Re: "bouncing messages from ..." (was: request (privately) for maillog)

2020-06-03 Thread ml+opensmtpd_misc
Happened again for me. Anyone else?

design or error: no transaction started by opensmtpd

2020-05-16 Thread ml+opensmtpd_misc
Sometimes I see these warnings in my logs
which is similar to sendmail's notice
"client did not issue MAIL/..."
and surprisingly some are from

Is that by design of opensmtpd (open a session because there's a
message waiting but by the time the new session is established that
message has been sent over a different connection) or is that some
kind of error?

Re: "bouncing messages from ..." (was: request (privately) for maillog)

2020-02-24 Thread ml+opensmtpd_misc
On Mon, Feb 24, 2020, Peter J. Philipp wrote:

> I got another "bouncing messages from" message.  The

Me too...  and it's the second time I cannot find any error log
about such a failed delivery (I asked for more info the previous
time it happened but so far nobody replied) so together with this
report it seems the problem might be on the server side?