Re: USB 3.0 flash drive not functional

2020-05-13 Thread Andrew Klaus
So I've confirmed that sd_get_parms is returning -1 here (by using printf() statements in /usr/src/sys/scsi/sd.c): 1671: if (sd_read_cap(sc, flags) != 0) 1672:return -1; Then then sets this error variable to -1: 218: error = sd_get_parms(sc, sd_autoconf); Then this check is false, and

USB 3.0 flash drive not functional

2020-05-12 Thread Andrew Klaus
I recently tried using a USB Flash Drive (64GB Capacity) under OpenBSD 6.7 on both amd64 and arm64. It's detected as a umass0 device, but won't display the disksize/sector line in dmesg and is not available for me to use as a drive. This drive does work on other operating systems, so I know the