Re: Unable to remove mail from queue

2020-06-04 Thread Mischa
Hi Gilles, Ok. So course of action is indeed just to rm the files? Which works for me. ;) Mischa > On 4 Jun 2020, at 05:16, Gilles Chehade wrote: > > this is due to a short-coming with how inflight envelopes are handled: > > when a mail is passed from scheduler to mta, it is marked as

Re: "bouncing messages from ..." (was: request (privately) for maillog)

2020-06-04 Thread
Yes, there was a bounce notification like this: Some messages to you could not be delivered. If you're seeing this message it means things are back to normal, and it's merely for your information. Here is the list of the bounced messages: - 4804 On 6/4/2020 7:01 AM,