Re: OpenBSD alternatives to Pi-Hole

2020-06-15 Thread Jon Tabor
ed the script I have to include a whitelist file, as my wife keeps finding sites that simply won't work properly. It simply calls sed to remove lines from the unbound-adhosts.conf file Works great. I also set up pf to redirect all DNS queries to my local instance of unbound, so you can't easily bypass it (unless you use DNS over HTTPS). Jon Tabor

Re: Home NAS

2019-11-14 Thread Jon Tabor
with OpenBSD than FreeBSD, and my desire to run my favorite OS in a meaningful way. I say go for it, and (like all systems) make sure your backups are good (that means test them periodically). -- Jon Tabor "I desire peace. I also *require* freedom. Not only for m

Re: RS-232 serial to ethernet

2019-04-08 Thread Jon Tabor
I have one of these, but I really only use it to connect the old VIC-20 to BBS systems. It works alright, but it's a bit funky in it's implementation.  As others have said, it's completely plaintext; everything is sent in the clear.   You'd be telnetting (not ssh) into it. How much do you trust

Re: tmux redrawing issues after switch to 6.4

2019-01-08 Thread Jon Tabor
/solve > this? > > Thanks in advance, > > Thomas > What's your TERM variable set to? I've seen/read about issues if TERM is set to something like xterm-256color. You might try changing it to screen-256color and see if the problem goes away. -- Jon Tabor | tab...@obsolete.

Re: Selling things through the mailing list allowed? I have compatible THIN CLIENTS for Firewall / Router appliance use Available

2018-08-30 Thread Jon Tabor
nger believeI'm qualified to speak on topics of technology. I might try > driving trucks for a living. At least then I don't have to think. > > Yep, right there with ya. So, ah...what's everyone using for mail filtering these days? Spamassassin? ClamAV? Something else entirely?

Re: Need an advice: Raspberry Pi3 B+ or Pine64 ROCK64

2018-08-27 Thread Jon Tabor
k as a board to tinker with, rather than having it full-time as necessary device. -- Jon Tabor 'There is a saying: There is no such thing as overkill. There is only “Open fire!” and “Reloading!”' ― John Ringo, The Hot Gate

Re: Conundrum with pf

2018-08-21 Thread Jon Tabor
ple fresh installs over the last few months as I got my home network in shape, I can confirm that /etc/sysct.conf is not present by default and needs to be created manually if needed. -- Jon Tabor 'There is a saying: There is no such thing as overkill. T