Re: OpenBSD Home Server + Workstation on same machine?

2022-03-22 Thread Hannu Vuolasaho
is that it is so nice to have even some real computer to surf when everything seems to be broken and the next step would be to start all over again. It is so nice to start xenodm, login and surf to find the solution to the problem and fix it. if some part of the network configuration is still working.

Re: Question to usbdevs and dmesg

2021-11-14 Thread Hannu Vuolasaho
. That being said, I have missed many times non-existing verbosity level for usbdevs which would dump at least device descriptor. Would this be desirable enhancement? Best regards, Hannu Vuolasaho 2021-11-14 16:46 UTC+02.00, Kenneth Gober : > On Sun, Nov 14, 2021 at 9:18 AM Sven Wolf >

Re: development best practices

2020-11-28 Thread Hannu Vuolasaho
iting a port is PITA. Naturally that kind of port won't ever get to CVS but for testing and development. Best regards, Hannu Vuolasaho

Extending rtwn(4) to RTL8723BE

2020-03-08 Thread Hannu Vuolasaho
as there are no easily findable changelogs for firmware packages. As there was some preliminary work done to RTL8723BE, has someone gathered info already? Or is the boot linux compile more debugging to driver and figure out what is happening the only slow way? Best regards, Hannu Vuolasaho

Old Sony Vaio and ACPI problem

2014-03-18 Thread hannu . vuolasaho
$SYS $SYS.aml dmesg $SYS.dmesg cd ..;tar czf $SYS.tgz $SYS Best regards, Hannu Vuolasaho