How to... reply 450 invalid recipient instead of 550 Invalid recipient...

2019-12-01 Thread Implausibility
I've moved some more domains over to my new server that I've been building with 
your assistance.  :D

While I get the configuration finalized, I'd like to send temporary failures, 
rather than permanent failures, so that I can alter my configuration and have 
the sending server retry.

I only have filters that result in 550s - mostly for spam-control measures.

Is it possible to reduce the severity of an invalid user, so that I get the 
chance to correct any remaining configuration problems, rather than just 
rejecting the mail entirely?

Thanks again!

Re: How to display ip address in syslog on linux?

2019-12-01 Thread Reio Remma

On 01.12.2019 1:46, Demetri A. Mkobaranov wrote:

On 11/30/19 6:56 PM, Reio Remma wrote:

I made a filter for myself to log failed auth attempts with IP to use 
in fail2ban.

do you mean a fail2ban filter?

It's a reporter filter in OpenSMTPD that gathers IP addresses for failed 
auth and then writes them to maillog:

Nov 27 01:02:26 host smtpd[29787]: auth-reporter: failed authentication 
from user=username address=

Fail2ban takes it from there.