Re: The case of the phantom reboot

2021-03-28 Thread Kristjan Komloši
ther troubleshooting clues. dn What kind of a machine is it running on? I remember having reboot problems on certain HP and Supermicro servers with hardware watchdogs. -- Kristjan Komloši

Re: Resurrecting the Dead

2021-03-23 Thread Kristjan Komloši
Hi, thanks for the insightful article, I also really liked the VRF OpenVPN guide, I'll try to implement it with my VPN provider some day... I think you've got some really good content going on on your blog. Best regards Kristjan Komlosi On 3/21/21 6:34 PM, Lari Huttunen wrote: All, I wrote

Re: news from my (probably not) hacked box

2020-04-02 Thread Kristjan Komloši
Thanks for catching that! Apparently I forgot how pf works... It really is getting late :/ On Thu, Apr 2, 2020, 23:22 jeanfrancois wrote: > It used to be this pf.conf would work (possibly not on latest version): > > block in all > pass out all keep state > > Pass out keeps states from

Re: UEFI Issue

2019-07-19 Thread Kristjan Komloši
ry disabling secure boot if you haven't done so already, and try chainloading OpenBSD through a boot manager like rEFInd (I've been booting OpenBSD with it for a long time, albeit with CSM support). -- Kristjan Komloši Mail: Tel: +386 31 679 339

Re: Qemu Agent assistance needed

2019-04-28 Thread Kristjan Komloši
On Sun, 2019-04-28 at 11:10 +, Strahil Nikolov wrote: > Hi All, > I am new to openBSD and I really like the idea. Sadly I do not have > suitable hardware to run on , thus I use KVM and I would be happy if > anyone hint me of a working solution for Qemu Guest Agent. > Anything I dig up (via

Re: Common Lisp and OpenBSD

2018-11-25 Thread Kristjan Komloši
eciate any help with getting started contributing to OpenBSD. > I found a guide at There is also a ports mailing list. -- Kristjan Komloši -- Dobite me lahko preko/you can contact me through: Mail (šola/school): Mail (privat/priva

uvm_fault on HP T5740

2018-11-12 Thread Kristjan Komloši
ess point), so I don't believe that the machine itself is faulty. What would be the next step at solving this problem? -- Thanks in advance Kristjan Komloši -- Dobite me lahko preko/you can contact me through: Mail (šola/school): Mail (privat/private): kristjan.koml...@

Re: Replacing old versions of Android with OpenBSD

2018-10-29 Thread Kristjan Komloši
ff at first -- it would be more > than enough just to see OpenBSD booting on an ex-Android device. > > -j. > -- > +358-404-177133 (24/7) > > > -- Kristjan Komloši

Re: Dell PowerEdge R410 not booting 6.4

2018-10-25 Thread Kristjan Komloši
er reboots. Any idea what that could > be? > > > > This server is from around 2011 and has two Intel E5620 CPUs. I already > > tried disabling hyperthreading, booting single user mode (boot -s), > booting > > the boot.sp image but so far no luck... > > > > Regards, > > Mabi > > > > > > > > > > > > > -- Kristjan Komloši