteorite has been cut into pieces that have nothing left from the

Re: [meteorite-list] 23dragons23...

2004-11-30 Thread j . divelbiss
...that's just somebody with a lot of money, and not much (meteorite market) sense. If he/she wants it, they'll buy it. JD -- Original message from Bernhard Rems [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- ... just bid 52 dollars on a 1.2g piece of NWA 001. Now someone tell me

Re: [meteorite-list] bengrir fall

2004-11-27 Thread j . divelbiss
Aziz, Do you guys have a big magnet under your country that allows you to get all these falls? :) Amazing to have several falls in recent years in one small area like this. Wonder why...lack of forest and hills that allows falls to be seen so easy??? Thanks for the update. John

[meteorite-list] NWA 787, 869, 900 and 904

2004-11-25 Thread j . divelbiss
Hello all, This thread is not meant to drag this subject on a lot longer. What I did was put together some pieces of each meteorite for comparison in a picture. They look very similar of course. The 904 material as you can see on the left seems to have extra features in the comparison of the

[meteorite-list] Meteorite Fans: I'm OK, You're OK

2004-11-23 Thread j . divelbiss
When you think one or more of our list members is a a little bit off or just plain whacky, then think again when one compares such folks to the seller, buyer and believers of this crap.

Re: [meteorite-list] Rocks From Space Picture Of The Day - November 15, 2004

2004-11-15 Thread j . divelbiss
that's a great picture Geoff. they look like two iron raindrops. JD -- Original message from [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- ROCKS FROM SPACE PICTURE OF THE DAY: __

Re: [meteorite-list] - asking for your help

2004-11-15 Thread j . divelbiss
thank you for your offerings Bernhard. I will be glad to add some more pics to the M-Gallery. JD -- Original message from Bernhard Rendelius Rems [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Hi, as I have announced on the IMCA list, I am restructuring my public meteorite sites

Re: [meteorite-list] Mars Express Image: Martian Moon Phobos in Detail

2004-11-11 Thread j . divelbiss
those pics are too cool Ron. Phobos is one strange moon. thanx, John -- Original message from Ron Baalke [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Martian moon Phobos in detail European Space Agency Mars

Re: [meteorite-list] Rocks From Space Pocture Of The Day - November 10, 2004

2004-11-10 Thread j . divelbiss
1800x that correct? sounds like an ocean to a pond at my 40x. Cool pic, John -- Original message from [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- ROCKS FROM SPACE PICTURE OF THE DAY: Please send pictures to:

Re: [meteorite-list] FS: Park Forest 172.30g

2004-11-08 Thread j . divelbiss
Brice, That is one heck of a nice meteorite. Keep it...I say. Anyway, I can't afford it. A lot of people will look at that piece and say...that thing looks like it may of came from outer space!. Doo-doo-doo... Strange indeed, John -- Original message from Brice D. Hornback

Re: [meteorite-list] Rumurutite Kakangarite

2004-11-06 Thread j . divelbiss
This meteorite (Nwa 3098) looks a lot like some material I have...NWA 1774. NWA 1774 R3.8 - 6 (not R5) 714 g TKW Found 2002 I have some NWA 1774 and a thin section for sale if anyone is interested. JD -- Original message from Jeff Kuyken [EMAIL PROTECTED]: --

Re: [meteorite-list] MM = M atteo + M ike

2004-11-05 Thread j . divelbiss
that's it, deep breath...get it all out young Berndhopper, get it all out. well put, John -- Original message from [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Matteo, Why can't you two guys just leave each other alone? Forget about each other and mind your own business! While

Re: [meteorite-list] ebay auction meteorites

2004-11-04 Thread j . divelbiss
main mass my ass... to me the main mass of a particular meteorite fall/find is the biggest piece or meteorite that landed on earth that fateful day (whether it is still buried or not)...and until we can know for sure it has been found or not, a given fall's/find's main mass remains

RE: [meteorite-list] main mass discussion

2004-11-04 Thread j . divelbiss
Bernhard, No begging required here. I understand everyone's use of the words main mass as the so-called biggest known piece out of a given TKW. But when there is a good chance in many instances for pairings, etc. that are just some of the problems that one goes through when trying to sort out

[meteorite-list] and you thought meteorites were expensive

2004-11-04 Thread j . divelbiss
this is pretty cool for baseball fans JD __ Meteorite-list mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [meteorite-list] Re: Nakhla Dogs Lives!

2004-11-02 Thread j . divelbiss
I have always had trouble differentiating the ashes of dogs from cats. Maybe we should change the story to the meteorite killing of a small mammal? Just a thought, JD -- Original message from almitt [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Hi Geoff and list, Boy you guys get

Re: [meteorite-list] Helium Helps Trace the Origin of the Los AngelesMeteorite

2004-10-28 Thread j . divelbiss
It makes mee sound like thsss, as long as I hold my breath while takingg...said the helium inhaling squealing clown of a meteorite scientist. Helium can be fun too ! JD -- Original message from Matt Morgan [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- This is

Re: [meteorite-list] FWD: **AD** Campo Sales Sale!!!

2004-10-24 Thread j . divelbiss
Butch, Your site is really cool and I'm glad to see the finds in situ like that. They look more square than the meteorites I'm used to. Oh well. The individuals are not 100% crusted as claimed by others for the Campo Sales material. Yet, I hear they too are not 100% crusted either.

Re: [meteorite-list] ROCKS FROM SPACE PICTURE OF THE DAY - OCTOBER 16, 2004

2004-10-16 Thread j . divelbiss
Hello, First off, thanx to Michael for providing the venue for sharing pictures of our finds and acquisitions. With that said, I'm also in need of giving credit for today's picture of the 39 gram slice of NWA 1955 to Matt Morgan. When I sent the picture in I really thought it was one my

Re: [meteorite-list] NWA 1839 reclassification

2004-10-16 Thread j . divelbiss
David, Nelson and others: NWA 1839 paired with NWA 3133.wind blowing, tumble weeds rolling, dust in the air, etc. There seems to be a ghost town of a response to this announcement. As David implied to me in another email...this news has a double edge to it. Nelson's 1839

Re: [meteorite-list] Introducing NWA 3133, A Fantastic New Meteorite

2004-10-14 Thread j . divelbiss
Here is the information about NWA 1839 on Nelson's site. The questions still remains, I wonder how the NWA 3133 data compares to it? I wonder what the O-isotope readings would be NWA 1839? John -- Original message

Re: [meteorite-list] Introducing NWA 3133, A Fantastic New Meteorite

2004-10-13 Thread j . divelbiss
Adam, Stan and others: This material definetly seems to be on course to being something very special. The posed questions about the CV3 relationship is intrigeuing to think about. Especially the comment about this being CV7 material when we don't have anything higher than say CV3.5 on record.

Re: [meteorite-list] Re: Berthoud hunt

2004-10-13 Thread j . divelbiss
Mike, Thanx for sharing your day and good luck with future searches for more of this beauty. John -- Original message from [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -- Hi All Photos of the hunt Just wanted to fill

Re: [meteorite-list] Scientists Blast Into The Earth's Past in Virginia (Chesapeake Bay Crater)

2004-10-11 Thread j . divelbiss
The story below says the impact was at 76,000 mph or 111,500 feet per second. That sounds too high to a factor of 3 or 4. Any comments out there? John No one knows whether an asteroid or a comet gouged the one-mile-deep, 56-mile-wide crater beneath the Bay. But judging by the damage

Re: [meteorite-list] Scientists Blast Into The Earth's PastinVirginia (Chesap...

2004-10-11 Thread j . divelbiss
sorry for starting the confusion guys. My recollection was 25,000 feet per second versus 25 miles per second. At least my conversion was OK from miles per hour to feet per second, but I'm the only one discussing feet per second. That figures, next time I'll wait to get home and check a

Re: [meteorite-list] 100 meteorite impact craters in Egypt !!! ( from CNRS press relaese)

2004-10-08 Thread j . divelbiss
100 craters??? that number correct? They must be relatively small to be distinguishable in an area the size of Egypt. Curious, John -- Original message from Michel Franco : -- Dear list, 2 days ago a the french CNRS ( equivalent to the NSF in US )

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