Re: IPv4 & IPv6 CIDR subnet calculator

2019-09-27 Thread Magnus Wild
On Wed, Sep 25, 2019 at 02:43:55AM -0700, Mark Jamsek wrote: > > I’ve created a subnet calculator for both IPv4 and IPv6 written in C. > I've tried it, and it seems to work well. Pretty handy tool! Thanks for sharing! /Magnus

Re: recent troubles with iwn(4)

2019-09-08 Thread Magnus Wild
On Sun, 2019-09-08 at 20:31 +, Bryan Stenson wrote: > I'm running -CURRENT and the iwn(4) driver for my wireless > card. Over > the past year, this has been working great, but recently (within the > last month or so), I've had issues where the NIC just stops working > after a few hours of

Re: What is you motivational to use OpenBSD

2019-08-29 Thread Magnus Wild
On 8/28/19 4:32 PM, Mohamed salah wrote: I wanna put something in discussion, what's your motivational to use OPENBSD what not other bsd's what not gnu/Linux, if something doesn't work fine on openbsd and you love this os so much what will do? I enjoy using it because of it's clean design.