Re: How to set from: for bounce mails from OpenSMTPD

2020-05-10 Thread Thomas Bohl
Hello, Let me know if you upgrade and this fixes the issue. I would be really interested to know if this is a bug which has been fixed in a newer version of OpenSMTPD. updating to OpenBSD 6.6 (OpenSMTPD 6.6.0) indeed fixed the issue. Now I receive bounce back messages. From:

New Server, looking for some general advice

2020-05-10 Thread Chris Bennett
Hi, I just added a new /27 server. So I haven't started anything except local for right now. It's using amd64 -current. I'm using A records for domain and mail.domain. No problem there. It has one mail. address assigned right now. Different than domain IP. What I want to achieve: 1. Use Maildir