[MiKTeX] Lualatex fails

2019-07-13 Thread Pétiard François
Hello! With a simple file like: \documentclass{article} \begin{document} Hello world! \end{document} lualatex fails to compile on my computer (Windows10 Pro, MiKTeX2.9 updated). The log file is empty!  Is it the same for you? Best regards François

Re: [MiKTeX] Lualatex fails

2019-07-30 Thread Pétiard François
Hello! Yes, I've compiled with Lualatex previously (maybe one year ago). I suspect the problem is in the profil name of  the user : if there is a non-ASCII character in the profil name (like "ç" in François), then Lualatex fails ; but if the profile name is only ASCII (like "Visiteur"), then