Fwd: Re: man netstart(8) OpenBSD-6.8

2020-10-27 Thread Luke Call
icated information, man page wording like "such as" > > > could be used, also something which leads people to consider the script > > > source as authoritative, ie. have them go read the script > > > > ok, here is a start. > > i have left the des

Re: multiple simultaneous X sessions?

2020-08-25 Thread Luke Call
(though I realize ssh -X doesn't hide mouse events or prevent clipboard sharing, or some such IIRC), and that the total attack surface isn't much larger, etc. -- Luke Call "...I, the Lord, justify you...in befriending that law which is the constitutional law of the land Wherefore, when the wick

Re: multiple simultaneous X sessions?

2020-08-24 Thread Luke Call
how I understand Xnest and Xephyr? (This is not in any way a complaint or criticism, just a question. I like obsd for considered reasons. :) Thanks again, Luke Call

Re: FreeBSD daemon(8)-like command for OpenBSD

2020-01-31 Thread Luke Call
The list might not like this but: Under your circumstances, I would collect the various ideas in this thread (including scripting possibly with nohup and/or bash's disown), the "pgrep || " idea somebody wrote, and whatever else is useful from the thread, and just make it work with careful testing

Re: What is you motivational to use OpenBSD

2019-09-01 Thread Luke Call
, which I haven't regretted (and I now prefer since they are part of base). -- Luke Call Things I want to say to many (a lightly-loading site): http://lukecall.net (updated 2019-08-27) On 09-01 12:18, Strahil Nikolov wrote: > I'm a "linux guy" who wants a little bit more security..

Re: Evernote Alternative?

2019-06-28 Thread Luke Call
be better in the future I hope.) -- Luke Call Things I want to say to many (a lightly-loading site): http://lukecall.net (updated 2019-06-21)

Re: can't start X in 6.4

2018-10-27 Thread Luke Call
On 10-27 13:35, Theo de Raadt wrote: > Switch to using xenodm for startup. That worked; thanks *very* much. (I am guessing that xenodm handles some things well, that could be configured correctly with more difficulty using still-supported startx and related utilities. Feel free to ignore,

Re: new kind of info organizer, on OpenBSD: OneModel

2016-01-28 Thread luke call
On 01/28/16 02:41, Craig Skinner wrote: > Have a dig about /usr/ports/productivity/ > > I use taskwarrior, which has tasksh. Thanks for the tip. Maybe I'm presenting OneModel in the wrong way. Its vision is much bigger than task management, but I'm not sure how to best make that clear to the

new kind of info organizer, on OpenBSD: OneModel

2016-01-27 Thread luke call
Short version: I have carefully tested OpenBSD installation instructions for an extremely flexible personal organizer program. It does things differently, is text-mode/keyboard only (for now), doesn't require X, and is very efficient to use. It doesn't have pretty knobs and buttons but is very