Re: Global IPv4 with ARP and wireguard peers

2021-05-13 Thread Rafael Possamai
>Has anyone tried to get something like this to work?
>I dont get why it works for a while and then suddenly stops working!?

Not with hacky ARP entries. I'd see if Frantech can get you a routed /30 or /29 
with your main v4 address as next hop. It's essentially same thing with v6, 
they route a /48 to your v6 address after you set it to next hop in the routed 
subnet settings (and configure the VM with that v6 address).

Re: How to split (A/B) test landing pages using httpd(8)

2021-04-20 Thread Rafael Possamai
>Does anyone know if it's possible to rotate/alternate between two
>files for the same given request path, using just httpd?

It might be a cleaner implementation if you use relayd(8) to load balance 
requests, there's also relayctl(8) which you could use to gather diagnostics, 

Personally, I have never attempted this with httpd alone.

Re: The case of the phantom reboot

2021-04-01 Thread Rafael Possamai
>One of my systems rebooted at 03:01 local time today.

Do you happen to have a cat nearby?

Re: ssl/libssl certificate validation broken?

2020-10-22 Thread Rafael Possamai
>Hi Bob, it was in the middle of the night and I got quite kinda stressed
>because all services depending on our ldap proxy stopped working after the
>upgrade and it took me a while to figure the problem out.

Perhaps this is unsolicited advice, but maybe you can setup a test system 
first, perform major upgrade on it to make sure everything works. If so, then 
do it in production. 

Re: Any experience with 10Gbe?

2020-10-14 Thread Rafael Possamai
>I'm supporting a small business who needs more bandwidth due to the 
>work-from-home >situation. They've asked me to help them do the upgrade to 
>10Gbe. I'd preferto keep them on an >OpenBSD router, since I love how liuttle 
>maintenance it needs, but I can't find any accounts of >someone actually 
>managing to get close to line speed above 1 Gbe.
>I don't want to just buy expensive hardware and hope that it works. Has anyone 
>here been able >to get close to 10 Gb/s networking with OpenBSD? I don't need 
>to be able to have more than a >few pf-rules.

There is a talk on YouTube about using a few OpenBSD boxes with 10gb, maybe 
this helps somewhat. 

Re: Routing and forwarding: directly connected computers

2020-09-03 Thread Rafael Possamai
>1) Why is this little test not working?
>2) How should I configure pf.conf (and maybe rc.conf.local with route 
>commands) to allow computers >communicate with each other (including Computer1 
>with Computer5, thru Computer2)? In every information I >have found this is 
>automatically done with DHCP, which I won't use, or BGP-4, RIP,OSPF,etc., 
>which I will neither >use because these addresses and routes will be static.

You can assign a /30 between the router and each computer, they can be adjacent 
within a larger subnet, but not overlap. Enable forwarding of packets between 
interfaces, and instead of using NAT, you can have the upstream configure a 
static route pointing to your subnets, or to a single aggregated subnet that 
encompasses all of them. If you are manually configuring each device on the 
network you won't need DHCP.

Re: Can I boot without GPU ("headless")?

2020-08-31 Thread Rafael Possamai
>> But wasn't the conclusion of this discussion that you can just buy
>> one, connect it to computer only for booting, and then disconnect
>> it and use on another one?
>He needs to be able to enter the encryption key at boot time.
>Opening up the case and temporarily installing the motherboard
>serial cable doesn't seem like a good solution.

This may or may not sound stupid, but wouldn't an USB security key perhaps work 
for this use case? No keyboard or serial port needed.

Re: install of 6.7 failed on acer Swift

2020-08-28 Thread Rafael Possamai
>Restart now ... Use EFI USB device.  After about a minute of black
>screen I got a "Security boot fail: message with icon.

You may have to disable BIOS secure boot option, and in some instances to 
enable the option to make this change you have to set a master/supervisor 
password first, then disable secure boot and try again.

Re: Microsoft's war on plain text email in open source

2020-08-26 Thread Rafael Possamai
>- Original message -
>From: Greg Thomas 
>"... he had to set up an entirely new mail client which didn’t mangle his
>email message to HTML-ise... That’s a barrier to entry that’s pretty
>Wow.  Life's rough.

Most desktop/web email clients I've ever used have plain-text mode for 

Re: FAQ file sets missing cmdbox

2020-08-25 Thread Rafael Possamai
On Tue, 25 Aug 2020 at 00:05, Greg Thomas  wrote:
> I'm getting pretty old and struggle with stuff like this more and more these 
> days but I don't see what is "very difficult to follow" about the current 
> layout, and  I'm not sure what's weird about it either?

>>See if these photos illustrate the problem more clearly:

There seems to be a difference in rendering with Chromium vs Firefox. The issue 
you present with Firefox doesn't seem to happen with Chromium. 

Re: FAQ file sets missing cmdbox

2020-08-25 Thread Rafael Possamai
>FWIW firefox (79.0) renders everything correctly at any width, including
>on "device simulation" mode.  I have an old Android (5.1) device around
>with a 480x854 screen and Chrome 79 also displays everything properly.

Just tested on Firefox, both on desktop and mobile (android). On desktop the 
indentations render as expected, and on mobile it's formatted more like a table 
(justified). I don't see an issue here, and not sure if it's worth "fixing" the 
FAQ for every fringe end-user scenario.

Personally I can get along with minor formatting issues, my main concern being 
the content itself.

Re: Home NAS

2019-11-15 Thread Rafael Possamai
My experience with ZFS (FreeNAS for the most part) is that it becomes more
"expensive" to expand your pool after the fact (for a couple of different
reasons, see below), but if 5TB is all you're ever going to need in this
specific case, I think you should be fine and can take advantage of ZFS
features like you said.

I have sources for this at home (a couple of articles and link to a forum
thread), but these are saved on my desktop at home. Just let me know and
I'll share them with you later.

On Thu, Nov 14, 2019, 8:27 AM Jan Betlach  wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I am setting up a home NAS for five users. Total amount of data stored
> on NAS will not exceed 5 TB.
> Clients are Macs and OpenBSD machines, so that SSHFS works fine from
> both (no need for NFS or Samba).
> I am much more familiar and comfortable with OpenBSD than with FreeBSD.
> My dilema while stating the above is as follows:
> Will the OpenBSD’s UFS stable and reliable enough for intended
> purpose? NAS will consist of just one encrypted drive, regularly backed
> to hardware RAID encrypted two-disks drive via rsync.
> Should I byte the bullet and build the NAS on FreeBSD taking advantage
> of ZFS, snapshots, replications, etc? Or is this an overkill?
> BTW my most important data is also backed off-site.
> Thank you in advance for your comments.
> Jan