[MiKTeX] troubles with the latest update

2022-04-30 Thread HASSAN Azzam
Hello every one I use the package powerdot to create my own slides for my courses and representations. After the update of April 29 (2022) I do not no longer obtain the right view of the ps file. I follow the schema latex -> dvips -> gsview The 2 steps latex, dvips work correctly but the

[MiKTeX] troubles with \includegraphics

2018-01-13 Thread HASSAN Azzam
Hi all TeXers and mikTeXers I use miktex When using \includegraphics{c://directoryOne//SubdirectoryOne// Image.eps}, (where the path is indicated) I obtain error message on WindowsX (on windows surface). Knowing that in the past when i use windowsXP all is correct. Any help -- *Azzam HASSAN*