[meteorite-list] Re: Russian samples- Loss Of NASA Work Surfaces At Moon Rock Trial

2003-06-04 Thread Howard Wu
In 1993, three flecks of moon rocks from a Russianlunar probe sold at a Sotheby's auction for $442,500.First I heard. Does anybody know more about these? Howard WuYahoo! Plus - For a better Internet experience

[meteorite-list] Mars Meteorites Meteorite Museums-Foreign exchange students?

2003-06-05 Thread Howard Wu
Once had a book on the Martian Language- Flanagan c.1900 if I still had it, I would donate... (ashame tosign my name to this one) Howard WuFirst, in our museum we have a piece of a Mars meteorite that we allow visitors to touch. It is the Dar Al Gani 476, a stone achondrite (shergottite) found

Re: [meteorite-list] Genuine meteorite called tektite

2003-04-12 Thread Howard Wu
Ok Peter, if your so smart where do tektites come from? Howard Wu Peter Marmet [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi list,I don't know whether I should laugh or cry!http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemitem=3602677694category=13903:FINALLY AS A BONUS YOU RECEIVE A GENUINE METEORITE PIECE.THE NAME

Re: [meteorite-list] Who Feels Generous in Tucson?

2003-04-12 Thread Howard Wu
I remember passing by this museum In Tucson but didn't have time to check it out.Maybe you can find som K-T boundry material. I've seen this inexpesively on ebay and elsewhere. This would more truely relate to T-rex. Howard Wu Rosemary Hackney Rosemary Hackney [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote

Re: [meteorite-list] Genuine meteorite called tektite

2003-04-12 Thread Howard Wu
st - is the end of the explanation where it says:IT MAY BE PART OF A LARGE IMPACT METEOR THAT STRUCK THE EARTH AND FELL BACK. Fell back to where? It almost seems that the writer of the text is an extra terrestrial ;-) Have a nice weekend! Peter Marmet Howard Wu wrote: Ok Peter, if your so

Re: [meteorite-list] Meteorite Lands In Back Yard In South Carolina?

2003-06-10 Thread Howard Wu
Ok not a stone or iron. I'm cynical too about the white smokey tail. Then I asked myself, "What would a C1 meteorite look like coming down?" Howard WuRon Baalke [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: http://www.beaufortgazette.com/local_news/story/2606419p-2418584c.htmlMeteorite lands in back yardBy CHRIS

[meteorite-list] Human bottleneck around 70,000 years ago and Mars god of war.

2003-06-11 Thread Howard Wu
Wasn't 70,000 years ago the last time mars was in as close proximity as it will be this august? Maybe this is a head up for this coming oppositon. Howard"Philip R. Burns" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: At 01:39 AM 6/11/2003 -0500, you wrote:"New research suggests the human race was nearly wiped out

[meteorite-list] Re: Human bottleneck around 70,000 years ago and Mars god of war.

2003-06-11 Thread Howard Wu
0,000 years" estimate was originally 73,000 years and was updated on May 1, 2003 as new calculations were supplied.] Here is the link for those who are not yet in the know: http://www.space.com/spacewatch/mars_preview_021108.html Howard Wu Yahoo! Plus - For a better Internet experience

Re: [meteorite-list] Shoemaker levy?

2003-06-12 Thread Howard Wu
How do you think all those holes got up there? Howard WuTom aka James Knudson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello List, I am curious and know someone could answer this! If shoemakerlevy or similar thing hit our moon instead of Jupiter, what would be theresults to our moon and what effects would it

Re: [meteorite-list] Evidence For Meteor In Early Mass Extinction Found

2003-06-12 Thread Howard Wu
What ever came of the Nemesis hypothesisof periodic mass extinctions every 26 million years resulting from a brown dwarf companion to the sun knocking comets routinely from the oort cloud? Howard WuRon Baalke [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Re: [meteorite-list] Need help naming new group

2003-06-18 Thread Howard Wu
en for these two popular works. Howard Wu Adam Hupe [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear List Members,It is our pleasure to announce NWA 1877, (provisional) the second so-called"Olivine Diogenite" in private hands. This makes number five including thethree Antarctic finds. The significan

Re: [meteorite-list] Ad - Weekly Rare Material

2003-06-18 Thread Howard Wu
Adam and Greg, Wonderful looking pictures on ebay. Do you have a picture available for us of the original mass? Howard WuAdam Hupe [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear List Members,Thank you for a fun auction tonight. A lot of buyers picked up some prettynice planetary specimens at bargain basement

Re: [meteorite-list] Metal Rich Diogenite

2003-07-01 Thread Howard Wu
Ops, I should also add you get what you pay for.Howard WuAdam Hupe [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Nels, Hello List,Nel, since you decided to go public with your pricing policy I will addressthis in a public forum. I was not complaining about your ridiculously lowprice on the new metal-rich

Re: [meteorite-list] Meteoric water?

2003-07-06 Thread Howard Wu
Sounds alittle like Venus, earth without the moon HWu"Sterling K. Webb" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, Dave,There is long standing debate as to the source of the Earth's waters.Did all this H2O come from interior outgassing, primordial solar nebulae,early heavy atmosphere, water delivery by

Re: [meteorite-list] Want a Piece of the Moon?

2003-07-09 Thread Howard Wu
? Cheers, Mark F. Howard Wu [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] WROTE: When the Chinese start mining helium 3 off the moon are we going to stop them? Howard Wu mark ford [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Tom,I believe there is some 'international treaty on space' that means it belongs to everyone and no one

Re: [meteorite-list] Want a Piece of the Moon?

2003-07-09 Thread Howard Wu
Mark, You'd buy French helium 3? I doubt they will be sell to us a decade from how. I did write them a month back and they sell for $750/g. That is 75% cheaper than a billion dollars a metric ton, the current bench mark. However expect prices to rise with demand until Uranitian helium 3

Re: Fw: [meteorite-list] Where Did The Moon Come From?

2003-07-09 Thread Howard Wu
As I recall from the discovery channel the moon had orbited alot closer to the earth and has been drifting further away overtime. So he/she put us here just in time to see annular and total eclipes. In another billion years it would be to late. Howard WuPekka Savolainen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

[meteorite-list] ReNever ending thread

2003-07-11 Thread Howard Wu
Religion and meteoritesfanatics unite! Ok lets get back on topic. Big rock fall out of sky into desert. Gets attributed to Abraham. Local tribes make this a shrine and tourist attraction for traveling caravans. Gets into war with neighboring tribe. Eventual peace agreement required everyone pray

Re: [meteorite-list] Origin of the Moon God

2003-07-11 Thread Howard Wu
I have a problem with that Sun and Moon being created on the fourthe day thing. Whom would you rather trust for the age of the universe. Evidents extracted fromrocks and stars "made by God" or the recopied text of shepards and dogmatic scholars a few hundred years ago. What seems more

RE: [meteorite-list] cd rom of meteorites

2003-07-11 Thread Howard Wu
ize I sent Steve my original cd-romwhich I had not been using. Howard Wu -enablerKen O'Neill [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Thanks Steve,Appreciated,let me know when you are ready.RegardsKen O'Neill-Original Message-From: Steve Arnold, Chicago!!! [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]Sent: 11 July 2003 17

[meteorite-list] The real McCoy

2003-07-11 Thread Howard Wu
Hi Adam, This classification issue reminds me what became of Tim McCoys new HH classification for Burwell? Howard WuAdam Hupe [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear List Members,We appreciate all of the suggestions regarding the renaming of the"OlivineDiogenite" group. During this process we learned a

Re: [meteorite-list] Lunar capture theory

2003-07-11 Thread Howard Wu
While this sounds good. It is very hard for two bodies to capture each other due to laws of celestial mechanic of Newton. Conservation of energyrequires a third body to take away excess energy from the system. This is a simplified explaination before you realphysicists jump in. Howard WuTom aka

Re: [meteorite-list] Re: eBay Likes and Dislikes

2003-07-14 Thread Howard Wu
It is ok not liking auctions as a business format. Or is it ebay in particular your objectingto? Howard WuSteve Schoner [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: My point, if any, Mike, is that in the case where Ibought on Ebay (which I hate) I had no other choice. I have not seen for any of the items the so

Re: [meteorite-list] RE: This endless God thread!!!

2003-07-15 Thread Howard Wu
The reason people cringe is the conceited arroganceof statements like this! When you guys where in charge you burnt people at the stake for saying that the earth revoles around the sun and murdered aborigines for their gold! God bless the enlightenment! Howard Wu Back on topic- Thank heaven

Re: [meteorite-list] Meteorite Fall In Washington?

2003-07-16 Thread Howard Wu
Actually young pigeons are quite edible: Pigeons have been bred for food for centuries dating back to early Asian, Arabic, and European traditions. This history is lengthier than even the current domesticated chickens and turkeys. We have taken this breeding tradition one step further by

Re: [meteorite-list] Holbrook

2003-07-16 Thread Howard Wu
I once got down to the railroad track and wouldn't you know that there was somebody there looking for same. I spent an hour with a magnet and stick and came up with a bunch of little grey rocks off of a few anthills much like Norton's described in Rock from Space. I have no idea if these were

[meteorite-list] RE: This endless God thread!!! Staying on topic

2003-07-17 Thread Howard Wu
I would find these to be acceptable spiritual topicsfor this list on this endlessthread. 1)Calls for jihads against infidels belonging to non meteorite worshipping religons. 2) Odes to the meteorite parent body god and goddess, Mars and Vesta. 3) Knife constuction from aboriginal irons for

RE: [meteorite-list] etching solution

2003-07-21 Thread Howard Wu
Back in my coin collecting days I use to use a product similar to this to read the worn off dates on Buffallo nickles. A few drops were put on the blank spot in a few seconds a weak date could be read. Can't remember if it contained a nickle salt or an iron salt solution. Any coin collecting list

Re: [meteorite-list] Meteorites, Angra dos Reis.

2003-07-22 Thread Howard Wu
on. WhileI generally don't endorse the micro-ization of rare meteorites, if your going to do it anyway, call me. Howard Wu LABENNE METEORITES [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi ListCheck out our summer sale "Part II" on the Website - we've made a special selection of some popular meteorites

Re: [meteorite-list] Meteorites, Angra dos Reis.

2003-07-22 Thread Howard Wu
f shared information doesn't pique everyone's interest and eventual cost me. So everybody count backwards from one hundred andrepeat after me. "Angra? I don't need no AngraAngra? I don't need no" Howard Wu PS. Failing that, how many want to go in on a five G half gram meteorite?

Re: [meteorite-list] Listening to meteors

2003-07-24 Thread Howard Wu
Slightly off topic, I understand it is also realitively easy to "listen" to the magnetic fields of Jupiter using shortwave radio. Howard Wu"GEORGE BLAHUN JR." [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello everyone. Listening to meteors or communicating with another stationutilizin

[meteorite-list] Lost Dog.

2003-08-08 Thread Howard Wu
I'm going to pull a Dubya. That story about the dog is an historical authentic rumour. Nakhla has been blamed for a death of a dog even if that dog neverbeen produced.It still mayturn upsomeday once a thorough search has been conducted by the experts in lost pets. Howard Wu"Charles R.

[meteorite-list] Getting away from it all on the John Muir trail.

2003-08-14 Thread Howard Wu
ep you eye on the trail. Howard Wu Bishop,CAWant to chat instantly with your online friends? Get the FREE Yahoo! Messenger

[meteorite-list] Meteorite Wrong from Washington-disinformation?

2003-08-14 Thread Howard Wu
of disinformation and support public education. Also knowledge may lead to more real finds. For example, I didn't knowtill I became involved in collectingthat meteors stop "burning" high in the atmosphere beforedropping in a terminal velocity decent. Howard Wu[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The

[meteorite-list] If a meteorite falls unwitnessed in the forest, would black bear's paws get burnt?

2003-08-14 Thread Howard Wu
my recent enlightement as a meteorite collector would have me notice the direction and the break up of this bolide. Howard Wu Jose Campos lt;[EMAIL PROTECTED]gt; wrote: Hi List and Howard Wu, It is a pity that the witnessed bolide appears to have gone "unreported", as it's thanks to som

Re: [meteorite-list] RE: Most Expensive Meteorite Ever Sold on eBay (Zagami M...

2003-08-14 Thread Howard Wu
I think I remember one of these was a 13 gram Chassignyand another a Nahkla. Asking price a cool two million, US. Howard Wu[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I remember the aborted Southby's auction of three Martian meteorites a number of years ago. ...[snip]I was looking

Re: [meteorite-list] Nakhla - What was turned to ash?

2003-08-20 Thread Howard Wu
Hi List and dog lovers, If that dog ever existed, does anyone know what kind of dog this would be. That is what breed of dog is common to Nakhla Egypt? Howard Wu Steve Schoner [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Oh, Oh...The "Dog" topic lives...Long live the dog.Steve Schoner/ams--- Ron Baal

[meteorite-list] What to watch while waiting for the mars opposition.

2003-08-22 Thread Howard Wu
Hi list, After seeing Ron Baalke's great list posting articles about the mars opposition, I thought I'd share this nicenarrative from NPR about the recent mars occultation: http://www.npr.org/features/feature.php?wfId=1401486 Howard Wu PS Telescope buffs: Don't miss the must see photos Want

Re: [meteorite-list] Matt's SPADE impact melt breccia

2003-08-27 Thread Howard Wu
Hi list, As a classification freak myself who alway said it matters not where or whenit falls but where it came from, I too have drifted to the dark historic side of the hobby with some of my purchases. May the GOD ALHKAN save us all!! Howard Wu[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Bernd: got my thin

Re: [meteorite-list] RE: Spade Versus Estacado

2003-09-03 Thread Howard Wu
It is not too outragous to think once in a while that a piece of a incoming meteoritewillskip like a stone and fall a little further out of place than your standerdbuckshot distribution model would allow. Howard WuTom aka James Knudson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I would guess if the two are only

Re: [meteorite-list] kingman meteorite?

2003-09-06 Thread Howard Wu
Isn't Kingman the basecamp for those searching the Gold Basin stewnfields? We could rename one of the dozen different meteorites Kingman if it makes your day. Howard WuTom aka James Knudson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello List, I came up with a theory on the lack of a kingman meteorite!Kingman, in

Re: [meteorite-list] Recommended humidity for public display

2003-09-09 Thread Howard Wu
I would assume that the optimal RH for storing and displaying meteorites "in their natural enviroment"would be 0%. The closer to this the better. Howard WuRob Wesel [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I can do RH 50%, outside, in Oregon. Is this number right?--Rob Wesel--We are the

Re: [meteorite-list] OFF TOPIC - For the birds

2003-09-10 Thread Howard Wu
When I lived in Santa Cruz, CA there was a "flock" of three parots that lived in the banana belt people saw all the time. I think this describes the northern most range of these tropical birds. Howard Wu Robert Verish [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Since this OT thread continues to per

Re: [meteorite-list] Recommended humidity for public display

2003-09-10 Thread Howard Wu
%). Perhaps those hydrated CI, CM2or mars rocks may need humidity.Still I would vacuum pack or Argonize my collection if I could. Other than than that, yes, T' and H' stabiltiy like they do in libraries and musuems would be desirable. Howard Wu mark ford [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Howard, I too

[meteorite-list] Priority vs 1st class mail

2003-09-10 Thread Howard Wu
Hi List, An experiment published in the Wall Street Journal last year compared delivery times for 1st class mail versed priority mail from NYC to Florida. What they found was very often 1st class got there faster. In fact this experiment was a repeat of one they did years ago and they found the

[meteorite-list] Re: [meteorite_sale] The Hotest Deals of the Year !!

2003-09-13 Thread Howard Wu
Hello Bruno and list. Is anybody else having problems getting through "The Earth's Memory" spam filters. I've tried emailing several times without luck. Howard WuThe Earth's Memory [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear List members,just a short note to let you know that we have decided togive you a

[meteorite-list] (no subject)

2003-09-15 Thread Howard Wu
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[meteorite-list] Asteroid comic

2003-09-15 Thread Howard Wu
Here's a left wing comic inspired by our lastest wave of asteroid alerts: http://www.workingforchange.com/article.cfm?ItemID=15627 Howard WuWant to chat instantly with your online friends? Get the FREE Yahoo! Messenger

[meteorite-list] Re: [meteorite_sale] The Hotest Deals of the Year

2003-09-15 Thread Howard Wu
ng in your skull.I've meet you and knowyour a nice guy so can see no other explaination for your change in behavior.Seek medical help and Best Wishes, Howard Wu The Earth's Memory [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi child,can't you assume your insulting emails without involving the otherslike a little b

RE: [meteorite-list] Serious question?

2003-09-16 Thread Howard Wu
When I go into Yosemite the cliffs are grey. When I am in Zionthey are red. Go figure? Howard Wumark ford [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On a similar note ... why is the Lunar surface Grey and Mars red ifthey are both resurfaced by meteorites, likewise wouldn't we expectother rocky bodies/planets to

Re: [meteorite-list] Serious question?

2003-09-17 Thread Howard Wu
is sandstone - Original Message - From: Howard Wu To: mark ford ; [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 11:53 AM Subject: RE: [meteorite-list] Serious question? When I go into Yosemite the cliffs are grey. When I am in Zionthey are red. Go figure? Howard Wumark ford [EMAIL

Re: [meteorite-list] Rusty Iron Meteorwrong?

2003-09-18 Thread Howard Wu
Then there was that young guy, Bob Haag, who was going through a box of Millbillilie's when he held one in his hand from that strewn field that somehowdidn't feel right ..a million dollars later I think we call it Cacalong. Howard Wu[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Fellow listees:While looking

Re: [meteorite-list] Nickel testing

2003-09-23 Thread Howard Wu
I forgot to add that some old Canadian nickles are100% ("meteoritic") nickle that can be picked up with a magnet. Cool! Howard"Matson, Robert" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Tom and List, Hello All, Nickels do not contain Nickel any more. They stopped that many a year ago..Today's nickels are still

[meteorite-list] Re: [meteorite-list}lottsa nwa's A bird in the hand...

2003-09-26 Thread Howard Wu
We should be so lucky to have such a trove as NWA with Antartica out of reach. All I ask of my meteorites is that they come from space. Where they land is of secondary interest. i.e. better a meteorite from NWA than a meteor-wrongfrom the White House lawn. By the way. Nice piece geoff! Howard

Re: [meteorite-list] Winonaite

2003-09-26 Thread Howard Wu
Might this be paired with NWA1457 winonaite that the Hupes were selling this summer? Howard Wudon j merchant [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi List. Anyone know much about NWA 1463. It's a Winonaite and I have read just little about this. Questions include where the main mass resides, any in

Re: [meteorite-list] Re: [meteorite-list}lottsa nwa's A bird in the hand...

2003-09-26 Thread Howard Wu
put them back in the desert? Oh I forgot we don't know exacted where they were picked up. Bother, we'll just have to keep them. Howard Wu[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: [EMAIL PROTECTED]writes: Where they land is of secondary interest. i.e. better a meteorite from NWA than a meteor-wrongfrom

[meteorite-list] Recall and meteorites what a stretch.

2003-10-07 Thread Howard Wu
Connection? Arnold uses his martian movie "Total Recall" as his election them. Of more interest NPR has for the last two days been running spots on lunar and martian meteorites on it's " Stardate" Program. Nothing that people on the list wouldn't know, but exciting from the aspect of public

[meteorite-list] Stone Soup?

2003-10-08 Thread Howard Wu
I've heard of stone soup before but never tried using meteorites. Howard WuMartin Altmann [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: And please don't email me, because you want to have my lists! It's a horrible work to makethem and a good cook never will publish his book with secret receiples.Want to chat

Re: [meteorite-list] eBay policemen?

2003-10-10 Thread Howard Wu
I joined this list in part so I wouldn't be so stupid about faux meteorites or over priced scams. Howard WuDave Harris [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi,I have to throw in my 2g's worth here - seems that some people on the listspend too much of their time trawling eBay looking for auctions to

Re: [meteorite-list] India note and meteorite deaths.

2003-10-10 Thread Howard Wu
Great story, Mike, but I don't concider dying of a heart attack a meteorite kill. No more than someone dying of a heart attach ifthey found outthey paid thousands of dollars for what latter turned out to be a piece of slag. Would you call that a meteorwrong death? Howard WuMichael Farmer [EMAIL

[meteorite-list] Re: [meteoritecollectorsassociation] Intermission/Membrane Box Finding

2003-10-12 Thread Howard Wu
Thankyou, Mike, for comfirming a riddle I've had about membrane boxes for sometime. I too have been curious about the small migration of dust into the bottom of these boxes. And I thought I was the only one. I'm now been using #2 capsule inside this boxes for the rarest of the rare. Howard WuMike

[meteorite-list] Hunting meteorites out in India.

2003-10-12 Thread Howard Wu
Dumb suggestion: I recall seeing people using big magnets to search lakes for dropped motors. Might something like this be used to search for meteorites in a flood plain? Howard Wu P.S. Bob Haag was a pioneer then when he traded for Zagami. Currently I believe he supports a Rabbies project

[meteorite-list] And now for those interested in space instead of just bitching...

2003-10-14 Thread Howard Wu
Congratuations China! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/3192330.stm Also check out November's Scientific America about tugging asteroids: or see: http://www.b612foundation.org/index.html (Frankly as a meteorite collector this will deprive us of some big falls.) Howard WuWant to chat

Re: [meteorite-list] nitric acid disposal

2003-10-17 Thread Howard Wu
on sawdust or cotton. Use to make model ofyour own impact crater. Nitric acid will totally gone. Howard Wu Howard WuJohn Gwilliam [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello All,Thanks to Dave Freeman for the acid disposal idea. Here are a few more ideas.It is very important that you dilute the acid with LOTS

Re: [meteorite-list] Mystery Asteroid, Hermes, May Have a Partner

2003-10-21 Thread Howard Wu
For years, scientists have pondered the added difficulty of dealing with abinary asteroid that might one day take aim on Earth. No one has come upwith a proven plan for deflecting a lone space rock, however, let alone apair. Hey, didn't you guys see Bruce Willis in Armagedeon?? Howard WuWant

[meteorite-list] Found a new Mars book!

2003-10-21 Thread Howard Wu
geology and geography involved. Short chapter on mars meteorite but had some information that I didn't know.(i.e. salty water on mars? ) Has anybody else seen this book or has any list member participated in compiling this book? Howard Wu Want to chat instantly with your online friends? Get the FREE Yahoo! Messenger

Re: [meteorite-list] Found a new Mars book!

2003-10-21 Thread Howard Wu
Thanks for the link, It was interesting to learn that the have a "field trip program" now that I have the Traveler's Guide to Mars. Serious now, are they set up for walking visits, such as on mynext Tuscon vacation in 2004?Or are these just their business offices. Howard Wularrytwinkmonrad

Re: [meteorite-list] Cosmos 96/Kecksburg-Venus Question

2003-10-22 Thread Howard Wu
A little off the subject but was up early thinking about this. The Russians did eventually land on Venus and got atmospheric isotope %. Been reading about NWA011 age ~2GY? O isotopes seem wrong but the age would be about right. Why probably ot that one,Venus still has activce volcanos thus

[meteorite-list] Re: [meteorite-list]Atmospheric Blowout( was Cosmos 96/Kecksburg-Venus Question)

2003-10-22 Thread Howard Wu
but there are enough transecting big bodies that there should be some venusian pieces floating aroung. They this is all armchair speculation. Where are the astrophysist? Still the question was how would we recognize a venusian meteorite? Howard Wu"E.J" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Yes ordinarily the atmosphere

Re: [meteorite-list] Meteorite strikes on Earth Increasing?

2003-11-06 Thread Howard Wu
I think this is a direct result of the "Million dollar" pallasite story and other "Worlds in Collision" tales in the press. We been seeing fireballs for years and they never made the news. HowardNelson Oakes [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear List, Is anyone else out there wondering why so many

[meteorite-list] Bruno Fectay, my email won't reach you.

2003-11-06 Thread Howard Wu
Forgive me list, but I've been trying to email Bruno Fectay but his server reject all mail from my domain as junk. (This happens to me all the time to France.) Bruno could you please email me? Sincerely, Howard Wu Bishop, CA 93514Want to chat instantly with your online friends? Get the FREE

[meteorite-list] Lunar eclipse, eclipsed

2003-11-09 Thread Howard Wu
We had a rare rainy/snowy night here in the Owen's Valley. Havegreat memories of a lunar eclipse whilehot tubing and watching Hale-Bope years back. However, that dayI did receive a 12mg specimen of NWA773. Stayed indoorwith my loupe and enjoyed initimacy with the moon. Howard Wu Bishop,CAWant

Re: [meteorite-list] Ownership Claimed for Asteroid 433 Eros

2003-11-09 Thread Howard Wu
Walter Branch wrote: Everyone,Ya'll can claim all the asteroids you want.I have dibs on Mars himself.I just need to figure out a way to place that"No Trespassing" sign at the base of Mons Olympus.-Walter Can I claim the sun? Then I could bill for it's use without going there. Howard WuWant to

Re: [meteorite-list] Who know the email of this idiot?

2003-11-13 Thread Howard Wu
Mean! Evil! Incredible bad taste! Took me ten minutes to pull myself off the the carpet, bellied over, to respond to this offensive webpage. Howard WuWant to chat instantly with your online friends? Get the FREE Yahoo! Messenger

[meteorite-list] Re: etching- water glass and 'moon rocks'

2003-11-18 Thread Howard Wu
Water glass is a aqueous solution of sodium silicate and is very alkaline (high ph.) They also use this in a toy product "moon rocks" where you add tablets of various metal salts that then grow into stalagmite like forms. Howard WuJohn Gwilliam [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Are you perhaps referring

Re: [meteorite-list] Wow, A Galaxie Meteorite

2003-11-18 Thread Howard Wu
How do you cook this thing? Boil it or steam it? And what wine would you drink with it? Howard Adam Hupe [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Wow, We don't have one of these in our collection:http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemitem=2203087330category=3239All the

Re: [meteorite-list] Non-magnetic Brick Meteorite on eBay

2003-11-21 Thread Howard Wu
Clearly a piece from the engine block of a wrecked flying saucer. Would that still qualify as meteorite? Howard WuAdam Hupe [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear List Members,Here is a nice brick shaped meteorite wrong for the

[meteorite-list] Public Humilliation

2003-11-22 Thread Howard Wu
a great price andit small potatoes to re-pen my card- Shame,Shame, Shame! Don't ever do this again without saying so in writing. Steve, I thought you'drather take your flogging here on the list than I give you negative feed back on ebay. Sincerely, Howard Wu "Steve Arnold, Chicago!!!&quo

Re: [meteorite-list] Sedimentary Meteorite?

2003-12-02 Thread Howard Wu
Very Interesting, Looks likerocks I see everyday in the hills. Even with Dean's reputation, I would need proof before believing that this was meteoritic. Howard Wu Tom aka James Knudson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, interesting meteorite! Dean would never sell something that is notright! It does

Re: [meteorite-list] Sedimentary Meteorite? addtional thought

2003-12-02 Thread Howard Wu
Even experts make mistakes. And this piece hasn't been tested, has it. HowardHoward Wu [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Very Interesting, Looks likerocks I see everyday in the hills. Even with Dean's reputation, I would need proof before believing that this was meteoritic. Howard Wu Tom aka James

[meteorite-list] A NYTimes meteoritic editorial

2003-12-04 Thread Howard Wu
Hi List, Here's a meteoritic extinction inspired editorial in the New York Times. http://www.nytimes.com/2003/12/04/opinion/04THU4.html You may have to sign up to see this if your not a NYTimes reader, but that is free. So here it is below: A Meteoric View of LifePublished: December 4, 2003

Re: [meteorite-list] honesty and matteo?Can that really be said?

2003-12-11 Thread Howard Wu
. Best of Luck Steve, and hope you comeback occasion when you can find balence between your work, marriage and your passion for meteorites. Howard Wu "Steve Arnold, Chicago!!!" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello all.I thought I would respond. To the matteo accusations.I have beenan ebay me

Re: [meteorite-list] Is there room for a meteorite question ?

2003-12-11 Thread Howard Wu
Almost all materials shink when freezing. Water and gallium are the only excepts I know. Both have abnormal melting/freezing pts as well. Howard WuKevin Fly Hill [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Question: When water turns to ice the change to a crystal structureexpands the volume (decreases density).

Re: [meteorite-list] Dry Lake Stewnfields??

2003-12-16 Thread Howard Wu
How meteorites where first found in Antartica: Did you mention that lots of antartic is covered with ice two miles deep so that if your driving around in your snow mobileand hear a "thump..thump" cause you hit a rock, you've found a meteorite fallen from the sky. Howard Wu"E. L

Re: [meteorite-list] Dry Lake Stewnfields??

2003-12-16 Thread Howard Wu
not extraterrestrial... It is true that stones in Antarctica are most of the time not terrestrial! When are you taking me there Howard? I'd like to... Bye and thanks. Fred - Original Message - From: Howard Wu To: E. L. Jones ; meteoriteshow Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 6

Re: [meteorite-list] Question

2003-12-19 Thread Howard Wu
If you must you can ad hoc vote by blocking your mailer, If everyone unanimously blocks that person the results are the same as getting ban. Else not he/she is still in. Anonymous (I wish)"Bernhard \"Rendelius\" Rems" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there a proper way to get someone banned

Re: [meteorite-list] NP Article, 10-1958 Moon Meteorites, Nininger

2003-12-19 Thread Howard Wu
If an American or Russian space rocket hits the Moon with a nuclear warhead, the explosion will blast lose tons of lunar surface and send blazing bombardment of meteors against the Earth. Sounds like a good use for those old nukes. Let's roll! Yahoo! Messenger - Communicate instantly..."Ping"

[meteorite-list] Fellowship of the puzzle meteorite.

2003-12-20 Thread Howard Wu
Wonderful idea, Lets not loose thisNevada treasure to bad stewardship. Sell the frags togetherat Tuscon and keep a registry of the puzzle owners. Maybe at Blood's Auction, or raffle them.I'd take a piece under those conditions. Howard Wu[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Here is an idea for Tucson.Trade

Re: [meteorite-list] new auctions-Nevada puzzle

2003-12-21 Thread Howard Wu
Not unlike selling swatches of the Mona Lisa. How sad :( Howard Wu"Steve Arnold, Chicago!!!" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Good afternoon list.I added 9 new auctions to my ebay account today.6 ofthem are fragments from my new unclassified nevada meteorite.I also 3canyon diablos, a piece

Re: [meteorite-list] the nuns having fun.

2003-12-26 Thread Howard Wu
They will need to arrange their own transportation as will us all but they can probably find cheap accomodations at the Cloister I stayed at last year, The Roadrunner Hostel. Howard Wu"Steve Arnold, Chicago!!!" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Good afternoon list.I got a very unusal email abo

Re: [meteorite-list] Mad Cow and Vaca Muerta

2004-01-03 Thread Howard Wu
Prions are supposedly heat resistant and carry no genetic material. Then there is the question of how a prion would get into a cows brain. Only possible way I can think of is a direct impact to the skull by a micro fragment. Vaca Muerta comes to mind though any fall out in the range only witnessed

Re: [meteorite-list] Mad Dog and Nakhla

2004-01-03 Thread Howard Wu
Need I remind you that in-flu-enzawas originally believed to "flow" from the river of stars. Today wethink it comes from pigs and ducks from China on airplanes. HowardDavid Freeman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear Howard (TaurusB.);Suppose that the Nakhla dog could have been struck with fairies and

Re: [meteorite-list] Tincture of Blue Moon (Was Mad Cow)

2004-01-03 Thread Howard Wu
I don't drink, but whenever I know anyone going south of the border I have them bring me back a liter bottle of196 prooffor medicinal purposes for under ten dollars. Tequila can also be had for cheap, but onlyone litter per body per day. Howard[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: John,You haven't purchased

[meteorite-list] Star registration?

2004-01-05 Thread Howard Wu
See this: http://www.ucomics.com/rallcom/2003/12/29/ Yahoo! Messenger - Communicate instantly..."Ping" your friends today! Download Messenger Now

Re: [meteorite-list] Meteorites on Mars

2004-01-07 Thread Howard Wu
Perhaps they will find some rare terran meteorites! Just we need billion dollar earthrocks.Basilicofresco [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: At 05.53 07/01/2004 -0800, Paul wrote:a dream bonanza where there are meteorites everywhere! It is an interesting idea for these reasons:1. Mars' thinner

Re: [meteorite-list] Stardust Flyby Images of Comet Wild 2

2004-01-08 Thread Howard Wu
Primer follow up: Theory is that a shell of comets surround the solar system in the Oort cloud past Neptune, and then ocassionally one is disturb into falling into the inner solar system. There was a hypothesis proposed that there was a dark companion star to the sun with an ecentric orbit of 26

Re: [meteorite-list] Stardust Flyby Images of Comet Wild 2

2004-01-08 Thread Howard Wu
Primer follow up: Theory is that a shell of comets surround the solar system in the Oort cloud past Neptune, and then ocassionally one is disturb into falling into the inner solar system. There was a hypothesis proposed that there was a dark companion star to the sun with an ecentric orbit of 26

Re: [meteorite-list] OT: MOON TRAVEL?

2004-01-14 Thread Howard Wu
In his amazin book "The Millenian Project: Eight Easy Steps to Space Colonizaton" Marshall Savagesuggest that we build a electromagnetic lauch in Kenya to send material up to space. If you haven't read thisbookfind it. It is the best single author plan for space explotation I know. Howard WuTom

RE: [meteorite-list] Meteorite Puzzle

2004-01-15 Thread Howard Wu
Is there a way that you could magnetize the pieces enough to stick together? our use little magnets inbetween the pieces. Howard Wumark ford [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Sonny,Maybe you could glue some of it together but put plastic or woodspacers on some of the pieces so that they are held say half

Re: [meteorite-list] Bush's Space Initiative

2004-01-15 Thread Howard Wu
In a strange way yes. The apollo astronaut discovered helium 3 which at a billion dollars a ton is energy equivalent to oil at seven dollars a barrel if we can figure out how to use it. The Chinese think this can be done by the time they set up there moon base and we don't want to be left behind,

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