[meteorite-list] AW: HAVH-6 = 6 Hebe

2003-08-26 Thread Norbert Classen
Thanks Mike and Rob, That's probably the solution. In Meteorites and Their Parent Bodies H. McSween also lists 6 Hebe as one of the most probable candidates to be the PB of the H chondrites. Now, but that also means that they found a small ordinary chondrite in Israel. No big deal in a desert

[meteorite-list] Overland Park

2003-08-26 Thread Jerry Calvert
Other that the basic information listed in the Catalogue of Meteorites, does anyone have any information on the Overland Park meteorite? Thanks in advance, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

RE: [meteorite-list] Elma status and other interesting things.

2003-08-26 Thread Charles R. Viau
Robert, Post away, but please refrain from the asphalt and tar non-sense; it's gone way beyond that... Adam and list, Thanks Adam, I had fun doing them and eagerly await seeing what a SEM scan shows of that material as well as the comments from the examiners. In another

Re: [meteorite-list] Elma status and Tucson Room Rates

2003-08-26 Thread WAHLPERRY
Mike, Thanks for your reply. I never meant to indicate that I thought it was a meteorite. I am interested to find out what they determined this material to be. And what better source to find out from then the meteorite list. Charles, Thanks for your information on the status of the Elma

Re: [meteorite-list] AD-SPADE slices for sale

2003-08-26 Thread j . divelbiss
List members and Matt, The Spade meteorite looks and reads like a very special find. Congratulations to Matt for being the one to get involved with this new find. I was wondering what meteorite was the last significant find in the US that was shared with the public like this one...with a

[meteorite-list] archives-name vs email address

2003-08-26 Thread Popocatept
I prefer to read the meteorite list from the archives. It is easier to follow interesting threads, and ignore uninteresting ones. (for me anyway) http://one.pairlist.net/pipermail/meteorite-list/2003-August/date.html My question is: Why do some members names show up next to their post's and

[meteorite-list] Presentations

2003-08-26 Thread LJnewpers
During quick trips to Mexico I've followed the discussions re: public presentations on meteorites. Amen!! Robert, Tracy, David et. al. You are so right. In conjunction with a celebration of the centennial of flight, our local library in Monument, Colorado allowed me to place an eye-catching

Re: [meteorite-list] AD-SPADE slices for sale

2003-08-26 Thread Rob Wesel
I would call Wagon Mound significant. -- Rob Wesel -- We are the music makers...and we are the dreamers of the dreams. Willy Wonka, 1971 - Original Message - From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Matt Morgan [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED]; [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Monday,

[meteorite-list] Park Forest Jones house smasher

2003-08-26 Thread Rob Wesel
One sale did not go through so I have one left if anyone is interested. Thanks to all who bought. The home of Philip and Brenda Jones of Olympia Fields was damaged by an almost ten pound meteorite traveling at over 200 miles per hour. It smashed through the roof, the kitchen ceiling, the kitchen

Re: [meteorite-list] AW: HAVH-6 = 6 Hebe

2003-08-26 Thread Jeff Kuyken
G'day Norbert List, Some time ago I put together a page with thesuspected parent bodies of different meteorites. You can visit the list here: http://www.meteoritesaustralia.com/oddsends/origin.html If anyone has more that could be added, feel free to drop me an email. Cheers, Jeff

[meteorite-list] Recent significant larger US finds

2003-08-26 Thread j . divelbiss
Rob and others, I don't know the full story of the 87 kg Wagon Wound. According to the A to Z book it was found in 1932. My poorly stated question was meant to be, what are some of the recent finds (let's say the last 15 years) in the US that a few kilos became available to the public for

Re: [meteorite-list] Recent significant larger US finds

2003-08-26 Thread Michael Farmer
I recovered the Tinnie Iron meteorite, and the 8 kilogram Roosevelt County 102 meteorite during the Portales Valley fall in 1998. Of course both from other finders. Mike Farmer --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Rob and others, I don't know the full story of the 87 kg Wagon Wound. According to the

[meteorite-list] Meteorite Poster for Collectors

2003-08-26 Thread Jensan Scientifics/ Sci-Mall
Good morning list, Finally, there is a meteorite poster for the collector! Geoff Notkin and I have gathered forces to produce the first one ever! see: The World of Meteorites: A to Z http://shop.store.yahoo.com/scimall-usa/woofmefrtoz.html This is destined to become a poster classic along

[meteorite-list] NASA TV Special: Looking Up At Mars

2003-08-26 Thread none none
I just called our local cable provider to see about this show but alas! they will not offer it. They are looking at another satellite but maybe some of you will be able to catch it. Following is the pertinant information received from NASA Science News, Enjoy! Nancy Strand Ptersburg, Alaska

[meteorite-list] Elma material - the problem if it IS a meteorite

2003-08-26 Thread Robert Verish
Question #1: Is this material a meteorite, or is it not? And the corollary questions: Why is it so hard to decide whether it is a meteorite, or not? and What is it specifically that makes anyone think that this material is meteoritic-related? If it turns out that this material is