Re: [meteorite-list] More California Meteorite Finds!

2006-12-02 Thread Norm Lehrman
Ruben, Congratulations on a truly amazing couple of weeks!! Most collectors dream of finding ONE in their lifetime. It is inspiring to see what can happen when you get out there with enough knowledge to recognize a keeper when you see it. Make no mistake, it's not easy, but when preparation

Re: [meteorite-list] tips on transporting meteorites.

2006-12-16 Thread Norm Lehrman
Graham, With heightened airport security, you may have trouble with carry-ons. I tried bringing a couple of good sized Campo del Cielo irons in that way. No problems in Argentina or Chile, but when I hit the USA they caused great consternation. The security screeners couldn't find anything

Re: [meteorite-list] Close-up New Jersey Object

2007-01-03 Thread Norm Lehrman
Thanks for the better picture Adam. From the random abrasions and percussion pits, it looks like a fragment from some heavy equipment part that self destructed, then got run over for a few months on a hard surface. How it came to fall out of the sky is a mystery though. Maybe it got stuck in

Re: [meteorite-list] Meteorite List- Polite Request

2007-01-21 Thread Norm Lehrman
Gary Foote, Just in case you don't get it, this is about you. You are spamming the list. Real questions? Great. Informative answers? Even better. Chit-chat? Fine, OFF list. There are over 600 of us. What if everyone posts something without content to every post? We do appreciate your

Re: [meteorite-list] First Cold find for 2007

2007-01-31 Thread Norm Lehrman
Sonny, Waaay to go!!! Regards, Norm ( --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, After spending about two hours of hunting I found a 34 gram fragment from an old weathered chondrite. The magnet jumped to it like a piece of steel. I spent about an hour walking

[meteorite-list] Tucson Finds

2007-02-01 Thread Norm Lehrman
Gang, I just posted a page on our website with pics of some of our Tucson acquisitions that will be of interest to some of you. Its biased towards tektites, but includes some NWAs and a Sikhote. Be sure to check out the little shatter cone we found in a box of NWAs.

Re: [meteorite-list] On Stretch Tektites

2007-02-02 Thread Norm Lehrman
Ma Lan List, Stretch tektites are specimens that partly broke and bent after the skin had become brittle, but while the interior was still semi-molten and taffy-like. As commonly used, the term does not include starburst-ray skin splits even though their interpretation and significance is

Re: [meteorite-list] Hunting with a magnet; suspect stones; meteorwrongs; and ramblings.

2007-02-03 Thread Norm Lehrman
Rockbiter list, I enjoyed your write-up. I've always viewed the magnet as a tool to test things seen by the eye rather than a collecting tool, but you've made your point well. Recently en route to Tucson, I spent a day in the Arizona desert. There are rainwater collection and dispensing

[meteorite-list] Sharing a positive

2007-02-09 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, Just a brief note to temper recent topics. I made a deal a while back to trade for a tektite from a deep jungle location. My contact had never attempted an international shipment before, so I agreed to send my part of the trade first. Both of us were nervous whether it would make it

Re: [meteorite-list] you really never know what you have, till you really look at it

2007-02-16 Thread Norm Lehrman
Gang, It'll be fun to see who can type fastest when it is posted with a $0.01 Buy-it-now!! Regarding the fusion crust, I have been shopping for a nice Tatahouine, and I have been surprised at how many little fragments actually do have tiny patches of fusion crust. It's mostly at a hand-lens

Re: [meteorite-list] Eastern Oregon Meteorite on Ebay

2007-02-17 Thread Norm Lehrman
Mike all, That did look like a winner, but too bad about the crumby documentation. The seller didn't seem very interested in providing anything but platitudes. The caliche crusts were right for eastern Oregon. Cheers, Norm --- Mike Fowler [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi List, Did any of you

Re: [meteorite-list] Eastern Oregon Meteorite on Ebay

2007-02-17 Thread Norm Lehrman
! -Ursprüngliche Nachricht- Von: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Im Auftrag von Norm Lehrman Gesendet: Samstag, 17. Februar 2007 23:11 An: Mike Fowler; Cc: Mike Fowler Betreff: Re: [meteorite-list] Eastern Oregon Meteorite on Ebay Mike all

Re: [meteorite-list] the price per gram of tatahouine

2007-02-27 Thread Norm Lehrman
Mark list, Tatahouine is an exception to the bigger costs less per gram pattern. Due to the large crystal size in this material and the well-developed cleavages of pyroxene, Tatahouine shattered when it hit the atmosphere. Small bits dominate, biggerr pieces are rare. As a consequence, there

Re: [meteorite-list] HELP ! and, Who's still got their first meteorite?

2007-03-12 Thread Norm Lehrman
Jerry, A superb and exemplary contribution to the list! A great story, informative, and exactly on-topic. The links were a great touch. Thanks and well done. I still have my first (central Nevada) find, and will be keeping it till my last rock moves on. It likely will be the last rock to go.

Re: [meteorite-list] Seeking Knowledge and Dealing with Meteorwrong Owners was Classification Q

2006-05-23 Thread Norm Lehrman
Elton and all, Well said. I too have been holding back on this subject, but I agree strongly that to send a certain meteor-wrong in to be examined by our small and over-taxed group of classifiers is unconscionable. The vision rock is a nice rock and has value as a landscape boulder. Most of

Re: [meteorite-list] Ebay is ripping everybody off at least once! (OT)

2006-07-29 Thread Norm Lehrman
Johnny, Moody Blues, circa 1969: First Man: I think, I think I am, therefore I am, I think. Establishment: Of course you are my bright little star, I've miles And miles Of files Pretty files of your forefather's fruit

Re: [meteorite-list] Meteorites????

2006-08-22 Thread Norm Lehrman
Michael, Nothing in your photos looks remotely suspicious. Most look to be stream-rounded quartzite pebbles. Disseminated magnetite is the likely culprit. Some of today's magnets are just too good. I've put away my big hard-drive monster that will pull nails out of fences and opted for a

Re: [meteorite-list] what could this be?

2005-05-25 Thread Norm Lehrman
Harlan all, My best guess is that it might be a fragment of petrified palm or cycad root. There is a pattern of dark circular features at the bottom edge that look like vascular tissues. Note that the analytical report pictured says 2 ppm iridium, which is to say iridium was absolutely

Re: [meteorite-list] Rocks From Space Picture of the Day - June 4, 2005

2005-06-04 Thread Norm Lehrman
Guys, That look on the Nininger's faces followed the sad realization that the tektites weren't lunars after all. Imagine your expression if your coveted tablefull of lunars all turned terrestrial! Cheers, Norm ( --- AL Mitterling [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Jerry and

Re: [meteorite-list] What is It?

2005-06-15 Thread Norm Lehrman
Dave, In a career working frequently with basalts, I've never seen megascopic free metal. I also have never heard of the same. Basalts are, by nature, iron rich, but for all practical purposes, most of the iron is present in silicate phases. This thing isn't a basalt. I don't have any better

Re: [meteorite-list] What is It?

2005-06-15 Thread Norm Lehrman
that the seller with a feed back of 75% and only sold three Canyon Diablo' s is a meteorite expert. I go with a real meteorite and a real person going to a real meteorite dealer and phony going with phony and going to eBay. Doh, Dave pebble-pup. Norm Lehrman wrote: Dave, In a career

Re: [meteorite-list] libyan desert glass

2005-07-06 Thread Norm Lehrman
Pete, Thanks for the heads up on this guy. He has been trying to seduce me (off list) with offers to sell the same material now listed on ebay for very reasonable prices. Something spooked me though---the prices were a bit too good and he was a bit too persistent. With nothing more than a gut

Re: [meteorite-list] xenolithic breccia's?

2005-07-10 Thread Norm Lehrman
All, Maybe someone can elucidate on the terms specifically as they are used in meteorites, but in geology polymict implies varied clast composition (poly = many), while xenolith (= foreign rock), implies clasts from an external source. Cheers, Norm ( --- Walter Branch

Re: [meteorite-list] Next vacation: Rajasthan.

2005-07-10 Thread Norm Lehrman
Steve #1, Now that's fine post. Thoughtful. Educational. Keep 'em coming. Cheers, Norm ( --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: How many errors can we find in this story? 10? 15? 20? Let's count them: * Clue to life in Thar meteorite rain Sandipan

Re: [meteorite-list] Moldavite

2005-07-17 Thread Norm Lehrman
Jeff and list, I have been sent some identical material from a source (? the same ??) in Hong Kong for examination. What I saw, which was virtually identical to this, is melted bottle glass. Cheers, Norm ( --- Jeff Kuyken [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Doesn't look quite

[meteorite-list] Amazing Australite!

2005-07-18 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, I finally got around to posting pics of one of the coolest Australites in our collection. I call it the Rosetta Core, as it provides fantastic insight into thermal ablation core formation. Enjoy! Here's the link: Cheers, Norm

Re: [meteorite-list] Moldavite Update

2005-07-21 Thread Norm Lehrman
All, I have access to a PIMA (portable infrared mineral analyzer). These operate on spectral reflectance in the SWIR spectrum (1300-2500 nanometers). There are excellent water absorption features in this range. I'm sure I've run tektites before, but never in direct comparison with volcanic and

Re: [meteorite-list] Heating moldavites and tektite look-alikes

2005-07-21 Thread Norm Lehrman
All, Most of you will remember, but there may be some new members on the list that did not participate in the last round of How do you recognize a real tektite? list discussions. A sysnopsis of the results is posted on my website, including pics of a heated Arizonaite provided by Jim Tobin (this

Re: [meteorite-list] Moldavite Update

2005-07-22 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, A final note on this auction: I contacted the seller, Gao Fu Development Ltd, (who had several other fakes listed in his ebay store). He was glad for the heads-up and has removed all the items. He said he had purchased them from a new dealer in Hong Kong, and was already suspicious that

[meteorite-list] Ad; Superb new shipment of Besednice moldavites posted

2005-07-28 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, Either my email died or it has gone really quiet out there--- Against all odds, I just got one of our best shipments of QUALITY Besednice hogs ever. This is old stock directly out of the Czech Republic. We found hardly any of this quality at Tucson, and no more are being mined. Have a

Re: [meteorite-list] Q: Good Source for Plastic Display Stands?

2005-07-28 Thread Norm Lehrman
John list, Try for starters. Regards, Norm --- Arizona Skies Meteorites [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all...does anyone know of a good website for plastic display stands? Thanks in advance! -John Arizona Skies

Re: [meteorite-list] Apologies

2005-08-01 Thread Norm Lehrman
Tracy, No problems here. I was glad to be reminded of the fine word pulchritudinous. Webster says having or marked by physical comeliness. Without question that is an appropriate word for the meteorite community's use, hence, not OT. There should be a special category for pulchritudinous

Re: [meteorite-list] OT: HOW MANY PLANETS?

2005-08-03 Thread Norm Lehrman
Doug, Sterling, and all you other amazing brains, (Deity or planetary name of your choice), it's good to to listen to you guys with IQs in the clouds. Some people do word-searches or crosswords to exercize their brains. For some of us, it's the MetList. Thanks (and Garcias to you, Doug---)

Re: [meteorite-list] Mars event

2005-08-03 Thread Norm Lehrman
All, I've been getting calls on this. Newspapers are reporting that Mars will appear as large as the moon! Note that the story Bob forwarded says: ((At a modest 75-power magnification )) Mars will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. That first part is pretty important. The moon

Re: [meteorite-list] persieds meteors

2005-08-05 Thread Norm Lehrman
All, It is important to understand that the Persieds are quite different from the Perseids. There are two accepted meanings. Some hold that the persi- is derived from persifler (to banter, i.e, good- natured and usually witty animated discourse) + eds, obviously a contracted form of educational

Re: [meteorite-list] In Memoriam Darryl Futrell

2005-08-14 Thread Norm Lehrman
Bernd and all, As you may know, I am acting as an agent for the Futrell family in finding a new home for Darryl's tektite collection. I am periodically in contact with his daughter Kathy Lee, and have forwarded your email to her. I am sure it will mean a lot to the family to know that, while

Re: [meteorite-list] meteorite lands near Mt. Fuji Japan

2005-08-19 Thread Norm Lehrman
Dirk, Do you think the meteor had anything to do with the three month local time regression? Best regards, Norm ( --- drtanuki [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: List, At 8:05pm local time on May 19, about 9 minutes ago, I observed a meteorite entering the atmosphere and

[meteorite-list] Advice please; new AZ meteorite classification

2005-08-19 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, I just checked on the status of the new Arizona meteorite I sent to Alan Rubin for classification about 6 months ago. He never received it. Lost in the mail! It breaks my heart to cut off another 25 gm slice to start over again. Your counsel please. I planned to sell the specimen,

Re: [meteorite-list] From the Admin - update on List Policies

2005-08-22 Thread Norm Lehrman
Art, As the juvenile stuff ebbs and flows, I have been continuously impressed by your apparent restraint. It is impossible to step into the middle of every dogfight. Many (most?) would get sick and tired of the mental drain involved when people expect a referee to step in and chastise others for

Re: [meteorite-list] From the Admin - update on List Policies,part 2

2005-08-22 Thread Norm Lehrman
Sorry. I know this was sort of a #3(private message), but I'm willing to bet I speak for a whole bunch of us on the list, so it's not all that private. Blurtheline! --- Norm Lehrman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Art, As the juvenile stuff ebbs and flows, I have been continuously impressed

Re: [meteorite-list] Siena on Ebay: a record

2005-09-04 Thread Norm Lehrman
Rob, A yes! but this have re-start to broken to me with no sense... I concur with your comments with this provisio, I think--- Norm --- Rob Wesel [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: mo sense lose words with a person that it does not reason I concur Rob Wesel

Re: [meteorite-list] Orbicular granite and chondrites

2005-09-10 Thread Norm Lehrman
Anne, There's not much chance for confusion. Orbicular granite, especially like the West Aussie stuff that Kevin may have seen, typically has orbs no smaller than about 4 cm, and sometimes much bigger. Pretty big chondrules! Cheers, Norm --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Re: [meteorite-list] 1848: light produced when meteorite sawn - possible or impossible?

2005-09-12 Thread Norm Lehrman
Chris list, Possible or impossible? Possible. Quite a few minerals can emit light on being crushed or scratched. This is termed triboluminescence. Additionally, some minerals can emit light when heated to temperatures still well below red heat. This is thermoluminescence. I don't know the

Re: [meteorite-list] 1848: light produced when meteorite sawn - possible or...

2005-09-13 Thread Norm Lehrman
Anne all, The types of luminescence that I described are restricted to non-metallics. One thing I've wondered: what sort of saws would they have used in the olden days? Probably soft iron plus a particulate abrasive. It wouldn't be too hard to frictionally heat a cut to red heat if inadequate

Re: [meteorite-list] Opinion - Purple in a Meteorite

2005-09-30 Thread Norm Lehrman
Pete, I don't know if it's been reported in meteorites, but if this was earth material, my first guess would be vivianite, a hydrous iron phosphate. It can look exactly like that (and is often photosensitive: with exposure to sunlight it will darken and often turn dark green). Maybe someone on

[meteorite-list] Very small Majuba impact site discovered!

2005-10-24 Thread Norm Lehrman
All, I couldn't resist playing off the fantastic Franconia announcement. Hats of to Asher, Baird, and Ortega! While trying to replicate their luck at the Majuba, Nevada find area, I recovered what I think may go down in history as the smallest Majuba granule likely to ever be recovered. With a

Re: [meteorite-list] More on Brenham Story

2005-11-10 Thread Norm Lehrman
Steve all, I've always wondered whether the old meteorite farm was truly farmed out! You went the next step beyond just wondering. Congratulations. H.H.N. is looking down with a huge smile on his face, probably the biggest since he left us. Now, you absolutely MUST follow Nininger's

Re: [meteorite-list] oriented vs orientated

2005-11-11 Thread Norm Lehrman
Neil, In the USA, it's oriented. Cheers, Norm --- Neil Caliva [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi everyone I'm new but have been watching for a month or so. Which way is right for meteorites oriented or orientated?

[meteorite-list] Warning: ebay Moldavite faceting rough and associated gems

2005-11-18 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, Sorry if I'm boring you, but this is driving me nuts! The moldavite faceting rough that is constantly listed on ebay, so gorgeously apple green but devoid of normal moldavite skin character IS NOT REAL. I can only presume that the faceted gems offered by the same sellers are also man-made

Re: [meteorite-list] BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time - Asteroids (051103)

2005-11-23 Thread Norm Lehrman
Matt, Thanks for that link! It was well worth the time. Any of you that haven't listened, give it a shot. Every Christmas season, the Geological Society of Nevada looks for presentations that might be of general interest to kids and spouses as well as the geos in the family. I have been making

[meteorite-list] Dimethylglyoxime source?

2005-12-15 Thread Norm Lehrman
of a source for these test strips? Thanks, Norm Lehrman ( P.S., Stay tuned! I found 6 nice Nevada stonys Monday and I'm headed back out tomorrow. I'm betting on 20 or 30 more! Full story coming--- __ Meteorite-list mailing list

[meteorite-list] Still glowing---32 Nevada finds this week!

2005-12-16 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, I had a meteorite talk to give this past Wednesday about the remarkable new meteorite finds in Nevada, and I wanted to be able to say we've already found X more this week, so Monday I took a newbie out and we found eleven in about 5 hours. That felt so good we went back out today and found

Re: [meteorite-list] Newbie needs help identifying a meteorite(?)

2005-12-19 Thread Norm Lehrman
Ron, Just an afterthought. (I think I failed to include the list in my previous response, but it said, in short, that this absolutely does NOT sound like a meteorite (or tektite, in reference to another reply). But, what about a fulgurite??? These are never metallic, but the metallic silica

Re: [meteorite-list] Gary K. Foote and a little Esquel

2005-12-19 Thread Norm Lehrman
Dana, Your first paragraph is VERY well worded. Many of us feel the same. Amen. I can't comment on bikers, but you guys and your machines should work okay on our dry lakes--- Watch out for soft spots. As for the circumstances of your Esquel search, sorry. What a nice thought. I'd like

[meteorite-list] Exogenic Fulgurites

2005-12-29 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, A guy came in today with a flat of shiny black glass that looks identical to Wabar or Irghizite impactites. It has been studied and published, and was spewn from a monster fulgurite tube! Most dealers, curators, academics, and collectors are bombarded with stuff like this. I didn't

Re: [meteorite-list] New Monthly Favourite Happy New Year

2005-12-30 Thread Norm Lehrman
Jeff, Thanks for the shift in focus! That is one amazing iron. I've never seen anything vaguely resembling those textures! Nice. Norm (and still sitting by the computer waiting for a reply to my counter-offer on the exogenic fulgurites) --- Jeff Kuyken [EMAIL

Re: [meteorite-list] Rock in your Pocket?

2006-01-08 Thread Norm Lehrman
Gary list, Nice thread. My pockets have been full of rocks since childhood, and the space rock thing hasn't improved matters. I typically carry a nice crusted NWA chondrite and a little Sikhote or Canyon Diablo (today it was the latter). Being a tektite guy, I usually carry a nice little

[meteorite-list] Ad Exogenic Fulgurites now posted and going fast

2006-01-09 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, I went ahead and bought the Exogenic Fulgurites I wrote about a couple of weeks ago and they are now posted on the TektiteSource website. You'll need to move fast if you are interested. I gave those who asked to be placed on a waiting list first chance, and about half of the specimens are

[meteorite-list] Ad Exogenic Fulgurites now posted and going fast

2006-01-09 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, I went ahead and bought the Exogenic Fulgurites I wrote about a couple of weeks ago and they are now posted on the TektiteSource website ( ) . You'll need to move fast if you are interested. I gave those who expressed interest to my

Re: [meteorite-list] G�ran Lindfors again!!

2006-01-10 Thread Norm Lehrman
Tom, I got it as well. He forgot to take his meds. He does this everytime he forgets. For the record, the first name is Urine. Forward his spam back to him. If we all do that everytime, we can at least stuff his mailbox. He won't quit with a polite request. I've tried that. Cheers, Norm

Re: [meteorite-list] NASA's Comet Tale Draws to a Successful Close in Utah Desert

2006-01-15 Thread Norm Lehrman
Fantastic! If you haven't been to the NASA website yet, go there! There's streaming video replays of Stardust's re-entry and recovery, great interviews, particularly with Brownlee. I found it all really emotional Congrats to all involved, Norm Http:// P.S., notice how

Re: [meteorite-list] Niningers Birthday

2006-01-17 Thread Norm Lehrman
Keith list, Thanks for that. We all wouldn't be here talking to each other without Harvey. What a legacy! Truly a man with a passion. cheers, Norm --- Arizona Keith [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello All I just like to say, today was Harvey Nininger Birthday

Re: [meteorite-list] Re: Dronino Steve Schoner's meteorite anti-rust treatment.

2006-01-23 Thread Norm Lehrman
Mike list, I haven't seen any responses come through on this and it's a bit of meteorite lore that many might find occasion to need. I don't know anything about the Schoner post you mentioned, but last year I had a chance to go to Argentina and acquire some Campos directly from the family who's

Re: [meteorite-list] Harvey Awards - New Catagory

2006-01-24 Thread Norm Lehrman
That's a big Yes from here! Norm --- Greg Hupe [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear List Members, A month or two ago I posted to the list that I felt that Steve Arnold - IMB and Phil Mani should be nominated for a Harvey Award for their Huge Brenham Main Mass discovery and also Geoff Notkin

[meteorite-list] Our best Tucson find: an amazingly oriented Sikhote!

2006-02-02 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, We just got back from Tucson. What a place. We overheard a little 5 year old tell his mom: I get it! If you make more money you can buy more rocks!---which about sums it all up. I wanted to share some pics of a remarkable little Sikhote we found. The best find of the show for us, and

[meteorite-list] Our best Tucson find: an amazingly oriented Sikhote!

2006-02-02 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, We just got back from Tucson. What a place. We overheard a little 5 year old tell his mom: I get it! If you make more money you can buy more rocks!---which about sums it all up. I wanted to share some pics of a remarkable little Sikhote we found. The best find of the show for us, and

Re: [meteorite-list] Airport Security, Brenham, and Hammerheads (funny?)

2006-02-06 Thread Norm Lehrman
Martin list, I had a related experience a couple of years ago. I acquired a couple of 7 kg Campos in Buenos Aires, and not wanting to push my checked bags over the weight limits, I wrapped the meteorites in bubble wrap and packed them in a heavy-duty carry-on. I then flew to Chile, no

Re: [meteorite-list] Strange two-tone rock on Mars

2006-02-09 Thread Norm Lehrman
Mark and all, This really is a cool image. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I'm guessing you might appreciate a serious reply or two. On earth, this is immediately reminiscent of a weathered lahar fragment. Volcanic mudflows involving big blocks in an ashy matrix are almost universal

Re: [meteorite-list] Friday Photo Fun and Scale Cubes

2006-02-10 Thread Norm Lehrman
Greg, I'll bite. That is one stupendous photo, not for a minute forgetting the memories of the chance at Tucson to fondle that sweet beauty! How did you make that pic? I'm totally sure I'm not the only one who wants to know. Verrry nice. Best regards, Norm ( ---

Re: [meteorite-list] Re: Meteorite-list Digest, Vol 26, Issue 30

2006-02-13 Thread Norm Lehrman
Sterling, I too got drawn into tektites by the mystery. They often tell their individual stories plainly, but we still can't get the big picture out of them! One comment on your comments though. Tektites (australites) ARE very often emu gizzard stones. In the dry lakes where they are most

Re: [meteorite-list] Re: Meteorite-list Digest, Vol 26, Issue 30 (Schoner's theory)

2006-02-13 Thread Norm Lehrman
Steve, Everything sounds fine till that last couple of paragraphs where every other proposal also stumbles. Just where is all this silicate material in our oceans or atmosphere? I still see a mass balance problem. I'm open for a good answer, but if you just described it, I didn't understand.

[meteorite-list] Ad: page of great Sikhote BULLETS just posted to our website

2006-02-14 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, With all the talk about oriented stones, I thought I'd get some great new strongly flight-oriented Sikhote Alin bullets posted. Check out the Sikhote Alin page at I'll be posting these to ebay over the next few months, but they are available from the website

Re: [meteorite-list] Why are Esquel slices Transparent Blue?

2006-02-15 Thread Norm Lehrman
Gary, No one has bothered to explain it because it doesn't happen. What do you smoke just before you see this phenomenon? Regards, Norm --- Gary K. Foote [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I can't seem to fnid an explanation online anywhere. Gary

Re: [meteorite-list] THEORIES OF THE ORIGIN OF TEKTITES, Part Two

2006-02-20 Thread Norm Lehrman
Sterling, Thanks for posting this series! One question though: Item #5: It would also appear that no one tried breaking a specimen of each, as the fracture morphology of each differs. In what way? I've never tried breaking specimens, but I've seen plently of broken ones and have never

[meteorite-list] Fight extreme lunar spam

2006-02-21 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, If you, like me, are one of the chosen, you'll be receiving another edition of Göran Lindfors' extreme lunar fakes spam about now. Please forward several copies of his message back to him. As I recall, we shut down his mailbox for a few days the last time. He seems to be a slow learner.

Re: [meteorite-list] Experiment Update #1

2006-03-02 Thread Norm Lehrman
Göran all, I don't understand the chemistry involved, but I have personally used a concentrated sodium hydroxide bath to remove rust from very rusty Campos. It took weeks, but scales of rust just kept detaching untill the bottom of the pail was a centimeter deep in rust flakes. I did do a

Re: [meteorite-list] Largest Crater in the Sahara Desert and LDG

2006-03-03 Thread Norm Lehrman
Bernd list, This is indeed exciting, and may finally justify LDG being recognized as a true tektite rather than a simple impactite. Although the article doesn't give us much for location beyond at the northern tip of the Gilf Kebir region, that's close enough, as the LDG strewn field is

Re: [meteorite-list] Largest Crater in the Sahara Desert and LDG

2006-03-03 Thread Norm Lehrman
Doug, Good points all, but if you want to raise the water/purity issue, you can't dodge the Muong Nong issue. (The best answer is that they shouldn't be called tektites, BUT, they ARE so called by all authorities). With LDG, it can be reasonably argued that flight-related morphology has been

Re: [meteorite-list] Largest Crater in the Sahara Desert and LDG

2006-03-03 Thread Norm Lehrman
Doug, I do enjoy your contributions. Always stimulating. I have no fundamental disagreements. Just a few hair-splitting points. Re: the partial pressures in Australasian bubbles. It has been argued that our numbers are bogus. As atmospheric water is absorbed into the hydrating tektite

Re: [meteorite-list] Hunting hours vs recovery rate

2006-03-05 Thread Norm Lehrman
Sonny list, My stats are not going to be what people want to hear. I have been collecting rocks, fossils, and artifacts since I could walk. I have been a continuously active exploration geologist for 35 years. I have been looking at the ground in front of me with something of a trained eye

[meteorite-list] Ad A Stretch Moldavite---the first ever???

2006-03-07 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, Czech out This is a gorgeous new stretch tektite from Chlum. I've never heard of any others. There is a chance that it is the first and only example of its kind! If any of you know of any other stretch Moldavites, please let me know.

Re: [meteorite-list] Cool Fresh Chondrites and Slick-n-Slide

2006-03-09 Thread Norm Lehrman
Greg all, Nice specimens. Just a minor side point: the term is slickensides for the striated, movement-polished surface itself, or slickensided for a rock showing slickensides. Your version is a common, but erroneous, transliteration. Cheers, Norm --- Greg Hupe

Re: [meteorite-list] Cool Fresh Chondrites and Slick-n-Slide

2006-03-09 Thread Norm Lehrman
:// --- Pete Pete [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, Norm all, There are meteorites with slickenside?! It would have to be Martian, then, right? Cheers, Pete From: Norm Lehrman [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Greg Hupe [EMAIL PROTECTED], Subject: Re

Re: [meteorite-list] Any interesting (?) Chinese tektite

2006-03-10 Thread Norm Lehrman
Mark list, About five years ago, as Cookie and I were helping our main Chinese supplier unpack at Tucson we found a couple of dozen like you have pictured. The coloration is a surface patina like Carnival Glass. We never determined how it formed, but I have seen similar patinas developed on

Re: [meteorite-list] An interesting (?) Chinese tektite

2006-03-10 Thread Norm Lehrman
Dirk, As I wrote earlier, I have seen this patina on old ghost town bottles that have been through a fire. There IS some connection. Perhaps the common ground between our comments is that wood ash is strongly alkaline. I remember my grandma leaching ashes to get lye to make soap. Perhaps the

Re: [meteorite-list] Ignored or List Not Working?

2006-03-10 Thread Norm Lehrman
Gary, That's just a thin translucent septum. What you are seeing is the normal transmitted light color of most australasians. You can only see it along thin edges or where there's a shallow internal bubble. Regards, Norm --- Gary K. Foote [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi

Re: [meteorite-list] Rocks From Space Picture of the Day - April 3, 2006

2006-04-03 Thread Norm Lehrman
Susan et al, I agree. And you've gotta give that baby a little credit too! Just kidding, Norm ( --- batkol [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: i don't think i've ever seen a cuter meteorite on this page . . . . take care susan - Original Message - From:

[meteorite-list] Meteorite Times tektite of the month

2006-04-08 Thread Norm Lehrman
Paul, I tried to send this off list, but the email link doesn't work. With all due respect, you are selling an idea as fact. Ideas are fun and should be unconstrained. But don't present them as done deals. I have dozens of specimens of this sort. They are so uniform that they cannot be the

[meteorite-list] meteorite magnetic polarization?

2006-04-11 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, I just received several nice big 0.5 - 1 kg stony NWAs (unclassified). One of them shows distinct magnetic polarity. One face repells the magnet. Is that common? Any particular significance? regards, Norm __

[meteorite-list] Ad: MetTimes Tektite of the Month specimens posted

2006-04-11 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, I've built a new page offering some specimens of the controversial bubble blisters or impact welded tektites featured by Paul Harris in the current Meteorite Times Tektite of the Month column. Be sure to check the MetTimes archive for an earlier column in the March 2003 issue. I have

[meteorite-list] Ad: Nevada Meteorite as found IN MATRIX

2006-04-23 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, Here's a heads up on something kind of neat. A few days ago I stopped at my favorite central Nevada dry lake and collected several specimens complete with the dessicated lake bed surface in which they were embedded. I just posted the first one to ebay. See it at:

Re: [meteorite-list] RE: Self-Proclaimed Pairing Issues

2006-05-07 Thread Norm Lehrman
Thomas, Take heart. Almost a year? Try never. The last piece I sent to UCLA they claim to never have received even though people visiting the lab asked about it and were told probable preliminary classifications. Now they want a second piece? Can anyone help me get the kick me sticker off my

[meteorite-list] AD NWA individuals added to website

2005-04-24 Thread Norm Lehrman
List, Although we specialize in tektites and impactites, I couldn't resist cherry picking some superb NWA unclassifieds at Tucson this year. Most are complete or nearly complete individuals, all unclassified. I finally got the page updated minutes ago. You may find some sleepers there.

Re: [meteorite-list] Some sick people!!!

2005-04-26 Thread Norm Lehrman
--- Norm Lehrman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hey Tom, The list isn't your problem. After about day 2 when the blog went bad, I've never been back, and won't be going there. WITHOUT going there, I don't even know what you're talking about. Stay on the list. You're a good guy. The blog

Re: [meteorite-list] Darryl Futrell on flanged button prices (Was: Spectacular Tektite on eBay)

2010-08-09 Thread Norm Lehrman
All, There are a couple of key issues regarding flanged aussie buttons. First, the big money has always been for Port Campbell Victoria specimens which somehow seem always bright, fresh, and pristine. All the others are in another league. For years I have offered specimens from anywhere

Re: [meteorite-list] Darryl Futrell on flanged button prices (Was: Spectacular Tektite on eBay)

2010-08-09 Thread Norm Lehrman
Sorry, I was typing in the dark and hit a button that sent the message before I was done. The one on Ebay is significantly over-priced. For $1800, I think I can still source a flawless specimen. With the rim chips, I would not pay $1000, but times are certainly changing. They haven't made

Re: [meteorite-list] Question for dealers re: displaying sold items

2011-04-12 Thread Norm Lehrman
All, This is an interesting question with important nuances.  I am one that does leave many sold items pictured (but I do endeavor to marke them sold ASAP). Here's why I do it:  The items we sell, each and every one of them, are unique.  It is not like listing a particular stock item that was

Re: [meteorite-list] Illinois, Indiana, Ohio glacial deposits

2011-06-10 Thread Norm Lehrman
All, I fear this thread may be counter-productive for any that are just getting started in the search for meteorites.  The glacier angle is, in this case, thin ice.  First, Antarctica is a very special case:  in general glacial moraines are an absolutely horrible place to look.  I'm with

Re: [meteorite-list] Illinois, Indiana, Ohio glacial deposits

2011-06-10 Thread Norm Lehrman
of expanding that find into multiple finds is greatly reduced, not enhanced. Cheers, Norm   - Original Message From: Count Deiro To: Norm Lehrman; Dave Myers Cc: meteorite-list

[meteorite-list] 80th Anniversary of the arrival of a Green Alien from Space!

2011-06-26 Thread Norm Lehrman
the coarse pyroxene crystals.  A question for those more knowledgeable than I on impact cratering: could these shattercones have formed during the event that ejected the material from its source crater or are they artifacts of earlier impacts in the same location? Best regards, Norm Lehrman

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