Re: need help

2019-09-30 Thread Nick Ryan
Seems to work fine for some hosts but not or mail3$ smtpctl spf walk < 1 (this is mail3$ ./spf <- in the output of spfwalk checking if can send for EXISTS: 0 EXISTS: 0 EXISTS: 0

Re: table-passwd

2019-09-18 Thread Nick Ryan
Hi Gilles, I must have misunderstood what table-passwd is as my config is almost the same as yours except filenames and that mine specifies a different encryption scheme for the smtpd password file. passdb { args = scheme=blf-crypt /etc/mail/passwd driver = passwd-file } userdb {

Re: table-passwd

2019-09-17 Thread Nick Ryan
I'm using it for a table authentication for accepting client smtp relaying as well as the dovecot authentication. listen on egress port submission tls-require pki auth tag "Authenticated" Is there a better way to do this and how are you doing the dovecot authentication?

Re: LMTP delivery broken in 6.5?

2019-05-24 Thread Nick Ryan
This doesn't really match your set up, but I have OpenBSD 6.5, dovecot and opensmtpd running with the same action line and it's fine. No errors or issues - I'm not using dovecot proxies however. Just a local delivery to mdbox files. It upgraded without issues from 6.4 to 6.5. Like I