Re: OpenBSD Home Server + Workstation on same machine?

2022-03-22 Thread Hannu Vuolasaho
ti 22. maalisk. 2022 klo 5.25 Eric Thomas  kirjoitti:

> Hello,
> I'd like to learn about secure networking (PKI, x509 certs, DNS, IPS, etc.)
> and generally
> harden my home network using OpenBSD. Can I use OpenBSD services AND have
> it act as a desktop workstation on the same machine?

 My answer is no and yes. This is based on the laziness factor.

No part is that sometimes the services may work locally OK but not work
from the network.
Also it is much nicer to work from the sofa with a laptop and not listen to
the server making its noise.

The yes part is that it is so nice to have even some real computer to surf
when everything seems to be broken and the next step would be to start all
over again.

It is so nice to start xenodm, login and surf to find the solution to the
problem and fix it. if some part of the network configuration is still

Best regards,
Hannu Vuolasaho

Re: Question to usbdevs and dmesg

2021-11-14 Thread Hannu Vuolasaho

There is also sysutils/usbutil which provides usbgen package

With that you could get the USB descriptors with something like:
doas usbgen -D -v  -f /dev/ugen1

 on OpenBSD. However AFAICT it works with generic ugen devices. I
don't know how to debug for example a USB mass media device.

That being said, I have missed many times non-existing verbosity level
for usbdevs which would dump at least device descriptor. Would this be
desirable enhancement?

Best regards,
Hannu Vuolasaho

2021-11-14 16:46 UTC+02.00, Kenneth Gober :
> On Sun, Nov 14, 2021 at 9:18 AM Sven Wolf 
> wrote:
>> I've attached an XBOX 360 controller to my system.
>> The controller gets detected as:
>> usbdev:
>> addr 02: 045e:028e \M-)Microsoft Corporation, Controller
>> dmesg:
>> uhidev1 at uhub1 port 1 configuration 1 interface 0 "\M-)Microsoft
>> Corporation Controller" rev 2.00/1.14 addr 2
>> ugen1 at uhub1 port 1 configuration 1 "\M-)Microsoft Corporation
>> Controller" rev 2.00/1.14 addr 2
>> Do you have an idea why the controller is detected as
>> "\M-)Microsoft Corporation, Controller" and not as
>> "XBOX 360 Controller" as it is defined in
>> /usr/src/sys/dev/usb/usbdevs
>> "vendor MICROSOFT   0x045e  Microsoft"
>> "product MICROSOFT XBOX360_CONTROLLER 0x028e XBOX 360 Controller"
> That is probably the name reported by the controller itself.
> Ben Eater has a pretty good video on YouTube covering USB device discovery:
> The bit about retrieving descriptors from the device is about 16 minutes
> in.
> -ken

Re: development best practices

2020-11-28 Thread Hannu Vuolasaho
la 28. marrask. 2020 klo 16.11 Stefan Sperling ( kirjoitti:

> You can then extract your fix and apply it to an upstream development tree.
> If additional patches are required to get the software to compile, you
> might as well attempt to upstream those changes, too, while at it.
Is there a way to follow the development repository within the ports tree?

The scenario is that I write some patch which fixes something and then
gets to the project tree. Then the testing and fixing cycle starts again.

I know a few programs which are easy to compile in ~/src but writing a
port is PITA.

Naturally that kind of port won't ever get to CVS but for testing and

Best regards,
Hannu Vuolasaho

Extending rtwn(4) to RTL8723BE

2020-03-08 Thread Hannu Vuolasaho

I am in the begin of extending rtwn(4) to RTL8723BE. How hard it would
be if there is only one letter changed in chip name if AE is already
supported. :)

My progress so far has been detecting the chip, reading the rom table
and loading the firmware. Any use of the interface causes log message
of RF not powered, which is understandable and I will dig into it
after the rom part works.

I have few questions

Does the rtwn firmware package ship already RTL8723BE firmware? I have
rtwn-rtl8723befw_36 directory in /etc/firmware. Just asking to make
sure I load right firmware as there are no easily findable changelogs
for firmware packages.

As there was some preliminary work done to RTL8723BE, has someone
gathered info already? Or is the boot linux compile more debugging to
driver and figure out what is happening the only slow way?

Best regards,
Hannu Vuolasaho

Old Sony Vaio and ACPI problem

2014-03-18 Thread hannu . vuolasaho

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to run rather old 32-bit Sony Vaio with 5.4 fresh install.
Its chassis says

and dmesg
bios0: Sony Corporation VGN-FS515B

Anyway. If I have APM enabled iwi0 doesn't work. On the other hand if I 
disable apm from UKC I get thermal shutdown but iwi works. And that machine 
isn't hot. It's on my lap.

Is it possible to configure thermal shutdown off without recompiling kernel or 
will this information help to add more apm tricks to next release?

This data is collected with

mkdir $SYS; cd $SYS
acpidump -o $SYS  $SYS.aml
dmesg  $SYS.dmesg
cd ..;tar czf $SYS.tgz $SYS

Best regards,
Hannu Vuolasaho