ACPI / Toshiba laptop issues

2014-06-01 Thread Devin Smith
Hi, I've been trying to use OpenBSD on an older (2009) Toshiba laptop but I am running into some difficulty with ACPI. What appears to be happening is that as soon as the \_PIC method is invoked inside acpimadt the machine usually just reboots (with the May 31st snapshot it now no longer reboots,

cardbus/cardslot not working with acpi kernel

2008-07-30 Thread Devin Smith
Hi, For a while now I've been unable to get my cardbus controller to recognize a card insertion or card ejection event. Or at least the kernel does not print out any messages that seem to indicate that the controller is even working. The controller recognizes a card has been inserted only if a

Re: Firefox

2008-04-07 Thread Devin Smith
Jacob Meuser wrote: or, quit using firefox. it's security record is rather lousy, wouldn't you agree? That's a stupid outlook on things... was released in July, that's a hell of a long time between April, exploits in depencies are bound to show up in that time frame.

Re: Any other Java developers?

2008-03-11 Thread Devin Smith
Hello, Are there any other Java developers using OpenBSD as their native platform? ~Mayuresh Hi, I'm using Java (well actually the Kaffe port) to do J2ME development as a hobby. Currently I have a problem with getting any J2ME emulator to run under kaffe, but

Re: ACPI regression on i386 ?

2007-07-18 Thread Devin Smith
Hello, i've been happily testing acpi following -current since six or seven months, and i've noticed a little regressions : - before June, it worked perfectly, halt -p power-offs the machine, i have acpi detected in dmesg. - after around start of June, halt -p doesn't poweroff the machine

Re: Embedded system - which ?

2007-06-03 Thread Devin Smith
What about using the EFIKA board? ( Seems like it would meet all the requirements that Uwe was looking for. Oh and it's a PPC system on a chip. Not x86. I believe it works with NetBSD.