Address family mismatch on destination MXs

2018-11-07 Thread Harald Dunkel
Hi folks, sometimes opensmtpd (OpenBSD 6.3) queues an EMail with Address family mismatch on destination MXs even though smtpd.conf says limit mta inet4 The destination MX on my testcase (running OpenBSD 6.3 and opensmtpd as well) has both IPv4 and IPv6 address. According to

opensmtpd-extras-6.4.0 released

2018-11-07 Thread Gilles Chehade
HELO, I have just released a new tarball of our "extras" add-ons. The last tarball release dating from 2015 () and given the amount of bug fixes and cleanups that were committed in the last few years, you're encouraged to upgrade the extras with your new OpenSMTPD 6.4.0 setup. There are no