[MiKTeX] How to uninstall correctly MikTeX from Linux?

2019-05-05 Thread Aradenatorix Veckhôm Avecælus
Hello: An apology in advance for this question. The case is this: I just did a clean installation of Linux Mint 19 a few weeks ago, where I installed MikTeX to test it, however my experience has not been entirely satisfactory because I have been struggling with some missing packages and some

Re: [MiKTeX] Lualatex fails

2019-07-30 Thread Aradenatorix Veckhôm Avecælus
An apology, I just found your message in my inbox. Have you compiled previously with Lualatex? What happens if you use a MWE with a preamble that includes fontspec such as: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{fontspec,luatex85} \begin{document} Hello world! \end{document} ? Regards

[MiKTeX] some troubles with the last release on MikTeX

2019-12-02 Thread Aradenatorix Veckhôm Avecælus
Well, I stopped using MikTeX some years ago, with windows 8 because I used biber and the binary was not included then in the 64-bit MikTeX. However in the course of time I have had to collaborate with Windows users that use MikTeX and anyway we have had problems. A couple of weeks ago I attempted

Re: [MiKTeX] MikTex \l command does not produce the Polish ł

2021-01-25 Thread Aradenatorix Veckhôm Avecælus
If you're typing using babel or polyglossia with the polish option and the package inputenc with utf8 option you should be able to type the ł without troubles directly from your keyboard. If you could bring us an MWE would be easier to help you. Regards.