Relay based on either auth or cert?

2021-05-11 Thread Sean Kamath
I was pondering a message Gille Chehade commented on ( a very long time ago. He said: > The cert verification happens at the transport level, not the SMTP level > and an invalid certificate will cause TLS to abort and close connection. > > You can use this for

Re: Old clients fail to establish SSL Connection to 6.9

2021-05-11 Thread nathanael
Eric Faurot wrote: > On Fri, May 07, 2021 at 01:42:52AM +0200, Markus Julen wrote: > > Hi all! > > > > Having just moved a small "outgoing only" mailserver to 6.9, I started to > > receive error messages: > > > > > 80008bb60b9428ed smtp connected address=X.X.X.X host=z.z.z > > >

filter-dkimsign: ed25519 support

2021-05-11 Thread Martijn van Duren
Hello misc@, I'm currently working on adding ed25519 support to filter-dkimsign, but I'm getting some mixed results with the different validators. gmail: permfail => claims the key is missing outlook: fail (signature syntax error) protonmail: 2 headers 1st: permerror (0-bit key) 2nd: