TOFU/cert pinning in libtls

2020-05-09 Thread Stephen Gregoratto
xt [2] -- Stephen Gregoratto

Prefered manpage idioms?

2019-05-30 Thread Stephen Gregoratto
cat(1), echo(1) Print to stdout/stderr bzcat(1) Bonus Round: Print to ... Write to ... Print on ... readlink(1) 3. Program arguments Is it: Argument echo(1) Operand printf(1), also echo(1)? -- Stephen Gregoratto PGP: 3FC6 3D0E 2801 C348 1C44 2D34 A80C 0F8E 8BAB EC8B

Re: Upgrade procedure (6.4 -> 6.5)

2019-05-02 Thread Stephen Gregoratto
On 2019-05-02 11:46, Noth wrote: > I set up a script for sysclean: > > cat sysclean65.txt | while read line ; do rm -rf "${line}" ; done Nitpick, but this could be shortened to: xargs rm -rf < sysclean??.txt Just tested this on my server, so it should work fine. --

Re: How to print nicely formatted man pages?

2019-02-08 Thread Stephen Gregoratto
/man.1 $ mandoc -T pdf /usr/share/man/man1/man.1 alternatively... $ man -T pdf 1 man You should replace 'pdf' with 'ps' if you are using a PostScript printer. It's up to you to decide which one looks better. -- Stephen Gregoratto

[UPDATE] sysutils/neofetch to 6.0.0

2019-01-08 Thread Stephen Gregoratto
Neofetch has been updated to version 6.0.0. I've bumped the port number and removed the patches, as they were pulled from upstream. Index: sysutils/neofetch/Makefile === RCS file: /cvs/ports/sysutils/neofetch/Makefile,v retrieving

Re: Help with LibreSSL manpages

2018-11-26 Thread Stephen Gregoratto
in and the corresponding line number, similar to the format of `grep -n`. Is there a way to force ctags to output in some tabular format that can be AWK'd? The -x option isn't cutting it for me. -- Stephen Gregoratto

Help with LibreSSL manpages

2018-11-25 Thread Stephen Gregoratto
for Open/LibreSSL, and have an OK knowledge of C, but I do have a bit of free time over Christmas and would be happy to help out in any way. Would I need to fully grok the code before I could write the docs? [1] -- Stephen Gregoratto