Re: [meteorite-list] AD- Ash Creek House hitter Entire HAMMER STONE

2010-01-01 Thread Mexicodoug
Michael B. wrote: The barn stone was coupled with the stone that fell at the feet of the barn owner. Michael's quoted statement is inaccurate. (Kindly note that my comment and his quote are both unrelated to the stone being sold in the ad). Many nice collectors asked me about this, and I

[meteorite-list] AD - First Sale of the New Decade

2010-01-01 Thread Jim Strope
Happy New Year everybody Hopefully the handovers this morning will not be too bad or last past noon. Through Midnight Sunday night I am offering AT LEAST 10% off of my listed prices on my website. Possibly more depending on the specimen so just ask for a price if anything strikes your

[meteorite-list] ASU recalculates age of solar system/ Interesting Allende CAI details

2010-01-01 Thread power ofunity
Interesting read from ASU - with supporting details and fascinating info regarding Allende's CAIs     Published Online December 31, 2009 Science DOI: 10.1126/science.1180871   Reports

[meteorite-list] What do you do when a meteorite crashes in your backyard?

2010-01-01 Thread Meteorites USA
Hi Listees, This is a humorous question I saw on, but figured it appropriate for the list and lighthearted enough to inspire some funny responses. The inflection is on YOU, and what YOU would do... Have fun, prosperous and HAPPY NEW YEAR! What do YOU do when a meteorite

Re: [meteorite-list] What do you do when a meteorite crashes in your backyard?

2010-01-01 Thread Erik Fisler
Ah, you've done it now Jordy Verrill. You lunk head! Date: Fri, 1 Jan 2010 12:07:54 -0800 From: To: Subject: [meteorite-list] What do you do when a meteorite crashes in your backyard? Hi

Re: [meteorite-list] What do you do when a meteorite crashes in your backyard?

2010-01-01 Thread Erik Fisler
It's from a movie, Creep show.  You can watch the whole movie on youtube. It's a comic book style movie with multiple stories in the movie. On of the stories involves a farmer who finds a meteorite that landed in his yard. [Erik] Date: Fri, 1 Jan 2010

Re: [meteorite-list] Ash Creek House hitter Entire HAMMER STONE

2010-01-01 Thread Michael Blood
Yo Doug and all, Well, then, Doug, either you are not telling the truth Or the person who sold the two stones was not telling the truth. I was part of that auction (as a bidder, not the auctioneer) and was told these were the circumstances and then the results of the auction.

[meteorite-list] The Tricottet Collection is online

2010-01-01 Thread The Tricottet Collection
Dear list members, I'm glad to announce that the Tricottet Collection is online: Direct access to the meteorite section: Become a fan on Facebook:

Re: [meteorite-list] The New Decade Off Topic

2010-01-01 Thread almitt2
Greetings, I keep hearing and seeing different places about this being the new decade. They kept saying it last night in the news media. It isn't! The new decade will begin next January 1st 2011. Just as people made mistakes about the new millinaium about nine years ago. Unless the calander

Re: [meteorite-list] The Tricottet Collection is online

2010-01-01 Thread Mike Bandli
Nicely done, Arnaud! Great web design and layout - very clean and professional! I never tire of looking at other people's meteorites. I look forward to see the development of other sections in the near future. Happy New Year! --- Mike Bandli Historic Meteorites

[meteorite-list] AD (sort of) - Will Trade 1000-watt Xantrex Inverter for meteorites

2010-01-01 Thread Galactic Stone Ironworks
Hi Folks, I have been buried under an avalanche of impending medical bills, so I am dragging a few things out of storage to liquidate. This inverter was purchased to provide power for the Bolide Bus (an RV I am building to chase meteorite falls), but that project is now on indefinite hold. So I

Re: [meteorite-list] The Tricottet Collection is online

2010-01-01 Thread James Baxter
Hello Arnaud, Beautiful site. Your interest in historical material makes your site really interesting reading. What a magnificent Ninninger collection! Keep up the good work, Jim Baxter - Original Message - From: The Tricottet Collection To: MeteoriteList

Re: [meteorite-list] The Tricottet Collection is online

2010-01-01 Thread Dave Gheesling
Fantastic Arnaud! Wonderful collection and a terrific site!!! All the best, Dave -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of The Tricottet Collection Sent: Friday, January 01,

[meteorite-list] PDF File of 1851 Paper About Meteorites Found in Coal

2010-01-01 Thread Paul Heinrich
Dear Friends, While searching for something else I came across a PDF file to a paper about supposed meteorites found in seams of coal The paper is: Binney, E. W., 1851, Description of some supposed meteorites found in seams of coal: Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, Memoirs and

Re: [meteorite-list] ASU recalculates age of solar system/ InterestingAllende CAI details

2010-01-01 Thread Jeff Kuyken
Hi all, meaning that the age of the Solar System could be miscalculated by as much as several million years. That doesn't sound like much but as soon as I saw that statement it stood out... BIG TIME! There has always been speculation with certain meteorites forming soon after the beginnings

[meteorite-list] Arizona Meteorite Exhibition and Happy New Year!

2010-01-01 Thread Dolores Hill
Dear Meteorite Enthusiasts, Happy New Year! We know many of you are making travel plans to come to the Tucson Show. In addition to the Show, there are many exciting meteorite events not to be missed! *We cordially invite you to attend a **special public “Arizona Meteorite Exhibition,”

Re: [meteorite-list] The Tricottet Collection is online

2010-01-01 Thread countdeiro
Thank you very much for posting the collection. The fine photography and provenance along with the rarities displayed are greatly enjoyed. Best regards for a Happy and Prosperous New Year! Count Deiro IMCA #3536 -Original Message- From: The Tricottet Collection

[meteorite-list] Best Wishes for 2010

2010-01-01 Thread Keith and Dana Jenkerson
Hello, All; We want to wish everyone a wonderful and blessed new year! (And a few of new meteorites to chase!) Cheers; Keith and Dana -- KD Meteorites Keith and Dana Jenkerson 4596 N. Vickie Lane Kingman, AZ., 86409 928-399-0140 928-277-9293

[meteorite-list] Rocks from Space Picture of the Day - January 2, 2010

2010-01-01 Thread Michael Johnson __ Meteorite-list mailing list

[meteorite-list] Meteorite deaths in Qingyang (Ch'ing-yang) in 1490

2010-01-01 Thread Sterling K. Webb
Hi, List, Paul, A new List member, Robert A. Juhl ( was having trouble posting this message to the List, so I'm passing it along for him. It contains a lot of source details about the 1490 meteorite fall in Ch'ing-yang, Shansi (modern spelling Qingyang and is now in Gansu

Re: [meteorite-list] The Tricottet Collection is online

2010-01-01 Thread Rob Wesel
An excellent site with an eye for collecting, curating and display Arnaud. Very clean. Rob Wesel -- We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of the dreams. Willy Wonka, 1971 - Original Message - From:

[meteorite-list] Hunt Today

2010-01-01 Thread Erik Fisler
My father and I will be hunting for cold finds near Phoenix tomorrow.  If anyone we know want's to meet up and hunt together call my number or my father's. We'll probably leave around 6am to 9am but if you want to meet us in the field, that is fine too.  Happy Hunting. [Erik]