Re: Relayd TLS inspection and SNI

2021-05-21 Thread BS Daemon
54.1% of surveyed sites support TLSv1.2 as their best protocol.   Thanks! > Sent: Friday, May 21, 2021 at 3:08 AM > From: "Stuart Henderson" > To: > Subject: Re: Relayd TLS inspection and SNI > On 2021-05-18, BS Daemon wrote: >> I like using the ba

Relayd TLS inspection and SNI

2021-05-20 Thread BS Daemon
I am hoping that I'm just doing something wrong, but it appears that while relayd supports some Server Name Identification (SNI) functionality, it does not support SNI for it's man-in-the-middle / TLS inspection configuration. Years ago I used relayd to permit access only to certain browsers by