Re: bsdtar -O | --to-stdout

2022-05-26 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2022-05-26, Nick Holland wrote: >> i'm looking for a way to reproduce -O flag in bsdtar/gtar using tar >> or pax but i didn't find one. > > Sounds like you are trying to send tar output (or input) to > stdin/stdout. No, to extract a file to stdout. OpenBSD's tar(1) or pax(1) can't do this.

Re: Please put vi in base

2022-03-12 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Ian Darwin: > It doesn't take that long to learn ed from the "bottom line" of vi, ed(1) is much like an interactive version of sed(1). Which is no coincidence. If you know the basics of sed(1), ed(1) is straightforward. -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: Please put vi in base

2022-03-12 Thread Christian Weisgerber > I know how to use vi, but ed just draws the line. Here's just the book for you: Michael W. Lucas, Ed Mastery -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: Who is responding to my audio volume keys?

2021-12-19 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2021-12-18, "Richard Ulmer" wrote: > This works nicely, but one thing is missing: The volume keys on my > Laptop (ThinkPad T450) don't change the volume when the USB sound card > is used. They work when the internal sound card is used, but I don't > recall ever configuring this. There has to

Re: lpr woes printing a broken pdf

2021-11-02 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Jan Stary: > I don't think it's lpr's fault, so this might not even be the list, > for lpr just sends what it gets (except wrapping it in the cf, df files > of the lpr protocol, right?), but I would still like to know: Exactly. lpr/lpd is just a transport protocol. > is it that gv can somehow

Re: Snapshot generation stalled?

2021-09-01 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Karel Gardas: > installed snapshot on amd64 week or so ago to see how it is working. It's > #195 from Aug 23. During the past few days I've checked from time to time > with sysupgrade (with or without -s) but it always claimed I'm on the latest > snapshot. BTW, I use this to check the date of

Re: Run a command on "last day of month"

2021-09-01 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Goetz Schultz: > I would go the other way and check tomorrows date. If it is "01", then I > know today is the last of this month: > > date --date="tomorrow" +%d > 02 That's not OpenBSD. $ date --date="tomorrow" +%d date: unknown option -- - usage: date [-aju] [-f pformat] [-r seconds]

scp -M sftp

2021-08-03 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Damien Miller: > CVSROOT: /cvs > Module name: src > Changes by: d...@cvs.openbsd.org2021/08/02 17:38:27 > > Modified files: > usr.bin/ssh: scp.1 scp.c > usr.bin/ssh/scp: Makefile > > Log message: > support for using the SFTP protocol for file transfers in scp, via

Re: nmea/udcf recommendation

2021-08-03 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Stuart Henderson: > > I don't have any practical experience with nmea(4), but I'd like > > to draw attention to ldattach(8)'s -t option. Unless your receiver > > offers a pulse per second signal, you are limited to a very jittery > > timestamp from the serial telegram, mirroring udcf's

Re: nmea/udcf recommendation

2021-08-02 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Jan Stary: > playing with ntpd a bit, I am looking for a working > nmea or udcf sensor. Can people please recommend > an easy to use device known to work? The Gude mouseCLOCKs were discontinued years ago, so I don't think you could buy any udcf(4) hardware even if you wanted to, and udcf is

Re: DHCP non-issues

2021-07-19 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Peter J. Philipp: > Would OpenBSD be interested in a daemon that gets nameserver information from > pppoe0 and passes this nameserver information to resolvd(8)? Currently there > is no way to do that, so a userland daemon that uses a bpf device to spy on > pppoe(4) may be worthwhile to write?

DHCP non-issues

2021-07-19 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Look guys, it's simple. If you want IPv6 (SLAAC) autoconfiguration, you set "inet6 autoconf" for that interface. slaacd(8) will then automatically handle things. If you want IPv4 (DHCP) autoconfiguration, you set "inet autoconf" for that interface. dhcpleased(8) will then automatically handle

Re: reposync:host key verification failed

2021-06-06 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2021-06-06, Avon Robertson wrote: > reposync: host key verification failed - see > /var/db/reposync/known_hosts > > The same error was then recorded in my log on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and > 6th of June. The above known_hosts file does not exist on this machine. > The FILES section of reposync(1)

Re: Firefox: glxteset:libpci missing

2021-05-04 Thread Christian Weisgerber
"Peter N. M. Hansteen": > $ Crash Annotation GraphicsCriticalError: |[0][GFX1-]: glxtest: libpci > missing (t=0.395391) [GFX1-]: glxtest: libpci missing > > firefox runs, so it's not fatal. I suspect it's a misclassified > dependency in the package (build vs runtime). FWIW, I see the same

Re: default Offset to 1MB boundaries for improved SSD (and Raid Virtual Disk) partition alignment

2021-04-21 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Tom Smyth: > if you were to have a 1MB file or a database that needed to read 1MB > of data, i > f the partitions are not aligned then > your underlying storage system need to load 2 chunks or write 2 > chunks for 1 MB of data, written, You seem to assume that FFS2 would align a 1MB file on

Re: default Offset to 1MB boundaries for improved SSD (and Raid Virtual Disk) partition alignment

2021-04-20 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Tom Smyth: > just installing todays snapshot and the default offset on amd64 is 64, > (as it has been for as long as I can remember) It was changed from 63 in 2010. > Is it worth while updating the defaults so that OpenBSD partition > layout will be optimal for SSD or other Virtualized RAID

Re: Another potential awk or xargs bug?

2021-04-15 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Jordan Geoghegan: > --- /tmp/bad.txt  Wed Apr 14 21:06:51 2021 > +++ /tmp/good.txt  Wed Apr 14 21:06:41 2021 I'll note that no characters have been lost between the two files. Only the order is different. > The only thing that changed between these runs was me using either xargs -P 1 > or -P

Re: Help with ssh(1) between OpenBSD and iSH/Alpine on iOS

2021-02-06 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Erling Westenvik: > I can ssh FROM any OpenBSD box INTO iSH on my iPhone, and once > authenticated I can ssh back from there to the OpenBSD box or to any > other OpenBSD or Linux box, but! -- From iSH itself (ie. "directly" from > my iPhone) I can only successfully ssh to Linux boxes; if I ssh

Re: libreoffice package broken in -current 3.509

2021-01-17 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2021-01-17, "Nicola Dell'Uomo" wrote: > after upgarding packages from 3.507 to 3.509 in -current, libreoffice > crashes when it starts. This should be fixed with the next amd64 packages snapshot, which will appear sometime on Monday (UTC). -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: phonetics on OpenBSD: IPA transcription

2021-01-08 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2021-01-08, Jan Stary wrote: > How do I install a font that has glyphs for those symbols? > Is there anything for that in ports? The Dejavu font that is included by default covers IPA. It's unlikely that you need to install anything else. And if you do, just install the Noto fonts and be

Re: help needed with httpd.conf and rewrite directive

2021-01-07 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2021-01-07, John McGuigan wrote: > httpd's regex is based on Lua's, the following site will help you figure it > out: Or, you know, the patterns(7) man page. -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: -current amd64 packages not updated? Impatient or broken?

2021-01-07 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Steve Williams: > I hesitate to send this because perhaps I'm just too impatient, but then > again, perhaps not.  This is not critical/time sensitive. > > I just thought I'd check if there a problem with the current packages folder > from the mirrors? No, the amd64 package builds have been

Re: UNIX printing demystified

2020-10-24 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-10-24, Mihai Popescu wrote: > Is there a way to interface LPD directly with GUI apps like Chromium, > mupdf, etc? I mean just to print from GUI menu Print. Those print menus _should_ offer the option to print to lpr. They traditionally did. If they don't now, then this is worth

Re: Router advertisements for dynamic IPv6 prefix

2020-10-15 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-10-14, Fernando Gont wrote: > Set the VL to 30', and the PL to 15'. You could even set the VL to 15', > and the PL to 7.5', if necessary. How does this influence the lifetime of privacy addresses? Even with rad(8)'s defaults, I already need to specify an originating non-privacy

Re: time_t

2020-10-05 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-10-05, Roderick wrote: > The source of my confusion with FreeBSD: > /usr/include/x86/_types.h contains: >typedef __int32_t __time_t; >typedef int __int32_t; $ fgrep time_t /usr/include/x86/_types.h typedef __int64_t __time_t; /* time()... */ typedef

Re: time_t

2020-10-05 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-10-05, "Peter N. M. Hansteen" wrote: > I hadn't looked in a while, but it amazes me that FreeBSD still has > 32-bit time_t. Only on FreeBSD/i386. On all other architectures, time_t is int64_t. See src/sys/*/include/_types.h. -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: iwm0: fatal firmware error on Dell Latitude E5570

2020-09-24 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-09-24, Jan Stary wrote: > This is 6.8-beta/amd64 on a Dell Latitude E5570 (dmesg below). > iwm stopped working, saying > > iwm0: hw rev 0x200, fw ver 34.0.1, address e4:a4:71:40:21:08 > iwm0: fatal firmware error > iwm0: could not remove MAC context (error 35) I've

Re: Understanding of keydisk backup for FDE

2020-08-28 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-08-27, Andreas Menge wrote: > I try to wrap my head around why the FAQ > ( says that one > should create a backup of the keydisk with bs=8192 and skip=1. > > From the FAQ: > > # dd bs=8192 skip=1 if=/dev/rsd1a

Re: i386, parallel port permission error?

2020-08-20 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-08-19, Doug Moss wrote: > I think the problem in lcdproc is in the code from this file (port.h) > > > I am out of my depth with this code. I have never even seen these > calls 'outb' and 'inb' You're saying this as if

Re: gcc not on new OpenBSD 6.7 machine, clang problems

2020-08-17 Thread Christian Weisgerber
"Whiskey T.": > My datacenter installed OpenBSD 6.7 on a new machine: > > # uname -a > OpenBSD machine name 6.7 GENERIC.MP#182 amd64 > > # which gcc > which: gcc: Command not found. > configure:3711: checking whether the C compiler works > configure:3733: ccconftest.c >&5 > ld: error:

Re: scp host:file* /tmp/nonexistent

2020-08-01 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-08-01, Roderick wrote: > It is not documented in 4.4BSD. I suppose this is not original BSD? Public service announcement: The original BSD repository can be browsed here (converted from SCCS): Wanna know what those hippies at Berkeley really did? You

Re: Upgrade old 6.2 but 6.3 SHA256.sig on mirror different

2020-07-22 Thread Christian Weisgerber
"Theo de Raadt": > Johan Mellberg wrote: > > and > > (Canada, as I like to take them from different sources). I then ran: > > The format of the .sig files was changed in a very small way, intentionally, > way back then. You are hitting

Re: Cleaning system's old ibraries/files after update to next -release or -current

2020-07-14 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-07-14, Ottavio Caruso wrote: >> > After system update I found lots of 'old' libraries versions >> > and possibly binaries from previous releases. >> >> If you need to ask, just don't remove them. Those files eat no bread, >> and in some situations, some of the libs may still be in use.

Re: hostname.pppoe0, !/bin/sh when reconnecting

2020-06-17 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-06-17, Lévai, Dániel wrote: > I'm trying to run a script whenever I get a new IP address from my ISP over > pppoe0. They disconnect me occasionally and the router reconnects then, eg.: > /bsd: pppoe: GENERIC ERROR: RP-PPPoE: Child pppd process terminated > /bsd: pppoe0: received

Re: Filling a 4TB Disk with Random Data

2020-06-05 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-06-05, Roderick wrote: >> I'd think that a degausser would also erase the servo tracks which will make >> the disk irrevocably unusable. If that's what you want then just drill holes >> through the disk - it's quicker. > > Or perhaps to put it on an induction cooktop? I always keep a

Re: Issues expanding partition to grow disk

2020-06-02 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-06-02, "Darren S." wrote: > I'm dealing with a VPS on KVM with the disk having been recently > expanded from 50 >> 80 GB. > > Disklabel shows reasonable total sectors: > > # disklabel sd0 > total sectors: 167772160 > boundstart: 64 > boundend: 115330635 The upper boundary is still set

Re: Filling a 4TB Disk with Random Data

2020-06-01 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-06-01, Justin Noor wrote: > Has anyone ever filled a 4TB disk with random data and/or zeros with > OpenBSD? Yes. > How long did it take? I don't remember. Hours. At a plausible 100 MB/s write speed it will take 11 hours. > What did you use (dd, openssl)? Can you share the command

Re: Convert ffs1 to ffs2?

2020-05-20 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-05-20, Christer Solskogen wrote: > Is that possible? umount, dump, newfs, mount, restore -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: OpenBSD insecurity rumors from

2020-05-11 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-05-11, Stuart Longland wrote: > BSD came from the US (University of California), but most of today's > implementations have been very significantly changed since then. BSD built on top of AT UNIX, which came from Bell Labs in New Jersey. -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: More than 16 partitions

2020-04-24 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-04-23, Ian Darwin wrote: > So: I was able to newfs, mount, and use an OpenBSD partition which > disklabel called 'a' and which had no trace of an fdisk partition around it. > > As Allan pointed out, this is not for booting from - none of those > fdisk partitions looks very healthy.

Re: Wine for OpenBSD?

2020-04-11 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-04-11, Nikita Stepanov wrote: > Wine for OpenBSD? At hackathons, we typically ask the French developers to pick out a wine from the menu, but they are pretty reluctant to take on this responsibility. -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: riscv

2020-03-13 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-03-13, "Peter J. Philipp" wrote: > Any developer working on a riscv port and willing to share their unofficial > work for possible future collaboration? I think I'd have heard by now if somebody was, so I'll go out on a limb and say no, nobody's working on a RISC-V port. -- Christian

Re: man to render pure text? (or a pipe in vi macros ?)

2020-03-02 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-03-02, Marc Chantreux wrote: > i felt dumb reading this as i gave a try to the mandoc man. but i just > double checked: > > man mandoc|col -b|grep -w col > > gives me nothing. $ man mandoc|col -b|grep -w col to col(1) -b instead. -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: man to render pure text? (or a pipe in vi macros ?)

2020-03-02 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Marc Chantreux: > > > * is there a way to ask man to deliver pure (non-formatted) text ? > > Pipe its output through "col -b". > > what is the gain of using col over fmt ? It's the designated tool for the job. That fmt also happens to replace sequences character1-backspace-character2 with

Re: man to render pure text? (or a pipe in vi macros ?)

2020-03-02 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Marc Chantreux: > * is there a way to ask man to deliver pure (non-formatted) text ? Pipe its output through "col -b". > * is there a way to introduce a | in vi macros? Yes, by prefixing it with a ^V character. To enter ^V in vi's input mode, press control-V twice. -- Christian "naddy"

Re: setxkbmap cannot completely set compose key

2020-02-20 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Xianwen Chen (陈贤文): > I forgot to report maybe an important piece of information. I use scim > to type in Chinese. I use the default xdm. Here is my .xsession: > > export LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8 > > export XMODIFIERS=@im=SCIM > export GTK_IM_MODULE="scim" > export QT_IM_MODULE="scim" > scim -d I

Re: VLAN or aliases or? best way to isolate untrustable hosts in a small network

2020-02-05 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-02-05, Janne Johansson wrote: >> # /etc/hostname.vlan101 >> description 'WLAN attached untrusted hosts' >> inet vlandev run0 > > VLANs and wifi sounds like a non-starter. Yep, if you're building your access point with OpenBSD. More generally, though, any

Re: VLAN or aliases or? best way to isolate untrustable hosts in a small network

2020-02-05 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Denis, I suspect the fundamental problem is that you don't understand what VLANs are. There should be a lot of articles about this topic on the net; maybe somebody here can recommend a good one. -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: VLAN or aliases or? best way to isolate untrustable hosts in a small network

2020-02-04 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-02-03, Denis wrote: > Some hosts should be limited in internet access and/or local access or > simply be restricted in some way because they are untrusted. > > I'm looking for a possibility to isolate untrusted inside LAN using any > approach applicable. How do people isolate undesirable

Re: Low throughput with 1 GigE interface

2020-01-30 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-01-30, Jordan Geoghegan wrote: > All you're doing is benchmarking the speed of iperf on that machine. I vaguely remember a thread somewhere that concluded that one of these network benchmark tools degenerated into a benchmark of gettimeofday(2), which apparently is very cheap on Linux

Re: Low throughput with 1 GigE interface

2020-01-30 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-01-30, livio wrote: > I am unable to achieve decent throughput with a 1 GigE interface > (Intel I210) on OpenBSD 6.6. When running iperf3 I get around 145Mbit/s. I get more than 30 Mbytes/s over SSH (!) to an APU2. $ scp

Re: Odd /tmp behavior

2020-01-08 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-01-08, Nick Holland wrote: > Weird stuff happens when Softdeps are working as designed. To put it simply: Meta-data writes are delayed. -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: possible SSH algorithm issues?

2020-01-08 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2020-01-08, "lu hu" wrote: > are these real issues? No. -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: thank you for 6.6 and bsd.rd

2019-12-20 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-12-20, "Theo de Raadt" wrote: > well you missed out > > for 6.5 onwards, all you had to was type > > sysmerge > sysupgrade I think that was intended to read syspatch sysupgrade > for 6.6 onwards you'll only need sysupgrade -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: What happened to 6.6/sgi?

2019-12-08 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-12-08, Stefan Hagen wrote: > I was browsing around and noticed that there are no files for the SGI > platform on the mirrors. OpenBSD/sgi has been discontinued. No 6.6 release was built. The mips64 CPU architecture remains alive on the octeon platform. > SGI is mentioned in the

Re: LibreSSL vs. OpenSSL enc command

2019-12-04 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Dieter Rauschenberger: > This was serveral years ago before Libressl was invented. Now I wanted > to decrypt the docs with: > > openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -d < FOO.aes256 > FOO > > This did not work. The password did not work anymore. The default message digest function used for key derivation

Re: iPXE and UEFI boot

2019-12-01 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Christer Solskogen: > > With UEFI and PXE I have successfully netbooted > > * amd64 (Thinkpad X1C5) with BOOTX64.EFI after bluhm@'s recent > > bootdev_dip fix > > Is that already in current? Yes, it was committed five days ago. > I now tried having bsd.rd in tftp root > directory, and

Re: iPXE and UEFI boot

2019-12-01 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-12-01, Christer Solskogen wrote: > I've tried sanboot for iso, but it fails. I *can* get BOOTX64.EFI to start, > but it cant find bsd.rd (perhaps BOOTX64.EFI requires tftpd?), No "perhaps". BOOTX64.EFI uses TFTP to load the kernel, just like pxeboot does. With UEFI and PXE I have

Re: vi in ramdisk?

2019-11-15 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-11-15, Roderick wrote: >> ed is included in the ramdisk, but if your use case is using vi to fix a > > I imagine, it is there for using it in scripts. Interestingly enough, the installer itself does not use ed, as far as I can tell. * I pretty regularly use ed to perform some

Re: Requesting vi tips

2019-10-18 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-10-18, Nam Nguyen wrote: >> Since 'q' is unused in nvi, I have this in my .nexrc: >> map q !}fmt > > I just wanted to add that you can Ctrl-v Enter to produce the ^M at the end. > This way it inputs and executes the command for you. > > It could be like this if you want it to press

Re: Requesting vi tips

2019-10-18 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-10-18, wrote: > I didn't know [how] ! took movement commands. Thanks. I'll have a play > with that one. > > It's not quite M-q (it's M not C) but I'm using vi after all. Since 'q' is unused in nvi, I have this in my .nexrc: map q !}fmt Close enough to emacs's M-q. --

Re: Why regex doesn't work in while loop's condition?

2019-09-06 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-09-06, Andreas Kusalananda Kähäri wrote: >> read x; while [ "$x" != [abc] ]; do echo "Not a, b or c"; break; done > > The shells in the OpenBSD base system do not support matching regular > expressions with that syntax. You may have been thinking of bash, Just to head off crazy rumors:

Re: openrsync out of memory

2019-08-16 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-08-16, Jan Stary wrote: >> Does that mean openrsync tries to mmap() the entire file? >> The machine only has 256MB of memory, but it does transfer >> a test file of 300MB, so that can't be it. > > I forgot about 1GB swap, so that's why it works > for files up to around 1.2G, but not

Re: Postscript printer recommendations

2019-07-13 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-07-13, "Jonathan Drews" wrote: > Hi Folks: I need some recommendations on what brand of printers will > work > with Ghostscript (Postscript). The cartridges for my 15 year old HP > Deskjet have gotten too expensive. I know Xerox makes some > Postscript printers. Are there any other

Re: When will OpenBSD become a friendly place for bug reporters?

2019-07-12 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-07-11, Ingo Schwarze wrote: > Quite likely. I'm so clueless that right now, i can't even seem to get > Compose to work even though i'm sure i had it working in the past. I use "setxkbmap -option compose:ralt" and compose works as expected for me in xterm. Zwölf Boxkämpfer jagen Viktor

Re: ssh-keygen specify max keysize for ed25519

2019-07-04 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-07-03, jungle boogie wrote: > $ ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -b 1000 > Bits has bad value 1000 (too large) That's fine, that's a generic argument parsing error. > $ ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -b 2 > key bits exceeds maximum 16384 That error makes no sense. ED25519 keys have a fixed

Re: The su manual doesn't mention use root account by default

2019-06-13 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-06-13, "Theo de Raadt" wrote: >> I always considered that su is coming from _s_uper _u_ser. But maybe I >> am wrong, I am not from old UNIX days. > > incorrect. > > NAME > su - substitute user identity Well, that's V7, which appears to have engaged in a bit of revisionism together

Re: IPsec bandwidth perf on APU4C4

2019-06-11 Thread Christian Weisgerber
mabi: > Last question hopefully... Reading the iked.conf man page I conclude that all > I need for that is to add to my ikev2 config is the following additional > parameter: > > childsa enc aes-128-gcm Correct. -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: IPsec bandwidth perf on APU4C4

2019-06-10 Thread Christian Weisgerber
mabi: > > enc aes-128-gcm etc. > > That part for the "enc" parameter makes sense to me but what about the "auth" > parameter? No "auth". AES-GCM is an authenticated encryption algorithm, i.e., it handles both encryption and authentication at the same time. Specifying an additional "auth"

Re: IPsec bandwidth perf on APU4C4

2019-06-10 Thread Christian Weisgerber
mabi: > Thanks for the tip regarding the cpu cost of the authentication algorithm. > Now I was wondering how do you use the AES-GCM combo? I can't find any auth > or enc parameters mentioning that combo. enc aes-128-gcm etc. -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: IPsec bandwidth perf on APU4C4

2019-06-10 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-06-10, mabi wrote: > Bypassing the IPsec tunnel I get around 500 Mbit/s of bandwidth throughput > which is quite satisfying. The bandwidth throughput over my IPsec tunnel > achieves a max of 80 Mbit/s which I was sort of expecting with the default > encryption settings (auth

Re: Behaviour of eval in sh(1) and ksh(1) in AND-OR list with set -e

2019-06-06 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-06-05, Andreas Kusalananda Kähäri wrote: > When running under set -e, why does > eval false || echo ok > terminate the script with the execution of eval? I think that's a bug. > then why does the below behave differently? > eval ! true || echo ok That's actually the

Re: Lenovo w/ AMD Ryzen CPU

2019-06-04 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-06-04, Patrick Wildt wrote: > I'd love to have one as well... I hadn't intended to buy a new laptop anytime soon, but the Thinkpad X395 is tempting... -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: amd64 snapshot very broken (Jun 1 02:24:13)

2019-06-03 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-06-01, Christian Weisgerber wrote: > The amd64 snapshot with BUILDINFO > Build date: 1559355853 - Sat Jun 1 02:24:13 UTC 2019 > is very broken. Specifically, the boot loader is broken. Sorry, I forgot to follow up: This has been fixed for more than a day now. -- Christi

amd64 snapshot very broken (Jun 1 02:24:13)

2019-06-01 Thread Christian Weisgerber
The amd64 snapshot with BUILDINFO Build date: 1559355853 - Sat Jun 1 02:24:13 UTC 2019 is very broken. Specifically, the boot loader is broken. If you upgrade and the new boot(8) is installed, you may no longer be able to boot the machine. Recovering from this will require booting from a

Re: Blind OpenBSD users

2019-05-14 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-05-14, Marc Espie wrote: > We also have (had?) a speech synthesis system in > audio/festival We deleted that. Somebody would need to create a new port for a more recent release. > I don't think we have any other speech synthesis open source > software in the ports tree. There's

Re: 6.5 PowerPC Packages

2019-05-12 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-05-09, Christian Weisgerber wrote: > The build has been running for 25 days so far, across two machines, > and the packages will be uploaded once they are finished. I just signed the packages. They'll become available in a day or so. -- Christian "naddy&

Re: 6.5 PowerPC Packages

2019-05-09 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-05-09, Henry Bonath wrote: > I figured that was the case, I suppose I was a little afraid that they > weren't coming! Each release, XY.html (so 65.html now) has a paragraph Many pre-built packages for each architecture: listing the architectures and the respective package count. If

Re: 6.5 PowerPC Packages

2019-05-09 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-05-09, Henry Bonath wrote: > I'm not sure how many folks out there are PowerPC users, but I was > just curious if anyone had an idea on if or when we might see those > out in the mirrors. The build has been running for 25 days so far, across two machines, and the packages will be

Re: headphone volume levels cannot be manipulated by mixerctl

2019-04-28 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-04-27, Christian Weisgerber wrote: > It is my theoretical understanding that USB audio gadgets typically > come with a uhid(4) device, as does yours above, and you would use > usbhidctl(1) to list and manipulate the available controls. No, that is wrong. Looking over uaudio

Re: headphone volume levels cannot be manipulated by mixerctl

2019-04-27 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-04-27, Levente wrote: > The headphone in question is the Platronics RIG 500 HD, which connects > through the USB port (instead of 3.5mm jacks). > mixerctl output is provided below along with dmesg. Your headphones, which are really a USB audio adapter with attached headphones, are a

Re: One-shot upgrade script

2019-04-27 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-04-27, Kevin Chadwick wrote: > How difficult would it be to have a sysupgrade flag to What sysupgrade and the unattended upgrade do is they automate an upgrade with ALL DEFAULT settings. Like only pressing enter in the installer's (U)pgrade mode. If you want non-defaults, then you

Re: One-shot upgrade script

2019-04-25 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-04-24, Christian Weisgerber wrote: > With florian@'s additions in -current, I have now extended the > script to download the sets and kick off an unattended upgrade. ... and this has now been supplanted by /usr/sbin/sysupgrade. -- Christian "naddy&

Re: One-shot upgrade script

2019-04-25 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Vijay Sankar: > Tested it on a system running I'm not asking for tests. It's just a little script I find helpful to make use of the unattended upgrade functionality that was added to -current. I posted the script because somebody else might find it useful, too. Or use it as a starting point

One-shot upgrade script

2019-04-24 Thread Christian Weisgerber
I don't remember if I ever posted it, but I've been using an "upgrade" script to download bsd.rd, verify it, move it to /bsd, and reboot. With florian@'s additions in -current, I have now extended the script to download the sets and kick off an unattended upgrade. In the best case, you simply run

Re: ssh-keygen(1) fingerprint hashes

2019-03-31 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-03-31, wrote: > ssh-keygen's available hashes are md5, sha1, sha256, sha384, and > sha512 (See digest-{openssl,libc}.c). ssh-keygen(1)'s man page > shows valid fingerprint hashes as only md5 and sha256. All these > hashes[1] were available when the man page

xhci isochronous transfers (was: Re: CVS: src)

2019-03-16 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-03-15, Patrick Wildt wrote: > CVSROOT: /cvs > Module name: src > Changes by: 2019/03/15 17:20:35 > > Modified files: > sys/dev/usb: xhci.c > > Log message: > Improve and enable isochronous transfers in xhci(4). [...] Wow, that appears to be the

Re: Meinberg Funkuhren DCF77 clocks

2019-03-13 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Peter J. Philipp: > Thanks for your reply. I mailed meinberg whether they give out datasheets to > their products so that I can modify the driver. If I don't manage to make the > new one working, is there interest by german or european developers to take > on the hardware or money to buy their

Re: How to make X listen tcp again?

2019-03-09 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-03-09, Roderick wrote: > The default changed, X does not receive Tcp connections. In addition, the default /etc/pf.conf blocks connections to the X11 server: # By default, do not permit remote connections to X11 block return in on ! lo0 proto tcp to port 6000:6010 -- Christian

Re: Meinberg Funkuhren DCF77 clocks

2019-03-08 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-03-08, "Peter J. Philipp" wrote: > I'm wondering if this particular USB clock is supported in OpenBSD. > > it's predecessor is the USB5131 model, which is supported under the > umbg(4) driver. (I hate "I don't know

Re: does crypto softraid implies disk integrity check?

2019-02-13 Thread Christian Weisgerber
Solene Rapenne: > When using a bioctl crypto softraid, as blocks are encrypted > on the disk, does it mean the system can detect if disk has > been altered when reading a block? No. Crypto softraid uses AES-XTS, which does not include any sort of integrity or authentication check. (This would

Re: Modern CPUs AES-NI enabling system wide

2019-02-03 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-02-03, Stuart Henderson wrote: >> If your CPU supports AES-NI, the kernel and base software will use it by >> default. > > You do need to pick suitable ciphers though. And it is only supported > on OpenBSD/amd64 not OpenBSD/i386. Only the kernel support (IPsec, softraid crypto) is

Re: Slow VPN Performance

2019-01-21 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-01-21, Radek wrote: > ikev2 quick active esp from $local_gw to $remote_gw \ > from $local_lan to $remote_lan peer $remote_gw \ > ikesa auth hmac-sha1 enc aes-128 prf hmac-sha1 group modp1024 \ > childsa enc aes-128-ctr \ > psk "pass" > > That increased VPN throughput up to 750KB/s but it

Re: console radeondrm default font change

2019-01-04 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2019-01-04, Mihai Popescu wrote: > Can someone tell me a font close to this to use for xterm in X? ports/fonts/spleen -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: Error output from ndp -an

2018-12-28 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2018-12-28, Denis Fondras wrote: >> I'm using OpenBSD 6.4 on a pcengines apu2 box as a router/firewall for a >> CenturyLink DSL (pppoe) connection. >> >> [aaron@apu2] ~$ ndp -an >> Neighbor Linklayer Address Netif ExpireS >> Flags >> ndp:

Re: pkg_add source code modification

2018-12-15 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2018-12-15, Mihai Popescu wrote: > I want to modify the char used for pkg_add (and other pkg_ suite) > progress bar from "*" to "|" but i am unable to figure out where is > the actual code for this. I managed to found /usr/sbin/pkg_add but > there are another links in there, and perl for me

Re: undefined symbol tgetent

2018-11-12 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2018-11-12, Michael Steeves wrote: > I've updated my system to the latest snapshot, and then upgraded all the > packages (and rebooted for good measure), but I still see these errors. I > assume there's no simple fix for this, and I'd need to either file bugs (and > wait until they're fixed),

Re: No mips64el in 6.4 package

2018-11-11 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2018-11-11, Lingyun Zheng wrote: > There is no "mips64el" directory under > > Do we have any plan to add it? Once the packages have finished building, yes. -- Christian "naddy" Weisgerber

Re: Easiest way to automatically run a script after reboot

2018-11-10 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2018-11-10, Steve Williams wrote: > I have a script that I would like run after all the network is > configured, daemons started, etc. > > I looked at rc.local, but am not sure what is actually started after the > rc.local runs. Let's take a look at /etc/rc: ... [[ -f /etc/rc.local ]]

Re: colorls: How to make the blue bright for readability, and a note about its origins

2018-11-05 Thread Christian Weisgerber
On 2018-11-05, Joseph Mayer wrote: > This is how to make OpenBSD's colorls show directories bright blue, > instead of dark blue which may be too dark to be readable on some > screens: This is a general problem with the primitive 8/16-color system from ECMA-48 ("ANSI colors"). Some text colors

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