Re: Thinkpad P50 "OpenBSD 6.9 freeze using X"

2021-05-20 Thread jacky
Hi, the issue with X freezing was due to me adjusting the clock with the date command from the terminal in CWM, I don't know if this is a security measure or a bug!!! I dual boot theĀ  laptop with linux and in the FAQ/Time-Zones does explain the problem with the clock, so after following the

Relayd TLS inspection and SNI

2021-05-20 Thread BS Daemon
I am hoping that I'm just doing something wrong, but it appears that while relayd supports some Server Name Identification (SNI) functionality, it does not support SNI for it's man-in-the-middle / TLS inspection configuration. Years ago I used relayd to permit access only to certain browsers by