Re: smtp-out: Address family mismatch

2020-07-11 Thread Harald Dunkel

Hi Thomas,

On 7/7/20 2:12 AM, Thomas Bohl wrote:

My guess would be that the target domain, at the time of the DNS query, only 
returned a IPv6 address.

I have a similar problem. My config is

action "relay2Internet" relay \
     helo $hostn \
     src {$v4adr, $v6adr}

as I want to allow IPv4 and IPv6. Since the src-adresses are getting alternated I often 
get "Address family mismatch" because the target doesn't have IPv6 yet. (At 
least I believe that is what's happening.)

Sorry to say, but thats pretty unlikely. IPv4 is much more common than
IPv6 (still), especially for EMail.

I would guess thats a bug. Somebody didn't care about the old-style

limit mta inet4

for the new config file syntax.


Re: 553 ORCPT address syntax error

2020-07-11 Thread William Carson

> On Jun 15, 2020, at 6:43 AM, Tony Boston  wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an issue with forwarding mails which belong to the local root user.
> I never had that and it seems something changed in opensmtpd?
> In /etc/mail/aliases I used to say 
>   root:
> This always worked but stopped working and the following error pops up in the 
> logs:
> smtp failed-command command="RCPT TO: ORCPT=rfc822;root" 
> result="553 ORCPT address syntax error”
> It actually does work when I try something like ‘echo Test | mail 
>’ BUT 'echo Test | mail root’ does not
> Am I missing something?
> —
> Tony

Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue. I have a linux system 
with Logwatch set to e-mail 'root', and the root user has a ~/.forward to a 
fully qualified e-mail address ( It only started happening on 
June 11, when I upgraded opensmtpd from 6.6.4,1 -> 6.7.1,1 (on my mailserver, 
which is FreeBSD). I get the same "ORCPT address syntax error" you're seeing. 
Here's the log from smtp when it happened yesterday:

Jul 10 03:19:03 roast smtpd[80856]: 66aa64942b25c1fd smtp failed-command 
command="RCPT TO: ORCPT=rfc822;root" result="553 ORCPT 
address syntax error"

The linux system hasn't been changed in years, and it started happening 
immediately after the upgrade of opensmtpd, so I imagine it's related to that.