Re: Adrift with DKIM Signing on FreeBSD

2020-07-24 Thread William Carson

> On Jul 22, 2020, at 9:43 PM, Sam Vaughan  wrote:
> I see that everything’s good on OpenBSD thanks to Martijn’s dkim filter, but 
> there's no port of it on FreeBSD and my initial efforts to create one showed 
> that it’s not a job for a first-time porter.  So I now don’t know whether to 
> try looking into milter support for OpenDKIM, or revert back to dkimproxy, or 
> maybe even compile and run an old OpenSMTPd version like the 6.1 port which 
> works flawlessly on FreeBSD 11.3.

I use mail/dkimproxy on FreeBSD and it works great. I followed the config 
template on and it 
was very simple and straightforward. 

> It seems weird to me that so few OpenSMTPd users seem to have been affected 
> by this change.  A lot of you must be on platforms other than OpenBSD.  
> Perhaps I’m unusual in wanting to only do outbound?  Of course rspamd is just 
> part of the deal for inbound.  Maybe outbound-only people are relaying 
> straight to Mailgun so they don’t need to worry about SPF/DKIM/DMARC?  It is 
> tempting.
> Cheers,
> Sam

Re: 553 ORCPT address syntax error

2020-07-11 Thread William Carson

> On Jun 15, 2020, at 6:43 AM, Tony Boston  wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an issue with forwarding mails which belong to the local root user.
> I never had that and it seems something changed in opensmtpd?
> In /etc/mail/aliases I used to say 
>   root:
> This always worked but stopped working and the following error pops up in the 
> logs:
> smtp failed-command command="RCPT TO: ORCPT=rfc822;root" 
> result="553 ORCPT address syntax error”
> It actually does work when I try something like ‘echo Test | mail 
>’ BUT 'echo Test | mail root’ does not
> Am I missing something?
> —
> Tony

Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue. I have a linux system 
with Logwatch set to e-mail 'root', and the root user has a ~/.forward to a 
fully qualified e-mail address ( It only started happening on 
June 11, when I upgraded opensmtpd from 6.6.4,1 -> 6.7.1,1 (on my mailserver, 
which is FreeBSD). I get the same "ORCPT address syntax error" you're seeing. 
Here's the log from smtp when it happened yesterday:

Jul 10 03:19:03 roast smtpd[80856]: 66aa64942b25c1fd smtp failed-command 
command="RCPT TO: ORCPT=rfc822;root" result="553 ORCPT 
address syntax error"

The linux system hasn't been changed in years, and it started happening 
immediately after the upgrade of opensmtpd, so I imagine it's related to that.