patch to smtpctl (symbolic link as sendmail) for the -r option

2016-07-02 Thread Richard
On Slackware 14.2 testing mailx I find that the -r option is not supported by smtpctl (synbolic link as sendmail). The -r option is a deprecated version of the -f option that still works with sendmail 8.15.2 In order not to have to change mailx, I created the attached patch for OpenSMTPD. This

[OpenSMTPD] portable snapshot opensmtpd-201607021504p1 available

2016-07-02 Thread gilles chehade
A new opensmtpd portable snapshot is available at: Checksum: SHA256 (opensmtpd-201607021504p1.tar.gz) = 8d858acc5395d3bc1267f2cf7e03639c8228e2cb7915e58b5708bee55deb9277 A summary of the content of this snapshot is

Re: Virtual domain setup sanity check

2016-07-02 Thread Mischa
Argh!! This always happens to me... staring at things for a couple of hours, send email, do some more staring and figuring it out. Anyway here is the working config. ### filter filter-pause pause filter filter-regex regex filter all chain filter-pause filter-regex pki mx1 certificate

Virtual domain setup sanity check

2016-07-02 Thread Mischa
Hi All, I have been wrecking my brain to figure out how to get OpenSMTPD setup with virtual domain hosting to achieve the following: i...@virtualdomain1.tld -> /var/vmail/i...@virtualdomain1.tld/ (Maildir) i...@virtualdomain2.tld -> /var/vmail/i...@virtualdomain2.tld/ (Maildir) etc...