Re: What determines source IP of traffic from OpenBSD box ?

2021-02-26 Thread Remco
On 26-02-2021 11:53, Rachel Roch wrote: Hi Let's say I'm running "pkg_add -u" on a OpenBSD-based router with multiple interfaces. What determines the source IP ? Building on that, there is no "source interface" flag for pkg_add like there is for ping and certain others.  Is there a way for

Re: Show driver attached to a PCI device

2020-05-01 Thread Remco
On 01-05-2020 13:49, Andrey Ponomarenko wrote: Hello,� Is there a way to show driver attached to a PCI device?� The pcidump utility doesn't show attached drivers.� Thanks.� Andrey� I think the following should show you something reasonable for the currently running kernel: grep "at pci"

Re: RNG question

2019-07-30 Thread Remco
On 30-07-19 09:51, Peter J. Philipp wrote: Hi, I had considered doing some programming in visual studio on windows and I really miss the easy arc4random*() routines there. You may be able to get the arc4ramdon interface on systems other than OpenBSD by extracting the necessary files from:

Re: One-shot upgrade script

2019-04-25 Thread Remco
On 25-04-19 01:02, Christian Weisgerber wrote: I don't remember if I ever posted it, but I've been using an "upgrade" script to download bsd.rd, verify it, move it to /bsd, and reboot. With florian@'s additions in -current, I have now extended the script to download the sets and kick off an

Re: pip install (python3) requires some development libraries

2018-08-27 Thread Remco
Op 08/27/18 om 12:09 schreef Максим: Sorry, I was wrong. There is a file "lber.h" on the system (/usr/local/include/lber.h) But the installer doesn't seem to know where to find it. So the question remains. -- Maksim Rodin Maybe you need to use the CFLAGS -I option to include

Re: Daily insecurity output on valid users using key with valid shell and without password.

2018-07-01 Thread Remco
Op 07/01/18 om 19:22 schreef Daniel Ouellet: I find this annoying and sometime I over look this because I always get the example: == Running security(8): Checking the /etc/master.passwd file: Login share is off but still has a valid shell and alternate access files in home

Re: Documenting library promises.

2018-04-07 Thread Remco
Op 04/06/18 om 16:57 schreef Kristaps Dzonsons: Hi folks, Short: what do you recommend for documenting an external library's pledge(2) requirements? Longer: The question raised in this... um... toot?... is which promises are required by an

spontaneous reboot during upgrade using bsd.rd on VIA C3.

2017-10-17 Thread Remco
/2.00 addr 3 uhidev0: iclass 3/1 ukbd0 at uhidev0: 8 variable keys, 6 key codes wskbd1 at ukbd0 mux 1 wskbd1: connecting to wsdisplay0 uhidev1 at uhub4 port 4 configuration 1 interface 0 "vendor 0x15ca USB Optical Mouse" rev 2.00/5.12 addr 4 uhidev1: iclass 3/1 ums0 at uhidev1: 3 bu

Re: 6.1 syspatch installed SP kernel on MP system

2017-05-03 Thread Remco
Antoine, I noticed "/obsd" on my system. Does it make sense to handle this as "previously installed kernel" as part of a kernel update ? AFAICT this is how the manual procedure works as well. Regards, Remco

Re: OpenBSD as a non-routing access point

2017-04-08 Thread Remco
Op 04/08/17 om 00:06 schreef Jordon: My new wifi adapter finally arrived today (AR9271) so I want to give hostap a try with its new 802.11n support. Unfortunately, all the examples I’ve found center around creating a router/AP when all I want to make is an AP - as in, no DHCP or routing. I

Re: Is privilege separated TLS protocol handling of interest ?

2017-01-10 Thread Remco
Op 01/10/17 om 08:17 schreef Theo de Raadt: I also worry about one process that does decapsulation, on behalf of others. Now all the risk is in one place, and an attack against it which can remain persistant is very worrying - it can see all future traffic. Just in case there is a

Is privilege separated TLS protocol handling of interest ?

2017-01-09 Thread Remco
hard drive not really doing anything useful. Regards, Remco

Syntax / parsing problem IPv6 nat-to filter rule in PF

2016-10-12 Thread Remco van den Berg
119 nat-to { 2A01:1234:5678:9ABC::1, 2A01:1234:5678:9ABC::2, 2A01:1234:5678:9ABC::3, 2A01:1234:5678:9ABC::4 } round-robin You can imagine I prefer the first shown, shorter syntax. But why doesn't it work? Who can tell me how it should be formatted? Regards, Remco van den Berg

Re: Updated documentation question: pkg_add manpage

2016-09-09 Thread Remco
Op 09/05/16 om 05:01 schreef LenLynch: Thanks for all the updates to the man pages and documentation! Is there any special about the pkg_add man page? I followed the guidance for upgrading from 5.9 to 6.0 and removed the old directory for man pages, You did that before starting the actual

Re: Problem using RFID reader (ucom0 at uslcom0 portno 0)

2016-08-29 Thread Remco
Op 08/29/16 om 14:28 schreef Martijn Rijkeboer: Hi, I'm having trouble using the Stronglink SL500 RFID reader with OpenBSD. The SL500 is a USB based RFID reader that attaches to ucom. When I write data to it and try to read the response, I'm often getting wrong results. Sometimes the program

Re: convert rsa public key to hex

2016-01-20 Thread Remco
Marko Cupa? wrote: > Hi, > > I'm trying to set up ipsec-protected gre tunnel from OpenBSD to Cisco, > and - not only thanks to all the useful advices I got in my earlier > thread, but > also 10x to

Re: multiple headphone sockets and sndiod on Lenovo M83/Tiny-in-One 23

2015-09-19 Thread Remco
mark hellewell wrote: > Hi, > > I have a Lenovo M83 dropped into a Tiny-in-One 23 and would like to find > out how to get headphone audio working through the socket on the side > of the Tiny-in-One screen. > > Headphone sensing and output works by default when I plug headphones > in to the

Re: sndio non-blocking with kqueue

2015-02-25 Thread Remco
Sam Good wrote: From sndio design, it looks like non-blocking (like in sio_write) can be done with poll. sio_pollfd can be used to obtain the pollfd struct which contains the file descriptor fd. The fd descriptor seems to be equivalent to the unix stream for the sound playing device. Would

Re: hardware support

2015-02-25 Thread Remco
Joseph Oficre wrote: I got this with VESA driver enabled: [ 1011.000] (WW) checkDevMem: failed to open /dev/xf86 and /dev/mem (Operation not permitted) Check that you have set 'machdep.allowaperture=1' in /etc/sysctl.conf and reboot your machine refer to

Re: man shutdown 8 diff in BSDs

2015-01-20 Thread Remco
Christian Weisgerber wrote: --- shutdown.c 16 Jan 2015 06:40:01 - 1.38 +++ shutdown.c 19 Jan 2015 12:03:03 - @@ -134,6 +134,7 @@ main(int argc, char *argv[]) nosync = 1; break; case 'p': +dohalt = 1; dopower = 1; break; case 'r': I

Re: man shutdown 8 diff in BSDs

2015-01-20 Thread Remco
Ted Unangst wrote: On Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 19:29, Remco wrote: Christian Weisgerber wrote: --- shutdown.c 16 Jan 2015 06:40:01 - 1.38 +++ shutdown.c 19 Jan 2015 12:03:03 - @@ -134,6 +134,7 @@ main(int argc, char *argv[]) nosync = 1; break; case 'p

Re: man shutdown 8 diff in BSDs

2015-01-19 Thread Remco
f5b wrote: Want Power off host at the specified time using shutdown OpenBSD # shutdown -ph 1501161730 other BSDs # shutdown -p 1501161730 Why? Will we sync? man shutdown 8 in OpenBSD -h The system is halted at the specified time when shutdown

Re: OpenBSD sound system

2014-12-19 Thread Remco
Alfonso Sabato Siciliano wrote: hello, I am willing to know the sound system of OpenBSD, so I started to read the manpages. I summarized with a graph below, it is right? I'm not the expert but it seems about right to me. I think you could draw two additional connections for raw device

Re: problems compiling i386 from source (patching)

2014-12-12 Thread Remco wrote: I applied the newest unbound patch to several amd64 machines without trouble, and have had issues on several of my i386 boxes. The initial error was probably the same as below, but led me to believe I may have had some kind of kernel or system frankenbox behavior. I

Re: enumerate sndio devices

2014-10-30 Thread Remco
In article you wrote: I feel as if i am overlooking somthing obvious, but.. Is there a way to list sndio endpoints? Unless someone has a better idea, I think you need to look at your dmesg. Look for lines audioN at whatever. The audioN device should correspond

Re: 5.6-beta graphics on MacMini

2014-07-27 Thread Remco
Jan Stary wrote: This is 5.6-beta on a MacMini (see dmesg bellow). Once OpenBSD boots, it works fine, but the Radeon graphics radeondrm0 at pci0 dev 16 function 0 ATI Radeon 9200 rev 0x01 gets the GPU acceleration disabled. Indeed, when playing a movie with mplayer the image lags behind the

Re: Change default audiodevice in OpenBSD-current

2014-06-03 Thread Remco
Johan Svensson wrote: I am trying to change my default output device from my builtin soundcard to an usb soundcard which is an output only device. I have tried: # audioctl -f /dev/audio1 audioctl: /dev/audio1: Device not configured It seems this device does not exist from the kernel's

Re: getaddrinfo(3) chroot(2) with root

2014-05-15 Thread Remco
Denis Fondras wrote: Hello all, I am burning my last neurons with a behavior I can't explain. I wonder why getaddrinfo() fails when called after chroot() with root user. I have this piece of code : ... error = getaddrinfo(, NULL, NULL, ai_out); if

Re: Weird disklabel problem

2014-05-01 Thread Remco
fdisk before Disk: /dev/rsd0cgeometry: 121601/255/63 [1953523055 Sectors] Offset: 0 Signature: 0xAA55 Starting Ending LBA Info: #: id C H S - C H S [ start:size ]

Re: Problem booting OpenBSD-current AMD64

2014-04-30 Thread Remco
Martijn Rijkeboer wrote: I've installed OpenBSD-current AMD64 on my new computer without problems, but as soon as I reboot the system, it freezes in the post. The only way to go past the post is wiping the first few megabytes of the harddisk using another computer and than start again. After

Re: OpenSMTPD exits with value 1 when clients attempd to authenticate

2014-04-11 Thread Remco
Gregor Best wrote: Hi people, I'm running OpenSMTPD 5.4.3 from -current on my private mail server. After a recent update, using authentication for sending mail cause smtpd to exit with exit value 1. A (stripped down) configuration that exhibits the issue is the following: pki server

Re: pf.conf - block in all - seems to be ignored

2014-04-06 Thread Remco
Mario Kothe wrote: ... block drop in all pass all flags S/SA keep state (if-bound) ... It's been a while since I played with PF but doesn't the 'pass' rule cancel the effect of the 'block' rule in this case ?

Re: radeondrm errors (amd64) - Hoping bad things won't really happen

2014-03-01 Thread Remco
(forgot to send this to the list) --- Scott Vanderbilt wrote: I just upgraded a machine from source today. Using snapshots might be a safer bet, unless you have good reason to use sources instead. I then found a lot of interesting

Re: opensmtpd relay via verify

2014-02-16 Thread Remco
Frank Brodbeck wrote: Hi, On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 07:24:32PM -0500, Ted Unangst wrote: I would try using a full path. pki example ca /etc/ssl/myca.pem I already tried it with full path. But I got it working now by specifying certificate and key, too: pki example certificate

Re: 1 bit wide unsigned int and regular signed int

2014-01-11 Thread Remco
Ted Roby wrote: Consider the following structs. The first struct uses 1 bit wide unsigned integers for two flags set by the user during runtime. The second struct performs the same function, but used a regular signed integer instead of an unsigned integer with a defined bit width.

Re: Cannot set stty parameters and read from /dev/ttyU0

2014-01-07 Thread Remco
Jurjen Oskam wrote: uftdi0 at uhub3 port 6 FTDI P1 Converter Cable rev 2.00/6.00 addr 3 ucom0 at uftdi0 portno 1 But now I can't figure out how to read from /dev/ttyU0. I usually use /dev/cuaU0 when reading from serial-to-USB converters. Unless your cable is different in some way I

Re: Transparent proxy with Squid on OpenBSD 5.4

2014-01-03 Thread Remco
Romain FABBRI - Alien Consulting wrote: Hi, I’m trying to do a transparent webfiltering bridge with squid. I’ve used the packages for 5.4 which are squid-3.3.8 and squidGuard-1.4p6 Squid is working fine when the browser uses the vether0 administration interface of the bridge. I mean

Re: [OpenBSD-5.4/amd64] Lenovo T430 hangs in X

2013-12-23 Thread Remco
Alexei Malinin wrote: Hello. My notebook hangs while working in X (at random times, several times per day). I could not find any information related to the above problemin syslogs. I would like to get a good advice about how to find possible sources of the problem. -- Alexei

Re: Help with USB speakers

2013-12-13 Thread Remco wrote: I am running openbsd -current 5.4 GENERIC.MP#171 amd64 on a lenovo X1C I just received some USB speakers with DAC and amplifier. The system can see the speakers but I cannot get them to be used when playing music In messages I see: Dec 12 17:09:16

Re: failure to build nginx after errata 004_nginx.patch

2013-12-09 Thread Remco
Marko Cupa? wrote: On three of four of my 5.4's, after applying 004_nginx.patch, rebuilding and reinstalling nginx went fine. On one of them it is failing with the following message: objs/src/http/modules/ngx_http_ssl_module.o(.text+0xb36): In function `ngx_http_ssl_merge_srv_conf':

Re: AnonCVS server data

2013-11-29 Thread Remco
Jordan Earls wrote: ... My goal with this is to allow for more people to easily take a glance at the source code of OpenBSD. If you mean browsing CVS like the web interface on, cvsweb is in ports and is very easy to set up on top of a cvsync-ed CVS repository. (especially

Re: dump(8) and permissions

2013-10-11 Thread Remco
Rodolfo Gouveia wrote: On Fri, Oct 11, 2013 at 09:04:16AM -0400, Jiri B wrote: Try `su' to your user on that system and try to `ls -lR' those dirs, I suppose he won't be able to do that. j. Thanks Jiri. Indeed he can't. I've looked at this closer and I found out that on some machines

Re: BeagleBone Black cereal

2013-10-10 Thread Remco
Jan Stary wrote: Dear BBB users, I just bought me a BeagleBone Black board, and want to install the latest snapshot. Firstly, OpenBSD/beagle is dead, replaced by OpenBSD/armv7, right? Secondly, I need a serial cable to connect to the board.

Re: Intel hd4000 - no Xvideo support

2013-10-10 Thread Remco
Otto Kurunczi wrote: First of all, your attachments were removed (information needs to be inline). I am new with OpenBSD, installed 5.3. Modified xorg.conf too. Mplayer cannot play videos as there is no Xvideo support for my video card. Dmesg and xorg.conf attached. How can I get Xvideo

Re: how routing multicast traffic?

2013-10-01 Thread Remco
Koenig, Thomas wrote: Hello, I try to route some multicast traffic between two networks, but it does not work. em0: inet netmask 0x broadcast em1: inet netmask 0xff00 broadcast Multicast address: Port

Re: Gnome would not start

2013-09-25 Thread Remco
Roelof Wobben wrote: Hello, I did all the steps from this tutorial ( And I did all the steps that the pkg-readmes/gnome-3.6 says. But still I see a login screen from xdm and fvvm starts up. How can I take care that gnome is starting. Roelof I

Re: uaudio0: audio descriptors make no sense, with Schiit Bifrost USB DAC

2013-09-10 Thread Remco
Martijn Rijkeboer wrote: I have a Schiit Bifrost USB DAC that includes an uaudio device for audio playback. When I plug the device in I'm getting uaudio0: audio descriptors make no sense, error=4. Any suggestions on how to make this work? Here are the relevant lines from usbdevs -v

Re: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and uaudio error 4 audio descriptors make no sense

2013-09-03 Thread Remco
gjones wrote: The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 gives me an uaudio error=4 audio descriptors make no sense Googling, there was a patch made to Freebsd's uaudio last April,;

Re: Bind with GSSAPI

2013-08-13 Thread Remco
Jeff Powell wrote: I've been tearing my hair out trying to get this to work. I'm running OpenBSD 5.3 x64 and I'm trying to build isc-bind from ports using the -with-gssapi in the Makefile (I want to have the -g option in nsupdate so I can use iscp-dhcp to register dynamic DNS updates

Re: Compiling and debugging custom ralink driver for 5.3 GENERIC (release)

2013-07-04 Thread Remco
On Wednesday 03 July 2013 19:11:19 Nathan Goings wrote: ... I would think if the attach failed it would be in /var/log/messages. How would I debug this? If the attach is failing, I might try crafting it to use a different driver. (guess I should try printf) I usually use printfs in places

Re: Compiling and debugging custom ralink driver for 5.3 GENERIC (release)

2013-07-04 Thread Remco
On Thursday 04 July 2013 20:33:16 Nathan Goings wrote: Thanks! I was just about to ask how to get more verbose output. What is printfs? It's my plural for printf. Finally, Is there a way to re-test the driver match/attach without rebooting? I don't think so, unless your device is

Re: Compiling and debugging custom ralink driver for 5.3 GENERIC (release)

2013-07-03 Thread Remco
Nathan Goings wrote: I purchased an Edimax EW-7128Gn that contains a ralink RT3060 chip and it's unrecognized. dmesg: vendor Ralink, unknown product 0x3060 (class network subclass miscellaneous, rev 0x00) at pci4 dev 0 function 0 not configured The documentation says a/g/n but this is a

Re: who is using obsd

2013-06-12 Thread Remco
Mark Duller wrote: I wasn't able to get the webcam working this time (in previous versions I got it working, though not reliably). I used the 'video' command but it just gives 'video: could not find a usable encoding' even trying various options. dmesg shows the following but uvideo0 doesn't

Re: HDMI audio

2013-06-10 Thread Remco
Ville Valkonen wrote: On 10 June 2013 23:44, Ville Valkonen wrote: Hello, I wonder if there's support for HDMI audio (or am I missing something obvious here)? Tried play around with mixerctl but no success. These were the most appropriate values I found and changed:

Re: strange error on openbsd

2013-05-07 Thread Remco
Philip Guenther wrote: On Mon, May 6, 2013 at 6:06 PM, Friedrich Locke wrote: I am in need to write a simple program to return the passwd entry for a given uid number. Here you have it: #include sys/types.h #include errno.h #include pwd.h #include stdio.h

Re: strange error on openbsd

2013-05-07 Thread Remco
On Tuesday 07 May 2013 15:45:55 you wrote: On Tue, May 07, 2013 at 03:25:04PM +0200, Remco wrote: | The way I read the man page on my OpenBSD 5.2 system, as well as on the | web site, errno has no specific meaning when getpwuid | returns. It only tells you whether it succeeded

Re: in current: chrootdirectory in ssh (cannot stat /usr/libexec/sftp-server)

2013-04-08 Thread Remco
Didier Wiroth wrote: Hello, (running current with OpenSSH_6.2, OpenSSL 1.0.1c 10 May 2012) I'm trying to setup chrootdirectory in sshd_config as a test configuration without success. Here is a snip from my sshd_config #(this is the default line) Subsystem sftp

Re: Spamassassin fails to start after upgrade to latest snapshot

2013-03-28 Thread Remco
James Griffin wrote: Hi Basically, as the subject says: I upgraded to the latest snapshot and now spamassassin fails start. This is the error out when I try to start it from the command-line: Bad arg length for NetAddr::IP::Util::mask4to6, length is 128, should be 32 at

Re: Logitech Webcam Support

2013-03-08 Thread Remco
James Griffin wrote: [- Thu 7.Mar'13 at 15:47:12 +0100 Erwin Geerdink :-] On Thu, 7 Mar 2013 13:32:59 + James Griffin wrote: Hi My desktop is a Lenovo Think centre, and i' stuck a logitech hd 720p webcam in it. I wondered if anyone has

Re: Merging pf redirection rules with macros?

2013-01-20 Thread Remco
pekka wrote: Hi, is there a way to shorten these redirection rules with some macros server1 = server2 = server3 = server4 = rdp_port1 = 10001 rdp_port2 = 10002 rdp_port3 = 10003 rdp_port4 = 10004 pass in log on $ext_if proto

Re: External USB microphone

2012-12-22 Thread Remco
Beni wrote: Hello everyone, Please forgive my newbie question but I tried for hours to figure this out and it's still unsolved. I tied to use my Samson meteor USB mic with OpenBSD. When I attach it, dmesg tells me that it found an new audio device. The /dev/audioctl1 and /dev/mixer1

Re: how to make power off button work like halt -p

2012-11-23 Thread Remco
??? wrote: i need to install openbsd on a blind computer(without monitor).so i need to press power off button to shutdown the computer.i know that use ssh is a right way. but press power off is more effective way. in the version 5.2, i just press power off, and the computer shutdown

Re: how to make power off button work like halt -p

2012-11-23 Thread Remco
??? wrote: do you mean that i should compile the acpictn device to the kernel.default 5.2 kernel have acpi device, but without acpibtn. If your dmesg doesn't show a acpibtn device, apart from checking hardware setup (e.g. BIOS settings), I'm out of ideas. -- Original

Re: CPU max frequency

2012-10-30 Thread Remco
rustyBSD wrote: Hi, that's maybe a stupid question, but how can I get the max frequency of my cpu ? I saw sysctl has hw.cpuspeed and hw.setperf, but can I get the maximum frequency without setting setperf to 100%, getting cpuspeed and then restoring setperf to the value it has before ?

Re: portmap didn't start at boot OpenBSD5.2

2012-10-27 Thread Remco
Mike Korbakov wrote: Hi, misc ! I've changed /etc/rc.conf to run portmap at startup: portmap_flags=# for normal use: But it not running after boot, see below: You're not supposed to edit rc.conf, but put your config in rc.conf.local.

Re: nasm problem - Probably not.

2012-10-15 Thread Remco
Chris Bennett wrote: I went and tried files I had produced many months ago and I get same error! ./cat[1]: syntax error: `(' unexpected I don't think the problem is with nasm, but something else? Chris Bennett Is it possible you somehow mixed up i386/amd64 libraries/binaries ? I'd

Re: OpenBSD 5.2 song - and pre-orders for 5.2!

2012-10-06 Thread Remco
Bob Beck wrote: We have made available the song that will come out with the 5.2 release. The song and details of it are linked from: is more interesting at present. (it has actual lyrics and commentary) Go have a look

Re: relayd log file

2012-08-14 Thread Remco
Bogdan Andu wrote: Hello, I have a reverse proxy based on relayd. however I am unable to see who accesses the server. general directive 'log all' writes the client_ip - actual_web_server_ip in file /var/log/daemon which is enough but that file rotates to quickly and I do not want to

Re: inteldrm0 gpu hung

2012-07-04 Thread Remco
Steve wrote: OK Thanks, Have you found any workaround ? I read in a somewhat unrelated thread someone suggesting to disable drm in the kernel but once I do that X fails to load. Thanks again. Checking /var/log/Xorg.*.log (or possibly ~/.xession-errors) might give a clue what's

Re: wifi not detected during installation

2012-06-23 Thread Remco
Tomasz Marszal wrote: You can look in You can look on the manufacturers spec if it support OpenBSD, There is a possibility to add unsupported hardware by compiling its driver in to the kernel if its not in GENERIC Although I am not an expert in server

Re: libemu compilation

2012-06-18 Thread Remco
bofh wrote: Nevermind. Disabled the flags in the Makefile and I was done. Sounds like you're ignoring the problem which is usually a bad thing to do. You're probably missing a header, or possibly the sequencing of the header files is wrong. (inet(3) may help)

Re: Is not possible to disable sndiod process??

2012-06-09 Thread Remco
carlopmart wrote: On 06/09/2012 12:19 PM, Jérémie Courrèges-Anglas wrote: writes: Hi all, How can I disable sndiod process?? I have configured under rc.conf: sndiod_flags=NO rc.conf isn't meant to be edited. use rc.conf.local Uhmm why?? I use

Re: No audio on auvia0 / VIA VT8233 AC97

2012-06-05 Thread Remco
Brett wrote: Hi, I've gotten an old computer and installed OpenBSD on it, to act as a media player. The problem is I have no sound. First attempt was i386-current, 2nd attempt was amd64-5.1. There are 2 audio minijack outputs, one from the sound ports attached to motherboard, the other

Re: pfstat -t does not work for me (pfstat-2.3p1)

2012-05-11 Thread Remco
Ivo Chutkin wrote: Hello, I am collecting interface statistics with pfstat on OpenBSD 4.9. Everything works fine except pfstat -t (days). The .db files getting big so I want to clear old entries, unfortunately it does not work. Here is what I do: root@storage. ~ # du -h /var/db/pfstat.db

Re: all freezes when I move windows in twm

2012-04-18 Thread Remco
Alexei Malinin wrote: Hello. Please give me an advice how to resolve this annoying problem. At a time when I listen to music on the xmms and simultaneously begin to move any X window, the sound stops. The sound resumes after finishing of moving of the window . I have i386 OpenBSD-4.9

Re: Thank you OpenBSD

2012-04-05 Thread Remco
Alan Cheng wrote: simple clean, is one of the reasons I like OB ~ FUNNY ABBREVIATION ALERT ! Where I live OB is a brand of tampons, so you just made yourself sound like one of their slogans ! LOL

Re: How correctly build php subpackages from ports ?

2012-03-27 Thread Remco
irix wrote: When I try to build one or two subpackages for php 5.3 or 5.2, system try to build all available subpackages with their dependences. How I can avoid this ? (BTW ports related stuff might be best directed to ports@) I don't think you can. AFAICT php is one monolithic piece of

Re: [Kinda OT] Whereabouts of Jacob Meuser?

2012-03-16 Thread Remco
patrick keshishian wrote: Hi, I have not seen any activity from him on any OpenBSD lists for a while now. I attempted to email him directly but got a quota exceeded message back from the mail-server. Anyone know what's up with him? Hope all is well. --patrick I doubt he's still around.

Re: c++ headers w/ -pedantic, overflow in implicit constant conversion

2012-03-15 Thread Remco
Stuart Henderson wrote: There are a fair few of these in c++ builds which tend to obscure some of the actually useful warnings. Antoine noticed it a while ago, Landry noticed it recently, I see it from time to time.. Any suggestions other than not using -pedantic? (Actually I think I have

Re: c++ headers w/ -pedantic, overflow in implicit constant conversion

2012-03-15 Thread Remco
sorry, this should have gone to ports@

Re: Which automake and autoconfig versions to compile NTOP v4?

2012-03-11 Thread Remco
Kaya Saman wrote: Hi, I'm trying to compile the latest NTOP version 4.1.0 on OpenBSD RELEASE 5.0 x64 but am running into issues regarding automake and autoconfig. Basically I installed: automake-1.11.1p2 autoconf-2.67 The install script comes up saying this: #

Re: xxxterm http download weirdness

2012-03-07 Thread Remco
Mihai Popescu wrote: Hello, I was starting a download of ports from to compare it with an old archive from a mirror. As you can see, the file size is listed as 20.7M, but what I got is a 220M file which is corrupted as reported

Re: Questions about clock_gettime and friends

2012-03-06 Thread Remco
Woodchuck wrote: I. The system call clock_getres(2) and clock_gettime(2) show strange results. Consider this small program and its output on OpenBSD 5.0, amd64: #include stdio.h #include sys/time.h main() { struct timespec tp; int i;

Re: how to update cpu microcode ?

2012-03-04 Thread Remco
??? wrote: Hello! I observe strange problem on Supermicro X8DTN+-F with OpenBSD-5.0/amd64, when I reboot it, sometime it gets broken, i.e. it doesn't start, I cannot manage it via IPMI. I suspect cpu microcode (it is put via ACPI into unconditional state), is there a way to

Re: A neat twist on nginx + php-fpm = no input file selected

2012-02-29 Thread Remco
Scott McEachern wrote: And here's where it can't find the file: 23595 php-fpm-5.3 GIO fd 2 wrote 100 bytes ERROR: Unable to open primary script: /var/nginx/html/who_is_online.php (No such file or directory) ... This problem is a real mystery to me, and I'm hoping I

Re: record off of uaudio device (help?)

2012-02-19 Thread Remco
patrick keshishian wrote: I should have been more specific with my question and subject line: I don't see where aucat's -f device values are documented. I suppose you overlooked sndio(7). Googling finds old (google-cached) current.html pages, circa 2009, suggesting using 'aucat -f sun:1'

Re: record off of uaudio device (help?)

2012-02-19 Thread Remco
On Sunday 19 February 2012 11:32:25 you wrote: On Sun, Feb 19, 2012 at 12:54 AM, Remco wrote: patrick keshishian wrote: I should have been more specific with my question and subject line: I don't see where aucat's -f device values are documented. I suppose you

Re: Hidden Long Filenames and mount_cd9660

2012-02-19 Thread Remco
Nick Guenther wrote: Here's what cd-info(1) (for the archives: this is from package libcdio) has to say about a DVD that OpenBSD shows LFNs for: ~$ cd-info --dvd cd-info version 0.80 i386-unknown-openbsd4.9 Copyright (c) 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008 R. Bernstein This is free

Re: Trouble getting gpsk31 to connect with sound device...

2012-01-22 Thread Remco
Tracy Bales wrote: OK...I did a system reboot. And now I'm finding out that the azalia driver will not change the sample rate from 48 KHz to 8 KHz. I also tried using audioctl record.sample_rate=8000 but it returns with record.sample_rate: 48000 - 48000 So, is the problem with the

Re: OpenBSD 5.0-current (GENERIC) #65: Thu Nov 3 00:58:36 MDT 2011

2012-01-20 Thread Remco
Martin Pelikan wrote: On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 06:16:59PM +0100, Francois Pussault wrote: I use this : # echo $PKG_PATH In case someone googles that and would think it's a good idea to set the variable like so, here's a better

Re: 'pkg_add -u' question

2012-01-14 Thread Remco
Dave Anderson wrote: I have a notebook with a couple of devices which require non-free firmware. When I installed 5.0-release (amd64 from CD) it asked me if I wanted those files downloaded on first boot; when I said YES it proceeded to find and download them and everything 'just worked'.

Is iscsid usable ?

2011-12-06 Thread Remco
I wanted to try out iscsid to see if it's of any use to me. However, iscsi.conf(5) doesn't seem to exist, neither am I able to find any documentation on how to use and configure iscsid. So I'm wondering, am I missing something, or is it not yet usable ?

Re: Fwd: mSATA failure on 6501 w/ OpenBSD 5.0

2011-11-29 Thread Remco
Chris Cappuccio wrote: here is the key error message. it means your whole ahci disk has disappeared (and anything you can still run is happening from cache.) -- ahci0: stopping the port, softreset slot 31 was still active. ahci0: failed to reset port during timeout handling, disabling it

Re: OpenBSD 4.9 with softraid

2011-10-07 Thread Remco
Ben Short wrote: When I get to the step where I need to copy whats on the first drive to the second but I get the following error # dd if=/dev/sd0a of=/dev/sd1a dd: /dev/sd0a: Device busy I suppose /dev/sd0a is mounted. I think you need to do the copying by dd when sd0a isn't mounted. You

Re: rc_scripts

2011-09-25 Thread Remco
Vijay Sankar wrote: Is it possible that you are installing packages from the wrong version? I have done that a couple of times because I copied .profile files from the wrong server Is your PKG_PATH set to /pub/OpenBSD/4.9/packages/amd64, for example? To avoid release/architecture mixups

Re: OpenBSD 4.9 + Sound Blaster Live!

2011-08-23 Thread Remco
hardware. I hope any of this helps. regards, Remco

Re: [OT] io event triggered file system synchronisation

2011-07-29 Thread Remco
frantisek holop wrote: hi there, sorry for the offtopic but there are probably many knowledgeable admins on this list as well. i am looking for a solution that keeps monitoring file system io for all stuff under a certain path and whenever files change/get added/removed it synchronises

Re: sysmerge doesn't work on snapshot upgrade (FIXED)

2011-07-19 Thread Remco
On Tuesday 12 July 2011 21:19:15 you wrote: On Tue, 12 Jul 2011, Remco wrote: During a snapshot upgrade for both i386 and amd64 OpenBSD 4.9-current (GENERIC.MP) #10: Mon Jul 11 12:31:05 MDT 2011 OpenBSD 4.9-current

snapshot upgrade defaults to fetching sets from http i.o. cd

2011-07-12 Thread Remco
, but it doesn't make much sense to me. Regards, Remco

sysmerge doesn't work on snapshot upgrade

2011-07-12 Thread Remco
. If the user chooses to not run sysmerge, those files will be cleaned upon reboot anyway, won't they ? Regards, Remco

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